"Kiss me in Tokyo, Kill me in Hong Kong" is the debut recording for post-modern poet, Mitu. He is currently recording his second album "Hurrah for the Broken Hearted".


With influences including Neil Diamond, Nietzsche, and the world's most favourite Faye, Mitu's songs are like lyrical distortions of the orient, partly influenced by pop iconography and partly by pure imagination. Mitu explains: "The album and the single (Hong Kong, Suzie Wong) do not attempt to mirror anything musical or actual from the Far East. The songs are more about appropriating ideas and images and reassembling them in my own world."


Hurrah for the Broken Hearted

Written By: Mitu

for the kings and queens of make-believe
and the princess from the moon
for le comte de lautreamont
for miss formosa and misfortune
and for the marquis of maybe
and the marchioness of more or less
for the porn stars and their paramours
for marianne faithful and her marionettes
and for anyone I have forgotten
and for everyone I’ve yet to follow
for you, baby, for example
for yesterday and for tomorrow
and for antoine de saint exupery
and for all who have fallen from above
but first and last and forever and always
for the overwhelmed and the underloved...

Kiss Me in Tokyo, Kill Me in Hong Kong

Written By: Mitu dial tone, by palindrome i am gliding under your radar
like skywalker to darth vader i am reaching out for you... what you want, by what you will, by what you kiss, by what you kill,
by what you miss by an interval or two...


2003 "Kiss Me in Tokyo, Kill me in Hong Kong" album with video/single "Hong Kong, Suzie Wong"

Set List

Mitu's set list varies from a repertoire of about 200 original songs. Song choice depends on the audience and the type of performance. Set length ranges from 20 to 80 minutes...