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My music is full of suprises. It can be played at a party to get people energetic but at the same time there are many tracks where it can be very soulful with some deep lyrics and touching beats.


Evan Gillis AKA Mixre (Pronouced Mix-Ree) is a 18 year old hip-hop artist from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. Like any other young artist, Mixre's number one focus is getting his name out there. Starting from scratch, Mixre purchased his first set of turntables in January 2004. He was taught about the basics of turntables from DJ Lee Fraser, who is another experienced DJ from Cape Breton. He took the knowledge that Lee had given to him and started progressing on his own by dj'ing at weddings, teen dances & other live shows. Although there are no hip-hop shows in Mixre's area he has performed at live hip-hop shows elsewhere in Cape Breton and hopes to take it to the next level eventually. Evan has been djing now for over 4 years and has no plans to stop. In 2005, he realized this was something he really wanted to stick with and he took his knowledge to another level and decided that he really wanted to be a part of hip-hop music. He started writing his own songs in 2005 after meeting another young artist from Nova Scotia named Quake. Quake is a well known emcee and producer from Halifax, he produced several instrumentals for Mixre that he could write to for practice, after endless hours of writing and hard work he knew this was something he wanted to do. Quake was an extremely good help and influence as he taught Mixre from his mistakes as where Quake had just gone through the same situations. While Mixre was doing both DJing and rapping, from 2006-2008 he was working on his first highly anticipated release titled "The Man Made Complication" which is now in stores across Canada and also on many websites including Real Rhapsody, CD Baby and iTunes. It features 23 tracks and is going for $15.00. The compilation features some of Canada's most talented emcee's and producers such as Mixre himself, Akon, Aristo, Jay Bizzy, Mic Boyd, Jadakiss, White Mic, Xponential, Quake, DNA, Divo, D-Sisive, Shiest, Big Fela, Rosco, Trobiz, Phakt, Microphone Jones, Apostrophe, Monark, Blitz Pachino, Sampson, Matt Nokes, Scalabrine, Bush, Jordan Croucher, Cess, N.I.F.T.Y, Mickey D, Mad Craz, Colmes, Mischif, Skoo Boy, Short Shane, Justice, Anonamyss and Medevil. With exclusive shoutouts from such artists like Classified, Rochester AKA Juice, DL Incognito, Eternia, Arabesque, Rosco and many others. The complition also features production by Suave, Loc Dog, Trobiz, Anonamyss, Veterano (Producer of tracks by Planet Asia, T.I., G-Unit, Styles P), DNA, Microphone Jones, 902 Kidd, Bad Teknology, White Mic, Drow, Sampson, N.I.F.T.Y & Telly. On the rapping side of things, be on the look out for Mixre's group album (The Entourage). The Entourage consists of three members; Mixre (Evan Gillis), T.I.M.P. (Tim Peters) & Blend-In (Brendan Peters). The group have several songs for download on Mixre's myspace page. The Entourage is set to release their debut album early 2009. The album features guest appearances from Moka Only (formally of Swollen Members), Mischif, Critical, Sampson & Quake. The album features production by Hotbox, Suave, Loc Dog, Psycho-Beatz, Mixre, Blend-In & others. Mixre has recently finished a mixtape with southern hip-hop recording artist, Rosco. The mixtape is avaliable for free download and it features remixes of hit tracks by Kanye West, 50 Cent, Missy Elliot, T-Pain, Alicia Keys, Lupe Fiasco and more. With exclusive tracks by Mixre himself and also exclusive Rosco tracks featuring Akon, T.I. and Jadakiss. Last but certainly not least, Mixre has recently started a new project which will feature Mixre collaborating with over 30 artists including major recording artists Royce Da 5'9", REKS, Termanology, Statik Selektah, Nino Bless & more! The album is scheduled to release Summer 2009. For new tracks go to www.myspace.com/mixremusic. Be sure to buy all these cds when they drop and keep supporting local hip-hop music!


North VS. South

Written By: Evan Gillis AKA Mixre

First theres the south, the bottom of the gap
Literally treated like they're at the bottom of the map
Dealing with poverty, got no house in live in
The everyday struggle, grateful to be still be living
Living for the moment, not worrying about tomorrow
Hunger pains remain, crying away their sorrow
Thirsty all the time, looking for clean water
Never had a chance know their mother and father
Food is a desperation, so is their education
Accepting donations, without hesitation
They have no idea what a vactation is
Or even what a first world nation is
Or how good the rest of the worlds population is
Tell me the truth and what the real explanation is

Then theres the north, the healthier country
Living the good life, the wealthier country
Hunger is not an issue, hot food on the table daily
While people in the south keep saying "save me!, save me!"
Driving around in nice cars, living in nice houses
Pretty glamorous in the north, oppossed to what the south is
Drinking clean water and sleeping in warm beds
Not having to deal with nuclear war heads
Forgetting about the people in differentt time zones
Who are struggling with crime or trying to find homes
Some people don't realize what others may go through
No clothes and cold food for people to go chew
As for the south, all you see is nudity
No job oppunturnities, all of this is new to me


Mixre Presents : The Man Made Complication (2008)
23 Tracks (CD)

Mixre & Rosco Present : Northern Heat Wave
19 Tracks (Free Download)

Set List

The Motto Feat. Sampson & Mischif
Round & Round w/ The Entourage
The Party Has Arrivied w/ The Entourage

The time of my sets vary depending on the event that is taking place, and I do not do covers of other songs. However, I do record songs over beats which are already used for promotion use only.