Mitch Winston

Mitch Winston


This music is a mellow rock and folk mix, with smart lyrics, catchy beats, lush bass, grooving melodies, and satisfying harmonies. A lot of comparisons have been drawn to Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, and Pink Floyd. (a rare mix, but it works!)


Mitch Winston has lived an examined and adventurous life. He is known throughout various circles for his experiences as an artist, a businessman, and a leader. He has seriously pursued various eclectic ventures, such as rabbinical school, professional boxing promotion, real estate development, hosting a radio show, and running a successful record label/talent management company.

Mitch is now focusing a great deal of his efforts into writing and playing his own music. Since making this decision over the summer, Mitch Winston has opened up for music legends Marshall Crenshaw, Blue Oyster Cult, Richie Havens, Chad Burdick, and Jeff Healy. He has also recorded with guitar legend Vernon Reid (Living Color), bass virtuoso Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson), guitarist Dave Brown (Paul Simon), and drummer Dave Mattacks (Paul McCartney).

Winston recently returned from his Delusions of Grandeur Tour throughout Canada, where he was featured at the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto, many other prestigious venues, and most major Canadian radio stations.

Mitch Winston recently finished his album, Civilized Hyenas, and it will be released later this summer. This album was recorded at West 80 Studios in New York City. It was produced and engineered by Jon Tomlinson.

In addition to his music, Mitch Winston is the founder of the Wave of Peace Foundation, Inc., a fully accredited 501(c)3 charitable foundation formed in 2001 that brings people together and raises funds for causes that have touched Mitch's heart. The charity is currently focusing 100% of its efforts towards finding creative ways to help combat terrorism and assist the innocent victims left in its wake. (See the "Foundation" page on this site for more information on the upcoming Wave of Peace Benefit on August 10th...)


First Album:
Mitch Winston & the Band of Natural Selection
Right Back
New Album at
Mitch Winston & the Band of Natural Selection
Civilized Hyenas ... (official release this fall..)
Single to be released: Less Guilty, Storyteller, Civilized Hyenas
Previous Singles Released:
Springsteen's "Factory": Various radio play in US (Q104.3, WEHM, WRIV) and Europe (Right Back)
Winston's, "Wave of Peace": Various radio play in US (Q104.3, WEHM, WRIV) (Right Back)
Right Back (Album): Various radio play, and album contains Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel bass player), Vernon Reid (Living Color), and other greats...

Set List

Sisters on the Sidewalk
Civilized Hyenas
Lech Lechah
Less Guilty
Information Again
Jack of All Trades
Grace Last Night