Mitch Daigneault

Mitch Daigneault


This established artist won Best Country Album at the 2003 CAMA's and Best Songwriter & Best Male Artist at the 2008 CAMA's is now available for concerts, socials, and music festivals.


At an early age, Mitch began playing guitar and quickly found a love for music. He began writing and performing his own music at a later stage. Mitch entered numerous talent shows with great results, which began a new chapter and a career hunt. Mitch got involved in many showcases such as the Voices of the North and the Country North Show that are based out of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Being a part of the show brought great exposure and experience performing on a live stage. During this time, Mitch took the next logical step and enrolled in the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio, where he received a certificate in recording engineering.

In 1997, Mitch began a 7-year gig with the C-weed Band in which he sang and played lead guitar. Since then, the C-weed Band has recorded the CD, Run As One in which Mitch wrote two of the songs and played guitar on each of the CD�s tracks. The album received a Juno nomination in 2000 for Best Music of Aboriginal Canada.

In April of 2002, Mitch recorded and produced his first solo CD. The title track, Keep On Believing has received generous airplay on Aboriginal radio stations across Canada, such as CFWE from Edmonton, Alberta and Missinippi Broadcasting Corporation from La Ronge, Saskatchewan. Substantial airplay on NCI Radio from Winnipeg, Manitoba that broadcasts to 95% of Manitoba, landed the song on the Aboriginal Top 30 for a substantial number of weeks which resulted in a nomination for single of the year by the radio station based on airplay being in the top three for the year. In November of 2003, Mitch won the award for Best Country Album for the CD �Keep On Believing� at the 2003 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards held in Toronto. He was also nominated in the categories of Best Male Artist and Best Songwriter.
In early 2005 Mitch began composing the music for a documentary for the Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation. In March he completed the recording and production for the documentary airing on APTN throughout 2006 and 2007. In 2007 he worked on subsequent episodes for MBC and produced numerous recordings of local performers at his home recording studio. Mitch continues to be active in the music field, recording, producing, playing, performing and writing and is poised to make the jump onto the mainstream Canadian country music stage.

Now residing in Battleford, Sask, Mitch released his long-awaited CD in May 2008 entitled "Driving All Night" with the title track racing up the National Aboriginal Top 30 Countdown that airs across Canada.

In November 2008, Mitch received two awards for Best Songwriter and Best Male Artist at the 2008 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards held in Toronto. The two awards stem from the release of �Driving All Night.� The CD �Driving All Night� was also nominated in the Best Country Album category.

-Juno Nomination, Best Music Of Aboriginal Canada, Run as One - C-weed Band - 2000
-Best Country Album of the Year - Keep on Believing - Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, 2003
-Best Songwriter Nominee - Keep On Believing - Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, 2003
-Best Male Artist Nominee - Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards 2003
-Best Songwriter - Driving All Night - Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards 2008
-Best Male Artist - Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards 2008
-Best Country Album Nominee - Driving All Night - Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards 2008


Driving all Night

Written By: M.Daigneault/D.Sylvester

second cup but i still feel lazy
i just can’t get into the day
maybe i’d be better off sleeping in
it’s all the same but just a bit crazy
it’s tougher each time i go
where does it start where does it end
i might feel better tomorrow
guess i’ll just have to wait and see
being alone here without you baby
it sure has been hard on me

and i’ll be driving all night
just to wake up beside you
so try to hold on tight
it’ll be alright
i’ll be driving all night

another cup and i should be sleeping
i can’t wait to get back home
feels like this journey will never end
it will all be better tomorrow
at least i keep telling my heart
girl we’ve come so far baby
to be this far apart

Keep On Believing

Written By: M.Daigneault

i don't claim to be a superhero
when it comes to being a man
i still get a feeling from a love song
that i don't understand
and i may chase a dream
that most believe can never come true
i often ask myself and wonder
if today i'll make it through

i just keep on believing
never giving up on me
if theres a star to make a wish upon
i hope it shines for everyone to see
i just keep on believing
just to go that extra mile
i chose the road less travelled
and still keep moving on
and when i get there
it will make it all worthwhile

now i've spent some time in the shadows
not sure of where i was bound
another night, another song
then on to another town
and i've had my share of spotlights
and i'm thankful, but it never felt the same
at the end of the evening, i'd never hope for fortune or fame

Cry Like Rain

Written By: M.Daigneault/D.Sylvester

i can’t find a reason to stay
if you change your mind it wouldn’t matter anyway
if what I feel is a moment of doubt
it won’t hold me back from what i can do without

cause you’ve given up on love
and you’ve given up on me
i won’t hang around here playing make believe
and if all the tears you cry
could wash away the hurt and some of the pain
then you can cry like rain

i won’t deny there’s some things i’ll miss
like the way we talk and your sweet tender kiss
all that seems so long ago
see i’ve weathered the storm and i hope you know


(1997) - "Run As One" The C-weed Band.
(2002) - "Keep On Believing" Solo debut cd release.
(2008) - "Driving All Night" Second solo release

Set List

A typical set list is between 10 to 13 songs, 45 to 60 mins:

Originals Set:
1. She Wants
2. Cry Like Rain
3. Driving All Night
4. Call It Love
5. I'll Never Forget (What's Her Name)
6. I Do But I Don't
7. Letters
8. If Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow
9.Keep On Believing
11.Close To You
12.Wishing I Did

Covers Set:
10-13 Songs, 45-60 mins.
Consists of Country, Rock, Blues