Mistress and the misters

Mistress and the misters


Mistress and the misters is a tight, hard-hitting machine relying on driving bass, thrashing guitar, violent drums, and ferociously delivered vocals to shake venues throughout the northwest for the past year. MatM has been on tour throughout the year supporting their latest release, the Emic EP.


Mistress and the Misters are like every other band - that is, if every other band went through an alternate-universe wormsnake. Erupting from the sandy shoes of Spokane, WA, they quickly fled in search of paydirt. Uncontrollable and completely obedient, they strive to understand simple arithmetic and basic sentence structure. The number- ghosts and gods seems to think that there are four earthly beings inhabiting the band.

Chris Henderson (guitar) is a human male who specializes in playing guitar while growing facial hair. When not moonlighting as a toilet orderly he takes particular joy in devastating any and all concert goers with his unique stage abominations.

Shane ‘the Shank’ Taylor (bass) crash landed on earth 15 minutes from now. His whereabouts are unknown at this time, but it is safe to say that he can't be stopped. Since his untimely demise he has been playing a piece of wood with 4 strings.

Joe Varela (drums) grew up slouching while simultaniously complaining of genital strain. With his inane feet and morose arms he crafts rhythms by hitting circles.

Seth Swift (voice) can be described with only one word - total freeloader. However, His Benevolence has seen it fit to sing with the band - Hallelujah!

Separately they are a farce, but together they form the most other-worldly Rock Forest this side of Satan. If you are blessed enough to find yourself at a show be prepared for a fresh Salad of Showmanship.


Conflagration LP- October 2006
Emic EP- June 8th 2007

Set List

Our sets are generally 12-16 songs lasting 30-40 minutes of frantic rock and roll, including:

Neck Romancing
One Eye
You're a Bitch
Keeping Him Awake
Antidote (Cover)
Bone to Pick
Shot Me
Bill + The Hill