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Mister Neutron


Welcome to Mister Neutron's Sonicbids page -- the home of high-energy, Fender-fueled surf-instro rock.


You've heard the scuttlebutt, and it's all true: MISTER NEUTRON is the most powerful three-piece surf/instrumental band on the East Coast. Their energy -- and Damian's guitar playing -- take modern surf music to uncharted waters.

MISTER NEUTRON was formed in 1998 by two disgruntled Cranford, N.J., residents and one gruntled Chatham, N.J., boy. Eight years later, the quasi-gruntled trio is burning up the East Coast with its explosive surf/instro rock.

MISTER NEUTRON'S exciting new CD, the all-instrumental, nine-song "Red Triangle" EP, was released in July on Austin-based Deep Eddy Records. It features the spaghetti Western-inspired mini-epic "Comanchero," powerful heavy surf in the form of "Submariner," "Super Constellation" and "Danger Diabolik," plus covers of Dick Dale's "The Wedge" and Eddie Angel's "The Casbah." For a taste of the new CD, visit the "audio" link.

MISTER NEUTRON's 19-track debut CD, "Mister Neutron Loves You," was released in 2004 on Deep Eddy Records, a label that seems to have a "thing" for Mister Neutron.

MISTER NEUTRON plays New York City regularly, toured Texas in 2005 and has hit Boston and Philly in recent months. A catastrophic, money-losing tour of Southern California is planned for the fall. Mister Neutron performed at the 2005 IMC (Independent Music Conference) in Philadelphia.

MISTER NEUTRON: Women want them, men want to be them. Luckily, with recent advances in identity theft, anything is possible!


Soledad O'Brien

Written By: Damian Fanelli

When I get up in the morning, alarm clock says 4:44. I run to Rockefeller. Security guard stops me at the door. I mope outside the studio all day, hoping that she might look my way. She's Solodad O'Brien, when I meet her, I know just what I'll say:

Let me work your teleprompter, and we can have a show all our own. People love your posture, your voice and your killer skin tone. Your first name's so exotic; your last name is so boring. Perhaps it's that dichotomy that makes you so hopelessly alluring. Solitude!

Let's break the scoop together, the best news team New York has ever known. But since your name means "solitude," I guess you'd rather work on your own. Your first name's so exotic, your last name is so boring. I think it's that dichotomy that makes you so very alluring. Soledad!

A Mod Proposal

Written By: Damian Fanelli

I am a mod, I've got my red-and-blue bull's eye on you. And in my twin-tab, double-cuff shirts I will chase you 'round and 'round and 'round. All around the world.

And in my mohair suit, I'll see your tail lights from my scooter. You hug the curves on your Lambretta, but I'll win; my Vespa's better. I can't explain, girl, my mod brain, girl.

Although I sound like a cheap stereotype, please take my hand and be my mod wife.

Let me be your West End dandy; sardonic sense may come in handy. If only life could be an endless burst of Pantone greens and blues and shades and you. It's all or nothing.

Pyramid Scheme

Written By: Damian Fanelli

If you'll be my sarcopha-girl, I'll be your sarcophagi. Old souls in an ancient world, whose love will never die.

And when they find us in a thousand years, locked in a mummified embrace, they'll dust us off and preserve our love, all eyes on us in our glass case.

We'll kiss right under the pharoah's nose, fall in love beneath the sphinx's gaze, make love on the Rosetta Stone, live together where the camels graze.

We have so much in Tuttenkamen, running barefoot in the sand. And I don't care about your mummy's curse; I'll ask your daddy for your hand.

Atomic Supermen

Written By: Damian Fanelli

I'm building a race of atomic supermen. Tired of my friends, so I'm replacing them with atomic supermen.

Find me a girlfriend, detail my car, sandblast my building, call me your czar.

I'll lend you my race if you pay the highest price. I like my race, but I've got dollar signs in my eyes. Make money with supermen.

Antennae for hearing, hubcaps for eyes. My flying monkeys are filling the skies. Bring me more girlfriends, light my cigar, teach me viola, tune my guitar.

I lost my race of atomic supermen. Disloyal race -- I always hated them. No more supermen.

Ran off with my girlfriends, ran off with my car. If they took my money, they won't get too far. Who'll find me more girlfriends? Who'll call me their czar, assemble my ski rack, ignite my guitar?

Mrs. Neil Armstrong

Written By: Damian Fanelli

I need a girl who'll carry my suitcase, my very big suitcase, a long, long way. I'll curl up, and I'll sleep in the suitcase as she carries the suitcase. She'll swing and I'll sway.

She gets tired, so she puts down the suitcase on a busy street corner and runs away. But you know me -- I'm a very light sleeper. I rub my eyes and start my day.

I need a girl with very strong arms. In fact, I need a girl named Mrs. Neil Armstrong. She'll pick me up, and we'll fly to the moon. We'll dance on the moon and argue about minutia on the moon.

I need a girl with very strong legs. I'll climb on her back, and we'll hop to the moon. We'll dance on the moon, romance on the moon, hold hands on the moon ... Wait, I'm already tired of this girl.

I hate it when she wears those giant hoop earrings. I hate it when she wears those giant hoop earrings.

Do you know the ones I mean?
Do you know the ones I mean?
Do you know the ones I mean?


* "Mister Neutron Loves You" (2004)
* "Red Triangle" (2006)

* "Garage Justice Vol. 1: New York Vs. Austin" (2003)
* "Big Wave Riders" (2005)
* "Six Gun Surf" (coming in late 2006)

Mister Neutron's music has been played on:
* WFMU (New York)
* KFJC and KCR (California)
* KSYM (Texas)
* KDNK (Colorado)
* WOBC (Ohio)
* WFCF (Florida)
... and several more stations in the United States, Spain, England, Brazil, Russia and Italy.

Set List

Although Mister Neutron has mastered the 45- to 60-minute set, we could play for four hours if we need to. We've been playing together since the early days of the Millard Fillmore administration. Seriously, we've been playing together since Aug. 11, 1984.

* Attack of the Sea People
* Comanchero
* Submariner
* Danger Diabolik
* Super Constellation
* Neutron Stomp
* Naughty Bits
* 10'll Gretsch You 20

* The Bells of St. Kahuna (Slacktone)
* The Wedge (Dick Dale)
* Hornet's Nest (Los Straitjackets)
* Lenny (Stevie Ray Vaughan)
* Cruisin' (Gene Vincent)
* Green Sea (The Blue Stingrays)