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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Big Cheese EP 2004"

Mixtwitch are veterans to the scene. Having formed seven years ago, this EP is clearly a display of how hard they have worked. They spent the early part of this year playing in the States, with an appearance at the legendary SXSW festival in Texas. With the help of producer Ryan Greene, Mixtwitch have created a perfect EP. Their sound is quite poppy, but it is still loaded with raw aggression, with hints of Less than Jake. It's nothing competely new, but they do the genre justice. They clearly want to prove that they are capable of making fantastic music, and this EP makes this point brilliantly. The only downside is that it is over too quickly. Roll on their new full length LP. 5/5 - Tracey Lowe

"alt-uk.com EP 2004"

The band really shows that they can cut it, and can make punk rock music just as well as any of the top American bands of the genre… strong vocals and amazing guitar riffs really make the music what it is; punk rock greatness.
- online

"Kerrang! 2nd LP"

There's nothing on 'Smile For The Money Shot', the second album from Dublin quintet Mixtwitch, that the seasoned pop-punk fan won't have heard a thousand times before, but when it's done as well as it is here, originality ceases to matter. It's the old poppy, three-minute formula from start to finish, but these Irish lads have more bounce and energy about them than a bunch of coked-up monkeys on trampolines.

Alongside the standard melodic, three-chord, high-speed tempos, there's also the occasional foray into ska territory and a neat line in self-deprecating lyrics. And there's at least one metaller in the band, too, as the riffs are often a lot more barbed and clanging than many of their peers. All of which should certainly give Mixtwitch plenty of reason to smile.
- Mark Griffiths

"Metal Hammer Live in London"

with dynamite hooks and lightning ska inserts, Mixtwitch are well worth further investigation, 8/10 - Ian Fortnam

"Hot Press 2nd LP"

Smile for The Money Shot sees Mixtwitch showing that Ireland has its very own MTV-friendly, skate-punk anti-heroes in waiting. - Paul Nolan

"Hot Press debut LP"

With chunky punky riffs, neurotic lyrics, off the wall basslines and masses upon masses of raucous energy, Mixtwitch rock rather superbly. ‘Funny Because It’s True’ sparks the semtex of fun as it explodes in your face.

Punkin’ Great, 10/12
- Hannah Hamilton

"Sunday Tribune debut LP"

Mixtwitch are a Dublin group who specialise in loud, shouty, angry speed rock. If you like that sort of thing you’ll adore ‘Funny Because it’s True’. Not my cup of cocoa but there’s far more energy and imagination in this debut than anything Therapy? Have done since Troublegum. In it’s own genre, ‘Funny Because it’s True’ might even be a classic. Now that truly is scary.” - Sean O'Driscoll

"Big Cheese 2nd LP"

'Smile For The Money Shot' shows enough potential to suggest that Mixtwitch could get fairly popular in today's musical climate - Paul Hagen

"www.punknews.org 2nd LP"

An amazing album. Probably one of the greatest punk/ska albums since Operation Ivy's "Energy". A beautiful and mesmerising album. "Continue The Research" is probably the albums highlight tune. An instant classic. - unknown


“Planet Stereo vol. 5” - released by B.M.I. and distributed to over 3000 college radio stations in the United States. Mixtwitch contributed ‘Successful Everyday Living’.

“5 Songs and a Prick” - Mini-album cassette released in 1999 on Treasure Island Records

“Successful Everyday Living” - Debut single released in September 1999 on Treasure Island Records. The B-sides were ‘Muddled’ and ‘Golden Goodness’.

“Vent Your Angst” - Compilation Album released to coincide with Skate-Video in 1999. Mixtwitch contributed ‘Successful Everyday Living’, ‘Muddled’, ‘Andorra’s Box’ and ‘Ha Ha...’.

“Funny Because It’s True” - Debut album released in August 2000 on Treasure Island Records

“Hey Suburbia” - Compilation from Mythical Records released to coincide with punk festival in Scotland, August 2001. Mixtwitch contributed ‘Where Are All Our Groupies Gone’.

“Skate Punk in Your Walkman” - Cassette compilation released by independent Brazilian label Dry-Ice Records in October 2001. Mixtwitch contributed ‘Shuffle’ and ‘Where Are All Our Groupies Gone’.

“Big Cheese Moon Ska Sampler” - Cover Mounted CD compilation free with Big Cheese Magazine, October 2001. Mixtwitch contributed ‘Golden Goodness’.

“Smile for the Money Shot” – Album released September 2002 on Moon Ska Europe.

"All Bets Are Off" - EP. Recorded at Motor Studios, San Francisco. Recorded and produced by Ryan Greene. Released by Mixtwitch July 2004.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Mixtwitch are a Dublin, Ireland based 5-piece rock band. Since their formation in 1997 they have released two critically acclaimed full length albums on Independent labels in Europe. They have been constantly touring the UK and the European mainland for the past five years, while also playing regular sold out shows in Ireland. In March 2004 Mixtwitch performed at the prestigious South by South West [SXSW] festival in Austin, Texas. While in the states they also played a number of high profile shows in New York and LA, and recorded a 4 track EP with top West Coast producer Ryan Greene in San Francisco. They are currently looking for a recording contract for their 3rd album.

Mixtwitch formed in February 1997. In September 1999, they released their debut single “Successful Everyday Living” on an Irish Independent label. This was followed in August 2000 with their debut album “Funny Because it’s True”. The album was well received by the press and made top 5 in the Irish Indie Charts. Selected tracks received significant amounts of airplay on commercial and alternative Irish radio.

In 2001, Mixtwitch signed with MoonSka Records. Numerous UK and European tours followed which gave the band vast experience of touring and allowed them to hone their live show, while building up a new fan base outside their own country. In September 2002, Mixtwitch released their second album “Smile for the Money Shot” on Moon Ska Records. The LP received the endorsement of the likes of Hot Press, Kerrang! and Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll. Radio in Ireland has also been supportive with the album being recommended by commercial station RTÉ 2 FM and the track “Gifted” making Dublin Alternative Rock station Phantom FM’s A-list and top 10. In the UK, BBC and Total Rock Radio have also given Mixtwitch airplay.

With the launch of satellite music channel P-Rock TV on Sky Digital in November 2002, Mixtwitch reached a huge new audience in Ireland and the UK, as the intro to “Gifted” was used as the theme song to the channel’s chart show. In early 2003 Mixtwitch continued playing high profile shows in Ireland and in March, Mixtwitch made a video for album closer “Continue the Research”. This was aired on P-Rock just in time for a hugely successful sold-out 29-date U.K. tour which ran until May 2003. Mixtwitch did their first UK headline tour in September 2003.

Since last October Mixtwitch have been writing their third album, for which they now have more than 20 songs ready to record. In March 2004 they embarked on a 3 week promotional trip to the United States. This trip took in 3 shows in New York City, including an instore in HMV 5th Avenue and one show in Hollywood. In between, they appeared as the Austin Chronicle’s “Pick of the Day” at the prestigious SXSW Music Festival and Conference in Austin, Texas where they impressed many within the industry. They also used the weekend to make numerous contacts with record labels, promoters and booking agents. In the final week of the trip they recorded an E.P. in San Francisco with producer Ryan Greene of NOFX, Lagwagon etc. fame at his Motor Studios. They plan to return to record there again as soon as possible.

Mixtwitch are now actively looking for a label to release their next album.