Mitsch Kohn

Mitsch Kohn


To me, composing pianomusic involved translating the different ways of looking at feelings and associations related to different phenomens into musical pictures. It is my version to describe and feel the apperently ambivalent and yet inseparably connected concepts in this world.


Born in 1974 in northern Germany I first began composing works for piano from childhood, then played in various rockbands and completed my first filmscore in 1992. After completing highschool, I began studying piano and violin at the Osnabrück Music Conservatory but soon transferred to the C.v.O-University in Oldenburg to get a teaching-degree in music and art.
1998 I startet my first company O-Ton Musikservice. I worked as arrangeur, composer, DJ, sound and lightengineer and live-mixer for bands. I also startet projects with the Newton Tonstudio Oldenburg .


2001 my first CD I produced on my own: Mercurio

2003 The work "Fire Dance" was submitted as my final test composition in the composition course of Violeta Dinescu (Feuertanz) and won the Unisong-Award for best instrumental.

2003 Finalist art UK-international Songwriting Contest . The "Fire Dance" is published at Heinrichshofen´s Verlag.

2004 Music for the student-movie "Anima"

2004 Finalist at UK-international Songwriting Contest with the popsong „Without words“ and the instrumental "Wege des Wassers"

2005 2nd place at Great-American-Songcontest with the instrumental „Four Seasons“

2005 I moved to Berlin and start to work with the Band „Sumeja“ (Berliner Senatspreis) and „Malik Me“


Without words

Written By: Mitsch Kohn/Dominique Morris

Without words

How should I view your land,_if you rise up your walls?_
I won`t let you in, if you close up, too._
Hurt because I got you wrong,_no way to solve, if we don`t try._
Sad to see, that we lost faith in us._

Hearts full of prejudice, accusing what we believe to know._
Thoughts full of prejudice accusing what we believe to know._

(chorus)_Without words, we live in a lonesome rainy summer,_
believe me, without words,_
there`s no foundation to build on._
Without words, we live in a lonesome rainy summer,_believe me, without words,_there`s no chance of getting close._

No rope to hold on,_
each attempt is nipped in the bud._
Hearts full of prejudice accusing what we believe to know._

Constantly blathering what you´re able to._
You´ve been always wanting to do._
Heard it all, hoped you might,_
give me the chance viewing your true inside._

(chorus) Without words, we live in a lonesome rainy summer,_we all live, we all live,_we all live in a rainy summer..._There`s no chance of getting close_Without words,


Piano-Works Vol.1 (2006) - 4 tracks piano-solo
Northern Sound experience (2006)- 6 tracks ambient
Orchester DEMO (2005) - 5 orchestra-pieces
Mercurio (2002) - 10 track rock
Feel the sun (1997) - The River - rock
The River (1996) - The River - rock

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