my name is happybird * * my name is happybird *** my name is happybird *** ***


A sudden twist came to me to turn the faucet of my music--a whole new world!
it's been gushing out like a great waterfall.
it is soothing and thrilling--fresh but nostalgic---
i love working on each and every sound of my songs!

i've always loved and listened to jazz, bossa nova, and some of classical music as well as pop, rock, experimental, electronic, ambient music etc. i love dance music and love to dance as well! i used to dance hula and tahitian back in san francisco and am now taking japanese traditional dance class. jungle & drum n' bass music can make me dance all night. so when i sing, my body just moves naturally along.

i've been so happy ever since my life started evolving around my music***
i believe in what wonders music can do!


spring tree

Written By: miwako kisu

what did my laughter used to sound like
i'm so scared to hear my own voice
i see lots of lots of mothes
so many of them
it was like going backwards
on a roller coaster
with thick glasses on
*my eyes are open but i see nothing

the ball bounced back wasn't the one i threw at the wall
i couldn't tell it was a mirror until i got so close to it
i felt like a little little little rock thrown into the very bottom of my heart
was this a mark of my strangeness
*quick quick quick!
a shooting star will shoot

unconditional happiness
that's what i wanted
that's what i want--
unconditional happiness is what i wanted

tulip magic

Written By: Miwako Kisu

a guy sat next to me in a painting class
i thought he was a very very very very quietsome
without words he could touch me
grabbed me
i never knew he could only see
he never let me know
oh but it was ok
i could only forgive him
when i see what you paint
i can hear you singing for me
the volume doesn't matter
the volume doesn't matter
the volume doesn't matter
the volume doesn't matter

i'm just waiting for this
tulip magic...

a little wish

Written By: miwakokisu

like boatless port, he said,
i've lost a need to wait
if i told you why, it would be a lie.
like helpless words unsaid.

wind in my hair
birds cry in my ears
letting things flow, ripples
sitting on the rock, waves

it changes like cateye
like mindless sky reset
and inhale every cloud of memories

i would start counting the stars again tonight
i've never yet beated the morning sun
i could try and try this and never give up, right?

a sweet smell lingers of clementine
i'm craving your special apple milkshake
neat nailed fingers of sunshine
i'm saving my special milkshake

a little shooting star
witnessed by my soul
i could try to complete by then
i can only wish

i keep finding myself in the moment that lost track within
if everything is new, wouldn't we feel so awkward and stuck within?

imagination that's dancing in my head
my heart is to beat that exquisite rhythm
don't tell me that you have lost interests in remembering!

i can only wish if i had it all over again, i would...

my tree's roots

Written By: miwakokisu


here comes the seed
or did i always own

now that i know
it's surely here

there is a garden, tiny but sunny
i chose today

sowed it
fed it
water water
waiting for it to bud
finding me impatient and patient with all kinds of dreams
but don't worry

what grows well grows slow
what grows well grows slow
what grows well grows slow
what grows well grows slow

by the time spring comes
i thought it would have grown
out to be big with many fruits

there is a small bud, tiny but shinning
i chose today

days turn into week
weeks turn into month
month after month month
there i can see no change
but don't worry

what grows well grows slow
what grows well grows slow
what grows well grows slow
what grows well grows slow

what's seen on the surface isn't everything
underneath the ground
my roots are shaking hands


i have 3 self-released demo cd's;
"introducing some tapioca versions" (2 tracks)
"some tapioca versions" (6 tracks)
"some san francisco versions" (6 tracks)

a song called "harmonica" has wire radio airplay.
it is in a compilation album "Agg Stock vol.00" by an indie record label in tokyo.

Set List

my typical set is 5-6 songs for 30-40 minuites.
(at a regular booking event in japan)
or for solo show, i usually play 2 sets of 45 min-1hour each.

sometimes i cover popular bossa nova songs
such as Garota de Ipanema, Corcovado, Avarandado, One Note Samba, Aguas de Marco, etc.

i have also covered some of bjork's songs--
-like someone in love (a cappella)
-anchor song (with alto recorder)
-hyper ballad (with pre-programmed track)
-joga (with pre-programmed track)

i sometimes play improvisational music live as well.
i'm usually on piano or kazoo or just sing.
i play the drums as some occasions too.