Mitch Ruth

Mitch Ruth


Mitch Ruth is a singer/songwriter performing a delightfully funky blend of traditional hymns, original songs, and the occasional P&W CCM anthem. All delivered in pitch and pocket with a smile for/from all who hear. With extensive performing experience, Mitch can entertain audiences of all types.


Mitch Ruth is a multi-faceted musician who first achieved notice at the tender age of 5; guest hosting on the Grand Ole Opry as “the youngest DJ in America”. Since that time Mitch has played, marched, & sung all over the place. For 15 years Mitch performed with Gettin’ Ready, a southern gospel quartet, chosen in 2001 as one of the best gospel quartets in the state of Kentucky.

Mitch Ruth was born in Ashland KY in 1964 his family later moved to Elkhorn City KY in the rugged mountains of East Kentucky. While Mitch was in the new Kindergarten program in Pike County he was chosen to host a local radio show at WLSI in Pikeville, the county seat. To this day, Mitch suspects it was a plot by his teachers to get him out of their hair one day a week. By some chain of events still unbeknownst to him he got to guest host the WSM radio broadcasts from the Grand Ole Opry for a week. He remembers Loretta Lynn kissing him on the cheek, Roy Acuff showing him how to play with a yo-yo and Tex Ritter being told that he must put the kid down so he could go on stage.

The rest of Mitch’s childhood was relatively uneventful; he joined the band and learned how to play instruments. He went to college to become a band director. Somewhere along the way he realized he enjoyed singing about Jesus. Mitch performed for 15 years with regional Southern Gospel group Gettin’ Ready. Upon the passing of two of the members of that group Mitch has turned his attention to a Christian Singer/Songwriter presentation featuring traditional hymns and original material. Like fellow East Kentuckians Dwight Yokum and the aforementioned Loretta Lynn, Mitch draws on the rich musical heritage of the area with an eye towards innovation and quality. As for other musical influences, Mitch is influenced by anything performed well from Classical to Punk. Some of Mitch's favorite artists are John Prine, Rich Mullens, Sufjan Stevens, Derek Webb, Andrew Peterson, and of course Johnny Cash...

Mitch has been married to Diane since 1989 and has three wonderful children: Jaron, Sidney, and Maxx. Jaron added to the family by marrying out of his league, his lovely bride Salena joined the family in 2010. Mitch is currently a Deacon at Grassy Creek Christian Church and spends his time pursuing a performing career in both music and acting. Ongoing projects include serving as a guide for American Heritage Walking Tours and regularly performing at Kincaid Regional Theatre in Falmouth KY.

If you permit Mitch to perform at your service or event a great time will be had by all and praise will be lifted to the Lord. Ready to serve in a variety of ways, from leading a revival song service to playing guitar all afternoon at your coffeehouse or barbecue, you will enjoy the friendly and joyous way Mitch interacts with audiences of any size.


With Gettin' Ready:
Songs We Like to Sing 1998
Looking Up 2004

Some Tunes 2003
What I Do 2009
Real Simple 2010

Set List

Set list is taken from a constantly changing body of work and might include:
Shout to the North
Mansion Over the Hilltop
When I Go Away
Move Up
When the Roll is Called Up Yonder
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
and many original songs...