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Progressive Rock


Mizraab, born in the late 90’s, is a revolutionary name in the Pakistani music industry. The idea was to break the silence and inaugurate the genre of progressive rock/metal in the Pakistani market. The individual who lay the foundation was none other than Pakistan’s guitar-theurgist Faraz Anwar.

Igniting the metal flame in the Pakistani music industry, Mizraab released their first album "Panchi" in January 2000. The album was conceived as being a fusion of classical/rock and was probably a first in the local scene. Due to obliviousness in the local industry stemming from a disorganized release, Panchi couldn’t make an impression and the band was torn apart. Faraz, left with the name "Mizraab" carried on the journey to conquer the value of musical sovereign.

Faraz continued with the concept of Mizraab and called on Jamal Mustafa (Rhythm Guitars) and Irfan Ahmed (Drums). Mizraab began working on their new material, with Faraz leading the way.

In March 2004, the band's new lineup. led by Faraz Anwar was in the spot light yet again, unleashed their second and highly acclaimed album "Mazi Haal Mustaqbil", which was to be the first ever Pakistani progressive/experimental concept album. The album was signed by Sadaf Stereo and was quickly sold out in the market. The release cracked the roots of the homogenous traditional ear and was greatly criticized and loved.

In Feb 2006, Faraz stepped into the studio, planning on launching another phase in South Asian music history by writing new material for their long awaited next album. Having been produced, the album is now ready for release in the near future.

In late 2009 Faraz Anwar shifted to United Kingdom and got enrolled at The Tech Music School where he is completing his Master Degree in Jazz Music. There he re-formed Mizraab with his Class Fellows and currently looking for a Gig.


Panchi (1999)
Mazi Haal Mustaqbil (2004)
Live & Rare (2010 Internet Release)

Set List

Mizraab has been performing live since the late 90's. They have a distinct live performance set list which is different from their studio recording. Live Performances includes Improvised guitar solos, tempo changes etc etc.

Mizraab will pick out songs from the following list for any live performance.

1. Mayusee – (9:11 min)
2. Panchi – (6:32 min)
3. Worldeterne – (2:06 min)
4. Meri Terhan – (4:24 min)
5. Janay Main – (5:58 min)
6. Insaan – (6:40 min)
7. Aag – (5:43 min)
8. Kitni Sadian – (6:33 min)
9. Muntazir – (5:23 min)
10. Akhir Kyun – (7:18 min)
11. Kuch Hai – (6:35 min)
12. Izhaar – (3:28 min)