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"VH1 Song of The Year"

DEJA VOODOO (Title Song)
"Intriguing sounds and rhythm make the intro quite interesting and involving. The track has an artistic and commercial appeal. Good songwriting and passionate performance are clearly evident. The vocals are truly stunning and capture the energy of the song completely....The choice of instruments complement the bluesy sound...."

This song just flat out makes you move. The beat is great not to mention the eclectic message you send with this. You make me want to get hypnotized by Deja Voodoo on the dance floor. You got all the markets covered on this one....The bluesy approach to this composition makes it an excellent choice for rock radio. The composition shows versatility and originality."

"The lyrics are outstanding and hit a very good vibe with a wonderful melody. The musical composition is wonderful and the harmonies truly shine. The title is profound. The vocals truly soar on this song. The harmonies blend well with the lead line and the musical composition is truly fantastic....This song could soar into mainstream markets and do just as well as in the dance market with a re-mix. Wonderful job!"

" A tremendous song with unique diversity that is truly original....The upbeat tempo gives this song energy and your lyrics describe your feelings and take the listener into a state of sensuality. Both melody and voice have the power that will make you remember the song and the performance. This song comes straight from the heart....Excellent in every way!! I love the electric sitar!!....The colorful instrumentation gives the song a very unusual and original sound. The sitar stands out from the rest of the instrumentation and is perfectly performed.... The structure is right on target and has tremendous flow. Your production is first rate. You show excellent style and emotion. This is an outstanding composition with every aspect."

"Your lyrics show an aggressive character with wild ambition and attitude. Your wording represents these ideas passionately and the emotion is carried throughout the whole song. The overall nature of the song has a middle-eastern influence with electric sitar to emphasize the attitude. The vocals show raw emotion with a strong delivery. This seams to work with the raw nature of the song. The guitars are aggressive and the sitar is explosive. The melodies are persuasive and original. As I listened I was intrigued by the eclectic mix of influences that fuel the song. The raw nature of the song is represented here, and the diversity and originality make it a delight to listen to."

" The songwriting is very impressive with this song. You speak straight from the heart with powerful emotion and vocals the demand your attention. The title is outstanding. I like every aspect of this song from the tremendous vocals to the paramount musical performance. This could rule the airwaves in the contemporary independent pop market."

"This song is full of soulful heartfelt lyrics....Your lyrics create strong images of surreal thoughts. You have distinct, emotional phrasing with your delivery that draws the listener completely into the song....Very sensual with an excellent groove....The musical composition has strong flow and the instrumentation is powerful. You have a very distinct vocal quality that suits this material perfectly. It's almost as if your bending out of key but this fluctuation gives your voice an original sound. Structurally, this song is formidable. Your production is astounding and absolutely perfect. You have a very strong gripping performance with every aspect. Your style is unique and very original....You didn't miss a beat. This has strong universal appeal that shows a very polished and professional sound."

"The emotion poured into this composition is truly gripping. You poetically phrase your wording and descriptions. The overall impact is attributed to the aggressive performance. The representation is very effective with the "Ska" feel. The vocals have a natural and emotional feel that sell the song very well. The horns are rich and precise. The horn solos comes across very strong and create wonderful dynamics. The structure works very well in this format. The production is clean with excellent qualities. The playful feel of the song is very appealing, but stylistically different from your other material...."
- VH1

"Steppin Out"

"The band rocked the house with their eclectic style modern rock. Their tunes are tinged with elements of jazz, R&B, Indian, and ska, Mareina lit up the stage when she rocked out to "Deja Voodoo", the title tune of their soon to be released cd... "

- Steppin Out

"The Jersey Journal"

"Think dry martini rather than Yoo Hoo... features sophisticated melodies, sublime arrangements, exquisite vocals and expert musicianship."

- The Jersey Journal

"The Hudson Current"

"On their new effort... "Deja Voodoo"... Mistic Rein captured an atmospheric sound reminiscent of most 70's Progue-garage groups, but with a modern rock edge..."

- The Hudson Current


"Cobwebs" - Released December 2004 includes a cover of Joan Osborne's "St Teresa".

"Deja Voodoo" - Recently released; has garnered national airplay as their listening audience continues to grow; recognized as making the top 5 of the VH1 international Song of the Year Contest



Mistic Rein is a unique, eclectic, independent modern rock band. The band's influences include a variety of sounds from many cultures; the music illustrates elements of multi-ethnic styles and rhythms, while stylistically ranging from pop, rock to r&b and ska..., with an edge, a unique blend and lyrical focus. Mistic Rein has been recognized for numerous performances as well as two CD releases in conjunction with community events produced to raise awareness and funds through original music, creative arts and media resources. The group has received airplay abroad as well as nationally, and has performed throughout the tri-state area at theaters, colleges, festivals, parks and other community & outdoor events, rock clubs, on college radio and cable television. Mistic Rein continues to perform at events attracting a variety of ages and ethnic backgrounds to promote music from "Cobwebs" as well as their new cd "DEJA VOODOO" - check back for the official release street date.