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I love Christ. I'm striving to spread the word of God as best I can.


I used to rap about myself, and I still tried to call myself a gospel rapper. But I was in it for the wrong reasons. It was through some serious prayer and wake-up calls that I realized I needed to take the"LOOK-AT-ME" concept of my songs and keep the word of God in my messages. My friends even accused me of trying promote myself too much in the past...but they were right. I almost lost some of them that way, but everything's good now, and I'm back on track. Promoting CHRIST, not myself.


My Worth (ft. sample of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Written By: MixMasta212


Seel, i've had enough of not thinkin' i am worth it
So i've gotta get up
and take my place, cuz i know my worth

And I've been dreaming of
a way to escape this place.
So i've gotta get up
and take my place, cuz i know my worth.

(verse I) :

I pause for a breath, just a minute./ Let me just chill for a second, wait a minute./ I'm sick of being the scum of the earth./ I'm sick of thinking that I should've never bee birthed./ Is that a word?, I don't even care, cuz/ lately i feel that nobody cares, cuz/ my music is kinda different. / Just because I ain't famous, you don't wanna hear it.

It's so easy to kill a dream./ Trust me, I've seen many kids like me/ who never had a chance to breathe their own dreams and ambitions. / Cuz suddenly it seems that their hopes are kissin' goodbye. / And believe, I dun' been there before / thinking I was just trash, cuz i'm just too poor / to make my life last and let go of the past./ I'm ready to fly away and go home at last.


(verse II ) :

And you can tell by the looks on the faces of your friends / that they don't really like the way your music's soundin'./ When you proclaim the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ / they block you out / they wanna put you out of sight. / You try to tell your people how far you're movin' / but all they really care is how far you've been / how bad you've been in all your past life / talking about the late nights and stupid fights.

Ok, i admit that i've made mistakes / but that was in the past, now i'm in a new place. / Supposedly for the better / a change for the best. / I'm really working on getting everyrhing off my chest. / A chance to confess and repent is what I thank God for. / He's opening the door for me to fly through and escape all you. / I wish ya'll could see what i've been going through.

Pain Like This

Written By: MixMasta212

Verse I :

So, on this night I pray that something is felt
between the walls of your heart, trapped within yourself.
You will destroy yourself, if you keep on
tuggin' at your brain, makin' yourself insane.

I know you feel the pain, and it's making you delelrious,
everyday the same game, suddenly u're furious.
Serious? Yes, 'cuz now it's life or death.
You question every moment, fearful of our last breath.

(i guess)
You really care about where u'll end up,
I ain't sure, 'cuz you never live up to the
supreme standards thass' been set by God,
and you know within your soul
whether u're saved or not

'cuz i kept on huggin' and kept on tuggin' just
tryin' to get you to see God and feel His lovin' , and
I don't wanna say that it's really too late,
but now i'll bet u believe that drugs are mistakes.


When you try to find love, but they push you down...
and your problems won't turn around
(ooo) you never felt a pain like this...
have you ever felt a pain like this?
And when lookin' for a promise that can't be found,
and no one can pull you out...
(ooo) you never felt a pain like this...
have you ever felt a pain like this?

verse II:

Lies and disguises...because behind this
ice cold block of heartache and kindness
truly is the cloth that is the vail over the whispers.
Truly to you ever I will be because I miss her

Tears write the beset of songs, and they make you strong.
So when there's something wrong, just get yo' cry on.
Because you can't have happiness without the sorrow.
Just know that all these things will be better, come tomorrow.

Sometimes you feel like you on the bottom
with nobody to sve you, 'cuz you callin' and callin'
from the deepest pit that we call the heart
that's been just like an egg shell --- cracked apart

What a blessin' to be alive, and just breathe again
and to know that we're forgiven for every sin.
Becuse it's true that we got some pain in our lives,
but with Jesus, man, we'll still shine.


Verse III:

Made some plans, but i didn't advance, 'cuz i'm
too afraid to just take a chance
and just let go and live my life
'cuz truthfully I haven't even always lived right.

Lord, I'm sorry for sinnin' and sinnin'
I know I don't deserve this life i'm livin'.
I know that any moment, God, could be my last,
so i thak you for savin' me. This life is a blast.

Even though I cry sometimes, I'm still thankful.
Yes, I've been sad many days, but i'm grateful
for chance after chance after chance
so i'm trustin' you, Lord, to help me through this circumstance,

'cuz i feel like once again i'm all alone.
My love is gone, so that's the reason for this song.
Lord, help me just to ease my pain,
and wash my face clear of all these tear stains.



Written By: MixMasta212

(hook) :

I'mma throw it up / I'mma represent.
Ya'll know what this is / can't get enough of Him
It's the man that saved me, so I'mma praise Him.
I'mma Christ-o-Holic

(verse I):

You can't hold me down / I'mma scream and shout.
And I'm bustin' out. / and I'mma tell 'em about
the best man who lived and breathed life with us.
clap your hands cuz Jesus Christ died for us.
It's the truth, so swallow it, get used to it.
I ain't done it alone cuz God brought me through it.
Whatever He says, I'll do without a question.
Hands-down, i bow-down. This is my confession.
Yeah, I'm a Christ-o-Holic, and if you see me fallin',
Don't even reach down, cuz Jesus got me now.
I see you standin' tall, you think you got it all.
But who gave you your life? / Who kept you safe int eh night?
You got your bling on, but who bought you that ice?
Yo' chain hangin low, but who payed the price?
I've got the answer, and you might not like me/
but the man who put it down for you is Christ, the Almighty


I take a deap breath / and then i let it out.
The Lord is so tight, because He brought me out.
I can't help but get kind of excited.
When I think of the blessings, I get buck-wilin'.
And then I'm actin' like a super-hyper child, and/
I'm just a kid in a candy shop. Ya'll betta hold me back, cuz my praise won't stop.

Get loose in the church (boy)
gettit gettit krunk (boy)
ya'll betta represent,
testify or somethin (boy)
(girls) take your weave out
(girls) make some room now
Throw yo' hands up, (girls) shout it out now.
I know He's been good, so don't tlel me.
Tell the Lord He's good, So let your voice speak.
Halelujah cuz Christ is so wonderful.
I gotta third verse, but gimme just a second though.

(verseIII) :

I've seen people addicted to drugs and alcohol. They can't get enough, but still they know it's wrong.
Trust me, I'm prayin' for you, you need some guidance. But God can help you, you gotta stop hidin'.
You tried to run from it, but then it came back.
You said (just a lil' sip)
(just a lil' crack)
Now you're trapped again, and you ain't got no friends.
Jesus can help you. / i'm praying that He felt you

Bleeding on your carpet, coughing up the red spit.
Sweating from your amrpits. / dying from your habit.
Laying there-all scared, pulling out all your heair.
You start to choke but you hope that God is out there.
Comon' solja, this is your moment, soldja.
Cain't nobody hold you, confess that God owns you.
Just surrender to the peace of His lovnig arms. Make a decision, please, before you go too far.


"Truth Be Told" (2003)

"Tha Rejuvenation Projekt" (2004)

"Visions & Voices" (2006)

Set List

Honestly, I haven't performed more than 2-3 tracks live at one time, so I don't really know how long a "typical set" would last.