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Dark Waters

Written By: Chris Godwin

Dark Waters Em C D

Em I look at the C river, it's as D blue as the Em sky.
Em I see your C face as the wat D er slips Em by.
Em I know it's not C you, but it's sad when Am it goes,
Em Twisting down C stream, where D the dark water Em flows.C D


Bm Dark waters run deep, C and the current is strong.
Bm Dark waters will take C and carry us Em along. C D

Em You have gone from C me now, you've D been carried Em away,
Em And I miss you C more with D each passing Em day.
Em But when the river C takes me down to Am the sea,
Em In the dark C waters, you'll be D waiting for Em me. C D


G When I see you, C When we meet again
Am In the dark water, Em I C will call D your name.
N/C I will call your name. Em C D