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Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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I Miss Those Days (Ghost)

Number #1



Mixy signed with Geffen in 2008. Since signing with Geffen, she has released one single via iTunes titled "I Miss Those Days (Ghost)". Currently Mixy’s second single “Number #1” is scheduled for release September 2010. Nothing about Mixy is ordinary from her blend of Pop, Jazz, R&B, Reggae and rock music to that where's-the-party cheer she carries so effortlessly. However, it’s not just her spunky personality that catches people’s attention; it’s also her distinctively smooth jazzy voice, a mix, if you will, of Marilyn Monroe and Gwen Stefani.
This diamond in the ruff girl also has quite a good story behind the music. Mixy, moved to Los Angeles from her hometown of Orlando, Florida with a boyfriend who dumped her as soon as they arrived in Hollywood. Pretty much homeless for a good year followed by living in a garage/rehearsal spot; Mixy had to give in and get a telemarketing job in order to afford a place in Hollywood. While working the 9 to 5 by day, at night she fronted for her band “Drag Strip Kitty”. Mixy & her band played at venues like The Viper Room, The Key Club and The Roxy, until she got an offer to fill in on a U.S. tour as a keyboard, guitar player, and back-up vocalist for a band called Anti-Product. At the risk of being homeless again Mixy quit her job and went on tour. A substantial pay cut being that she only cleared 40 dollars a month while on tour but Mixy didn’t move to L.A. to be a telemarketer, she was focused on her dreams of music.
In her earlier days Mixy grew up on albums her dad listened to like The Beatles and The Beach Boys but fell in love with sounds that were popular even before her father’s time; Louis Armstrong, Bobby Darin and Nancy Sinatra to name a few. While in her rebellious teen-angst phase, she was drawn to Nirvana and Tool but also was influenced by punk rock and hip hop. Among her most lasting influences, was the reggae-flavored SoCal outfit Sublime: "I would mimic the way Bradley Nowell was singing, it came kind of naturally to me”. Mixy started playing guitar her freshman year of high school she took lessons for a few months and picked it up pretty fast then started writing her own songs. She started writing songs on her own instead of what most people do which is learning other artist’s music. “Writing helped me be as unique musically as I am vocally”. Mixy never tried to fit in, she always tried to be different. “I never had vocal lessons until recently because again, I wanted to do my own thing”. After she found her niche she decided to start learning other songs and work on the technical side of her art. Just playing with other artists and a few bands along the way (dragstrip kitty, anti product), she had the opportunity to see the industry from a business stand point.
After being signed by Geffen Records Mixy was as ready as she'd ever been to record her debut album, and, true to her risk-taking nature, was going for something wildly out there. "In my first meeting with Ron Fair, I told him I wanted to do a big band thing with a hip-hop beat, but it didn't seem like he was getting it," she says. "So I thought, 'I need to show him what I hear in my mind,' and I put a song together." Co-produced by Jack Joseph Puig, the song, "I Miss Those Days (Ghost)," about growing up and looking back, ended up being the first single. "All the songs I've written in the last few years have been inspirational," says Mixy. "They're meant to get people in a better mood and feeling positive." As far as the music business is concerned, Mixy's feeling pretty optimistic about her own future, thanks to the success of singers like Amy Winehouse and Duffy. "When they came out, I thought, 'Thank God,' because by that point, I'd played plenty of bathroom stall-sized shows in L.A. and was starting to think that it wasn't gonna happen. But Amy Winehouse really captivated me, and I hoped the industry was realizing that people want to bring that old style back. I tried selling out to the industry by doing the girl punk thing, but in my heart was jazz. I'd run from it and come back, run again, and come back. It's like an extremely passionate relationship." To that end, Mixy's debut truly is redemption realized. "This is just a real record," she says. "I could do any type of music, but I want to mix it up, be unique and make it mine." A creation of her own unrelenting ambition and dreams, much like the name she chose for herself six years ago: "I kind of view everybody as a canvas. You're put into this world and painted all over, in a way, I've created this painting and I call it Mixy."
After Geffen signed Mixy they ended up dropping her from the label in 2009. They said “There’s not enough bread for the birdies". Heartbroken, Mixy decided to keep moving on with her career. “I believe that music is what I am. It makes me happy from every aspect whether it's recording, touring; writing, or just jamming. I soak up every bit of it and am not happy if I'm not doing something productive