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Trying to Fly

Written By: Mitch Barrington

he wind's coming up, put your finger in the air,
Hear a sound, turn around but there's still no-one there,
So I ask you, where to from here?

Trying hard to fly but it's a long way down,
If you can hear come on nearer coz I can tell you how
You can spread those wings without fear.

You've got people talking big, but
What they're giving doesn't fit,
With what they're saying, it's a shame,
No-one cares about the way in which we treat ourselves.

So just go about your day in the usual way,
You fill find that in time there'll be more to say
Than you ever thought you would hear.

Now way away from all the people, you're trying to get things right,
You're trying to get this for once in your life.
Way away from all the people, you're trying so hard to fly,
You're trying so hard to fly,
But your feet are still on the ground.

Sun's coming up, put your hands over your eyes,
Soft sand smooth water and clear blue skies,
So I ask you, what more do you need?

Living in the dream life's shorter than it seems,
Everyday's the same we're all trying to be seen,
But are we really living free?

You've got people yelling out, but
No-one knows what they're about,
They're all the same, it's a shame,
There's still no-one to blame for the hard times.

So just put your mind to rest knowing that you’ve tried you best,
Still tomorrow you can borrow to clean up all the mess,
That the world has left, for all to see.

You’re not going anywhere; You’re not going anywhere.
Coz your feet are still on the ground,
Your not going anywhere; you’re not going anywhere.