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"From hip-hop head bobbers to skate park freestyle followers; Tallahassee rapper Mixture's, lyrical depth and slick word play bring music to your ears."


His Caribbean American background, the fast lanes of New York, the harsh winters of Germany, and the lifestyle of small Floridian town have all contributed to the methodic blend of lyrical genius that is MIXTURE. Rapping since the age of 12, his personal experiences and various influences from favorite artists, have enabled his music to merge a New York swagger with a southern vibe, making his craft nothing less than versatile.

MIXTURE's resume reads like an industry heavy weight. In 2004, he co-founded Knight-Time Productions - an elite group of artists and production entrepreneurs, dubbing him as one of the hardest working independent rappers in the underground circuit today, selling over 10,000 records independently, while writing and producing over ten releases to date. MIXTURE hopes to one day bask in the shadows of the artists who have had the strongest influence on him: Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, Talib Kweli, Scarface, and the most influential, Jay-Z.


"Tryin To See It All"
"Bright Lights"
"Go Back"
"Back To The Paper"
"Something For The Club"
"Backs Against The Wall"
"I'm Coming"
"California Dreaming"

Set List

Varies per show