BandHip Hop

It's like nothing you've heard before. It's Hip-Hop, Jazz, Classical, and Reggae rolled into one package. It's good music that makes you think about what you're hearing, and feel what she's saying.


Born and raised in the Boston Area, Mistress has been writing Hip-Hop songs since 1999. Her influences include 2Pac, Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, Billie Holiday, Ray Charles, Bob Marley, Damian Marley, Mozart, and Bob Dylan, as well as numerous other Hip-Hop artists and artists from other genre's of music. There are no other artists out there that are able to fuse music's past with music's present to create the future of music, not just Hip-Hop.


Contributor to 2005 release: Eighteen Angles: The Mixtape, vol. 1
Awating Release in 2008: The 2nd Amendment (solo album)
Contributor to 2008 release: Fame 3 (United Front Company Mixtape series)

Set List

1. B
2. Road of Life
3. Wednesday
4. Musiq Man
5. Obsession
6. Eyes on the Mountain
7. Weak And Strong
total time: +/- 30 minutes (adjustable depending on alloted time)