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"Mister Neutron will appeal to music fans with varied taste."

"Mister Neutron Loves You" is Mister Neutron's debut on Austin, Texas-based Deep Eddy Records, which fell in love with the eclectic trio after working together on the "Garage Justice Vol. 1: Austin vs. New York City" comp. It's easy to see why. Mister Neutron refuses to be pigeonholed and likes to mix things up. A quirky but well-rooted combo of mod ("A Mod Proposal"), power pop ("Special Boy"), surf-rock ("Danger: Diabolik"), rockabilly ("Pretty Green Thing"), They Might Be Giants-like nerd rock ("Atomic Supermen") and shades of Stevie Ray Vaughan-inspired Austin blues-rock ("Soledad O'Brien"), Mister Neutron will appeal to music fans with varied taste, an open mind and a silly sense of humor. - BOB MAKIN, Courier News, Bridgewater, N.J.

"Mister Neutron draw on a wide variety of influences."

Masterminded by guitarist/vocalist Damian Fanelli with brother Tony on bass and drummer Drew Paradine working up a fine froth behind him, Mister Neutron draw on a wide variety of influences, including (but certainly not limited to) Weezer, Fountains of Wayne, The Spent Poets, They Might Be Giants, Horton Heat, The Jam, Link Wray, The Who, The Beatles, The Bongos, ELO, The Kinks and World Party. Genre hopping from twisted-lyric gems about celebrity stalking on �Soledad O�Brien,� to lasting love via Egyptian mummification, a lovesick nerd�s �Robot Arm,� bathing a Stinky Monkey, a race of �Atomic Supermen� who turn on their maker, special rules for a �Special Boy� and the �Waterworks� sure to come when she gets the news � the group also hang 12 on the surf-tastic �10�ll Gretsch You 20.� Good stuff. - AL MUZER, Aquarian Weekly, New York/New Jersey metro

"Muscular guitars and bluesy rock riffs."

What kind of music would They Might Be Giants make if John {Linnell} and John {Flansburgh} were on steroids? The result of this curious -- and dangerous -- experiment would probably sound like Mister Neutron. ... Muscular guitars and bluesy rock riffs frame smirk-inducing lyrics from this power trio that doesn't take itself too seriously. - CHRIS JORDAN, Home News Tribune, New Brunswick, N.J.

"A solid foundation of rhythm."

Mister Neutron is a real departure -- original, quirky, funny and catchy. Tony and Drew anchor Damian's guitar and vocals with a solid foundation of rhythm -- never obtrusive but always solid and bouncy. - JIM TESTA, The Jersey Journal, Jersey City, N.J.

"An interesting rootsy style"

This Cranford, N.J.-based trio fronted by brothers Damian and Tony Fanelli plays an interesting rootsy style that blends straight-ahead garage rock with roots and surf elements, with Damian's nimble and tasteful guitar playing deserving extra praise. They also wrap the whole package with a hefty dose of oddball and irreverent humor as evidenced in songs like "Atomic Supermen" and "Go, Stinky Monkey!" The record sprawls across 19 songs, which might be a bit too much for an initial dosage, but there are several songs here that are worthy of attention. - ANDY SMITH, Pop Culture Press, Austin, Texas

"Excellent musicianship and writing"

Five of the 19 tracks on this first release from Mister Neutron are instros, one blues, one country and three surf. They are a fun band with a sense of humor and excellent musicianship and writing. "Danger: Diabolik": Harsh double-picked guitar driven by a surf beat play a slightly spy surf instro with power and energy and a great melody. The splashy nature of the song, the powerful delivery and the excellent melody create a great vehicle for the curl. "Naughty Bits" has the edgy twang of Chiyo and the Crescents' "Pink Dominoes," but is a blues intro. Spunky and fun, with punchy percussion and flashy guitar. Gaminiam and his Orientals' catchy "Come With Me To The Casbah" gets a tuff surf treatment with edge and a basic rock 'n' roll gruffness. Often called "The Casbah" or "Casbah," this is a fun little riff rocker that Los Straitjackets do so nicely. Softly rising from a bass run into twang chords, "10'll Gretsch You 20" sports surf whammy and ringing chords, and a friendly melody with just a touch of worry. A very fine yet simple piece that's a pleasure to listen to. On the modern side, but very cool. "Whirligig" is a splendid country instro with rich tone and a sorta Buck Owens and his Buckaroos vs. Cat Mother and the All Night News Boys sound. Catchy, bouncy, fun and very enjoyable! - PHIL DIRT, www.reverbcentral.com, Santa Cruz, Calif.


* "Mister Neutron Loves You" (2004)
* "Red Triangle" (2006)

* "Garage Justice Vol. 1: New York Vs. Austin" (2003)
* "Big Wave Riders" (2005)
* "Six Gun Surf" (coming in late 2006)

Mister Neutron's music has been played on:
* WFMU (New York)
* KFJC and KCR (California)
* KSYM (Texas)
* KDNK (Colorado)
* WOBC (Ohio)
* WFCF (Florida)
... and several more stations in the United States, Spain, England, Brazil, Russia and Italy.


Feeling a bit camera shy


You've heard the scuttlebutt, and it's all true: MISTER NEUTRON is the most powerful three-piece surf/instrumental band on the East Coast. Their energy -- and Damian's guitar playing -- take modern surf music to uncharted waters.

MISTER NEUTRON was formed in 1998 by two disgruntled Cranford, N.J., residents and one gruntled Chatham, N.J., boy. Eight years later, the quasi-gruntled trio is burning up the East Coast with its explosive surf/instro rock.

MISTER NEUTRON'S exciting new CD, the all-instrumental, nine-song "Red Triangle" EP, was released in July on Austin-based Deep Eddy Records. It features the spaghetti Western-inspired mini-epic "Comanchero," powerful heavy surf in the form of "Submariner," "Super Constellation" and "Danger Diabolik," plus covers of Dick Dale's "The Wedge" and Eddie Angel's "The Casbah." For a taste of the new CD, visit the "audio" link.

MISTER NEUTRON's 19-track debut CD, "Mister Neutron Loves You," was released in 2004 on Deep Eddy Records, a label that seems to have a "thing" for Mister Neutron.

MISTER NEUTRON plays New York City regularly, toured Texas in 2005 and has hit Boston and Philly in recent months. A catastrophic, money-losing tour of Southern California is planned for the fall. Mister Neutron performed at the 2005 IMC (Independent Music Conference) in Philadelphia.

MISTER NEUTRON: Women want them, men want to be them. Luckily, with recent advances in identity theft, anything is possible!