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The best kept secret in music


"Gary Young’s Hospital, Mister Metaphor & Chimney Sweep"

Not even the mugginess of a summer-like May evening could deter an inquisitive group of scenesters from embracing the confines of Moxie’s on Saturday to behold what was to be a promising night of music. And who in their right mind would miss a performance by the intangibly unique Gary Young and his band Hospital anyway? However, there were two groups slated to execute their own brands of rock before we could hear the former Pavement drummer’s skewed cacophony of noise, and never having heard either opening group before, I was pleasantly surprised….
Any assumptions that Chimney Sweep’s gentle wit and Gary Young’s looming misfit psychedelia would be bridged by a band with similar, placid qualities was shattered to hell the minute Mister Metaphor struck their first chord. With their lead guitar player donning a Jackson 5-era afro (eat your heart out Cedric Bixler) and countering complicated math chord progressions with the group’s other guitarist, Mister Metaphor immediately distinguished their sound as infinitely more aggressive than the rest of the evening’s performers. Though the singing was completely drowned out as a result of the rest of the band’s maniacal musical chops, well-trained ears could just make out MM’s frigid vocals, which were often dynamical to their lush harmonies. Each song seemed to defiantly transcend the previous, and convinced those in attendance that, though groups like Mars Volta have recently brought what Mister Metaphor was doing to the mainstream, they were witnessing raw talent and innovation nonetheless.” Ryan Prado, Synthesis
- Synthesis Magazine

"Bands on the run"

“The buzz in the Northern California music scene surrounding Mister Metaphor - The group has toured up and down California and has even been told by critic Christian Kiefer that it "probably would have been a superstar act" in 1973. In a nod to its prog-rock predecessors, Mister Metaphor artfully mixes harmonic vocals and instrumentation over rhythms that are unpredictable from one song to the next.”- Chico News & Review - Chico News & Review

"The show that never ends"

“Mister Metaphor, a band that, in 1973, probably would have been a superstar act--not that it is particularly retro in sound or character; to the contrary, Mister Metaphor’s sound owes much to contemporary math rock, particularly in terms of its sonic clarity. June of ’44, Paul Newman and, particularly, Pinback come to mind here. But the elements of prog rock are certainly there: shifting time signatures and instrumental complexity. (Also present is the influence of slightly later prog- and hard-rock superstars Rush.)
At the Capitol Garage… Mister Metaphor displayed why it is one of the area’s most talked-about new bands. The overall level of musicianship displayed was superb…” Christian Kiefer, Sacramento News & Review
- Sacramento News & Review

"Show Review of Revolution Smile, Quitter, Dead Poetic, Mr. Metaphor at Orangevale, CA"

went to this show for two reasons and two reasons only. It just turns out that Adam wanted me to do more show reviews, so I had to take a third reason on. The first reason I went: Quitter. The second reason: I heard Mr. Metaphor was amazing. I needed to find out for myself. The other bands mean very little to me. I saw Rev Smile back in September and all they did was piss me off by being whiny little bitches. So it wasn’t something I was looking forward to…But more on them later.
Mr. Metaphor was the opener for this show. As I said, I have heard they are an amazing band. I’d met two or three of the guys previously, but didn’t know them. Anyway, they exceeded expectations. Sounding akin to At the Drive-In with Kenna singing, my description of them will do no justice whatsoever. They’re just too varied for me to tell you what they’re like. All I’m going to say is, it was an amazing set. A bunch of scrawny dudes flailing around like madmen, one collapsing to the stage on more than one occasion, the drummer going nutso on his set. And let me tell you something right here, right now: If this band continues to grow musically, in two to three years’ time, they could be one of the best jam bands on the planet. Not that pussy jamming like String Cheese Incident, but like, crazy, off-the-wall, how-do-they-think-this-kinda-shit-up jam band. That is, if they want to be. No pressure on em or anything.
After the set, I overheard one of the members saying it was a bad show. I’d be terrified to see these guys on a good night, that’s all I’m saying.- DecoyMusic.com, Subcultures.net
- Decoymusic.com , Subkultures.net

"Frank Jordan, The Proles, Mister Metaphor"

Frank Jordan gets the pub here because he's releasing a CD, but those in the know are coming for Mister Metaphor, who rocks with an acceptable amount of radicalism. It's catchy rock with a technical flavor, so people interested in this style of music should be out there, catching flies with honey. And then, once they've got the flies, they could make them attack girls. Note to fifth grade boys - this is a good way to show girls you like them. - California Aggie

"Mister Metaphor — “Die on the High Road” EP"

(Omnibus — 3 1/2 stars (out of 4))
-Mark Earnest

Mister Metaphor is an uncompromising four-piece from Sacramento that comes across like “emo” meets King Crimson. Intertwined guitars, very complex beats and actual singing with harmonies combine to give its debut EP “Die on the High Road” an edge over many of its more diffuse, noisy peers. All six songs are strong, but the highlight is the medley of “Can’t See the Picture” and “Sound of Step,” which begins very discordantly with a jazzy lilt before giving way to the EP’s best vocal melodies, like a more technically proficient Smiths.

The short CD length is perfect for “High Road,” since the time changes are relentless and complex. It will be interesting to see what happens if Mister Metaphor decides to diversify as they age — they are certainly accomplished enough to pull anything off. Note: They are also an amazing live band — their recent show in Reno was one of the best I’ve seen in ages. - Reno Gazette-Journal


"Die on the High Road e.p."(omnibus)
avail. August 4th


Feeling a bit camera shy


hello fellow indie aficionados. mister metaphor is a four-piece rock outfit from sacramento, california. the band is comprised of mike sparks on vocals and guitar, ben edrington on guitar and vocals, ryan rake on bass, and the ineffable justin goings on drums. all four of them have been playing in bands in sacramento for years and about a year ago, they all came to their senses and decided to get together and make some music that would place them in the running for most egotistical music of america. they play music that is on some levels indescribable but for the sake of convenience lets throw in some labeling (so we can all be comfortable and gauge what we are really talking about here). it's post punk meets prog meets pop. their songs are comprised of non-typical melodies that give you a rockin’ good time. metaphor loves you and, for them, no show is too big or too small. they love to play and live and die to tour. they have toured their west coast four times, have another one coming up as well as a full-scale nationwide attack. they have played with bands such as nada surf, the walkmen, buckethead, pretty girls make graves, the fixx (yes, the english icons from the eighties), oma yang, the advantage, and the joggers and they plan on playing for you as soon as they possibly can.