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Mixed Use Media

Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States
Band EDM Rock




"Show Review"

Mixed Use Media, performed on the main floor rather than the stage. All members were totally immersed in the music…it was pretty mesmerizing, especially with the awesome lights. They delivered a energetic performance that has converted me (and friends) into fans. - SMAG Magazine

"Anything But Ordinary"

"Being anything but ordinary, these young men have a sound that could be classified as electronic rock but it is so much more than a simplistic title that encompasses genre bias."

- Magick Hands, JumpUp! Media Group Blog

"OXJAM 2010"

03/06/10 @ 29th Street Ballroom
Oxjam 2010
Dang, Austin’s a generous town, even when the benefit’s not for one of our own. Think of this as an all-local flipside to last year’s Psych Fest, a two-stage all-nighter that packs in both the heavy and the tripping. Inside, Lions, Tia Carrera, Murdocks, Woven Bones, the White White Lights, Planet Rye Co., the Ripe, and the Couch pillage rock & roll from the Zeppelinesque and Leadbelly to Love. Outdoors, Ringo Deathstarr, the Lemurs, Smoke & Feathers, ’Til We’re Blue or Destroy, Prayer for Animals, Michael Kingcaid of What Made Milwaukee Famous, and Mixed Use Media use loud-quiet-loud-quiet to great effect. The $8 cover benefits Oxfam’s Haiti relief efforts. 5pm.
AUDRA SCHROEDER - Austin Cronicle

"Beyond 6th @ SXSW"

Beyond 6th Show @ SXSW - Beyond 6th


Self-tilted EP - 2011



A small group of artists, writers and musicians created Mixed Use Media from thinking that different forms of art/media can be created out of the same idea, not as a collage or layer, but as one cohesive piece. A modern adaptation of Wagner's Gesamkunstwerk(or Total Art), Mixed Use Media produce music, video, screened shirts and posters, CD's & SD cards and an official blog. They broadcast shows live online as well as perform larger shows that include dancers and live video feeds.
The group brings early 90's noise-rock, electro-beats and IDM style synths to the stage with a socio-political backdrop. Achieving a rare balance in their innovative blend of synth/beat/guitar, the video seemingly arises from a quick bout of synesthesia. Corresponding images take the audience deeper into the samples and distortion during songs like Master Control and 500lb Bombs. The beginning of Robot Revival is a delayed acoustic guitar and minimalist beat, while the second half of the song is a dance party with animated newspaper clippings.