Mitzi Sinnott

Mitzi Sinnott

 Allendale, Michigan, USA

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Mitzi Sinnott is a border-crossing multidisciplinary performing artist, educator and activist. She has toured her critically acclaimed, one-woman play “SNAPSHOT: A true story of love interrupted by invasion” on three continents. SNAPSHOT premiered at Brooklyn’s BRIC Studio, with support from the Brooklyn Arts Council. She was then invited to stage SNAPSHOT at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, for which she was nominated for Best Actress. While at the Ed Fringe, the CEO of the Cape Town Festival approached her and said "You must bring this play to my country; this is the kind of piece my people will love…" Mitzi took him up on the invitation and premiered SNAPSHOT at the Cape Town Festival in South Africa. The following year, the European Women’s Theatre Festival in Tornio Finland-Haparanda Sweden extended another special invitation to premiere SNAPSHOT there.

In SNAPSHOT, Mitzi shares her literal and figurative journey to reconcile with her father, a veteran haunted by his experience in Vietnam. "I've always felt I wanted to share my family's story with others in a way that would touch hearts and open minds..." As the biracial daughter of a black man and white woman from Central Appalachia, Sinnott’s story is in many ways a singular one; but at the same time, the themes she addresses – racial identity, mental illness, and the legacy of war – are anything but rare. With her interactive workshops, she brings students on a similar journey, helping them articulate their own unique stories, while also identifying common struggles and strengths.

Sinnott has staged productions of SNAPSHOT and workshops at DePaul University, Syracuse University, Oregon State University, the University of Hawaii, The Ohio State University, Berea College, Marshall University, Shawnee State University, Central Connecticut University, Indiana State University, and Eastern Kentucky State University. Sinnott has received multiple individual artist grants in support of her work, from the Brooklyn Arts Council and she is a three-time recipient of the Arts Meets Activism Grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women.

Mitzi began her career in New York City, where she established one of Manhattan’s leading after-school arts programs as the Director of the School of the Future’s Extended Day Program, with the mission to help young people create original work and share it with their communities. Sinnott firmly believes in the transformative power of creative collaboration as a force for positive change for individuals and communities, a conviction based not only on her work as an educator, but also her personal experience as an award-winning playwright and actor. She has facilitated staff development workshops with Development Without Limits and The After School Corporation’s Director’s Institute at Columbia University.

Sinnott holds Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Communications from The Ohio State University. She has trained at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, the T. Schreiber Studio, and the MTB Studio, all in New York City. She was born in West Virginia and raised in Southern Ohio and Kentucky.


Programs Include:
-SNAPSHOT: a true story of love interrupted by invasion" (a solo play)
-"What's Your Story?" (an interactive workshop)