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"Hunter poised for breakout"

Hunter projects an intense version of the early '70s singer songwriter stance with a sure-footed sense of confidence. The 11 songs on the album are all well constructed and presented, allowing Hunter's singing to be up front on every track. There's a level of dynamics within the selections that reveals Hunter's growing emotional range, impressive for a guy just exiting his teenage years. - Halifax Daily News

"Gifted songwriter..."

Hunter is a truly gifted songwriter who is years beyond his age. (on air quote) - Earle Mader, C100 FM (Halifax)

""They Might Say""

When I first listened to the song I loved it. I didn't even know who he was and I knew I had to add it to our radio station. It's a great tune!” - Jayme Lynn, CKBW (Bridgewater, NS)

"...note-bending distortion..."

The music bends from soft melodies to note-bending distortion. And Hunter shows that he knows how to rock out on the piano. - The Chronicle Herald

"Passionate performer"

Mitchell is a passionate and intense performer... - Nova News Net

"Hit potential..."

Hunter carves out a musical identity and matches it with an emotional lyric and theme. "They Might Say" has hit potential without seeming as mannered as a lot of the current Top Ten'ers.

"It's like therapy with notes..."

It's a wonderfully produced journey through the musically mental mind and groove of an introspective youth. It's like therapy with notes . . . if there was ever a more deserving release from a new young artist such as Hunter, I'd like to hear it. This could be at least a top 20, if not a top 10 hit in several genres. I wish Mitchell could replace all of Rob Thomas's vocal tracks, as well as his charts positions on the the air! He deserves to. (Excerpt of review of "My New Beginning") -

"...exceeded any expectations..."

I thoroughly enjoyed the show tonight at The Music Room; live music is euphoric for me, especially when the performer is as talented as you. I must admit you surprised me a bit, I was expecting a good show, but you really exceeded any expectations I had set. (Sent by email on August 12) - Fan Comment by Shaun Simpson


Wow, your show at The Music Room was fantastic. ...I was just amazed! I had a lot of respect for you as an artist before, but you just blew me right out of the water Friday night! I wish the best for you in the future, and I hope the whole world gets to hear you. Lord knows, they are missing out! (Sent in August 18)
- Fan comment by Jennifer Cleveland



"signals and goodbyes" (EP) - Coming July 2009

"people will believe anything if you whisper it" (independent) - 2004

"songs for a lonely day" EP - November 2006


"They Might Say", taken from 'people will believe anything if you whisper it'. Reached Top 20 chart status in Nova Scotia in September 2004.

"Alien", taken from 'people will believe anything if you whisper it'. Top 10 on

"Undriven", #3 on East Coast Countdown, national airplay.



A classical and jazz trained pianist, newcomer Mitchell Hunter found his way into pop music when he began writing and singing his own songs at age fourteen. Many of these initial songwriting experiments ended up on his debut album several years later. With the release of 'people will believe anything if you whisper it' in 2004, Hunter enjoyed the success of three radio singles (including the Top 20 hit “They Might Say”), received an ECMA nomination for Best Pop Record, and garnered three Music Nova Scotia Award Nominations for Best New Artist, Best Pop Record, and Best Male Artist.

Hunter has worked hard at honing his skills as a live performer and storyteller. With the ability to provoke emotions from his audience that range from laughter during a storytelling session, to tears during a haunting ballad, Hunter is winning the hearts of audiences everywhere he plays. He has shared stages with R&B singer and Canadian Idol runner-up Gary Beals, East Coast pop-rock group Crush, Canadian rock legend Kim Mitchell, and ECMA winning Folk singer Dave Gunning, proving his music and appeal bends genres and generations.

After taking some time off from music to finish his degree, Hunter will unleash his new EP "signals and goodbyes" this July.