Mister Neutron

Mister Neutron


Powerful, shimmering surf and instrumental rock from the East Coast's best instro trio, Mister Neutron. Nothing but summer, surf and lightning-fast Stratocaster action.


Mister Neutron is widely considered the top instrumental/surf trio on the East Coast of the United States.

This New Jersey band primarily performs in New York City, but they've visited California, Texas, Georgia and several large, square- and elbow-shaped states in recent years and months.

The three Neutrons have been playing and recording together since 1984, when they met while stealing hubcaps. Mister Neutron (name-wise) was born in 1998, and they shifted to the 100-percent surf/instro scene in 2005.

Mister Neutron is known for its creative, original modern-surf melodies, lightning-fast playing and a subtlety and tightness that comes from playing together for 24 years. Their music takes the listener on a joy ride that ricochets between serene and downright menacing. And because you read that on the Internet, you know it must be true!

Thrill to the ferocious double picking, the chilling glissandos and the trem-bar bends! Gawk and grin at the best instrumental rock you’ll hear this year!

Their latest CD, NOR’EASTER (released June 2008), showcases several instro-rock styles, including modern and classic surf, a slack-key-inspired acoustic tune, Hammond organ-drenched spy rock and spaghetti western via a new arrangement of “Hang ’Em High.” And although it’s packed with New Jersey references (Point Pleasant, Sea Girt, Tiki Barber), NOR'EASTER will have people doing the Neutron Stomp from coast to coast, down into Tuscany, Antigua, Weisbaden and Indochina! Maybe even Quebec!

The band is Damian Fanelli (guitarist and writer -- check out his Dave Wronski feature in the February 2008 issue of Vintage Guitar magazine), Tony Fanelli (bassist and lover of fine things) and Drew Paradine (drummer and champion mouser). They all live in New Jersey.

Mister Neutron: Women want them, men want to be them. Luckily, with recent advancements in identity theft, anything is possible!


Vlad the Impala

Written By: Damian Fanelli, Gary Owen


I'm a Geezer for Your Love

Written By: Damian Fanelli

N/A (offbeat instrumental)

The Big Island

Written By: Damian Fanelli

N/A (awesome acoustic instrumental)


Nor'easter (2008)
Red Triangle (2006)
Mister Neutron Loves You (2004)

Six-Gun Surf (2008)
Texas Independent Musicians, Vol. 1 (2007)
Big Wave Riders (2005)
Garage Justice, Vol. 1: Austin Vs. NYC (2003)

Set List

Nor'easter, Tahiti Throwdown, Super Constellation, Neutron Stomp, Comanchero, Submariner, Danger Diabolik, Stratosfear, Point Pleasant, Adriatica, Subterfuge, A Mod Proposal, Soledad O'Brien, Waterworks, Sea Girt Agent Man, Naughty Bits

The Wedge (Dick Dale), Hornet's Nest (Los Straitjackets), The Casbah (Los Straitjackets), Mambo Italiano (The Ultras), Coffin Closer (Slacktone), Longboard Legato (Slacktone)