Solo Artist,making melody driven mellow music that is moody, optimistic, intelligent, and honest


Mitchell - Inside Of My Heart

Mitchell presents an honesty and integrity  in his music,  coupled with a unique, almost haunting voice that will enchant you.
Born on August 24th, 1978 at 4:21am (which might explain the insomnia), Mitchell  grew up in Queens, New York.  His parent’s separation at two years old would lead to a close bond with his younger sister Emily, who’s confidence in his talent encouraged Mitchell to pursue a career in music.
His first experience was as front man for a high school band.  When they broke up he moved to Los Angeles where he taught himself to play guitar and bass. He also began  writing his own songs.  An invitation to be lead singer for what would become his second band experience brought him back to New York and earned him some credibility as a musician and fans that remain true to him to this day.  The band went on to record a 3 song EP successful enough to land them a track on national radio.  The band’s break up in 2001 and the devastating events of September 11th initiated a change in perspective that brought Mitchell back to Los Angeles to record an album of his own with only himself to depend on.
A lifetime in the making, “Inside of my Heart” summons forth feelings of loss and longing together with an almost childlike optimism. 
“Inside of my Heart” is now available for purchase.  Take a look inside and see what you might find...


"unxplained"- released in 2001 was a 3 song ep

"Inside of My Heart"- released in 2004 is Mitchell's first album

Set List

See You
Hello Kitty
Appreciate you
Inside of My Heart
You and Me
Bacon and Eggs

Approximately 40 minutes