no borders, no genre, all aspects of music... for your good and your bad times, listen to the pictures in your mind, just music, describing what you are


This is definitely no bandinfo !!... I compose, sometimes with co-autors, sometimes with complete bands, but most times alone a great variety of music, cause it´s the way I could express myself and transport my feelings into a nonverbal dimension. That´s maybe why instrumentals are my favourite... ;-)
My bio? There´s not much to say, different bands, many gigs, different prizes, a lot of music, some studies and a diploma as music-teacher, 30 Years life (not live) experience :-), 2003: Unisong-Award with "The dance of fire" and my decision, to let music become my´s hard, but it makes free


Four Seasons

Written By: Mitsch Kohn

no lyrics...


The River 1996
The River - Always feel the sun 1998
Mercurio 2001
Sumeja 2004

Set List

I´ll work on it