Miz Floes & The Carmel Latte
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Miz Floes & The Carmel Latte

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"Miz Floes Poetic Talent is Miz-merizing"

Miz Floes Poetic Talent is Miz-merizing
by Teresa Castillo

The old, dark jazz room is filled with curling smoke from the warm stage lights that reflect back to the murmuring crowd. The soft tuning of instruments gives way to a slow, steady bass. Suddenly, the silky voice of Ms. Portiante Floes, poet extraordinaire, pours through the microphone.

Floes’ mature, steady approach and smooth lyrics are suited for a more sophisticated audience. The band does not overpower her voice and her talent is not bound to one style. Her ability to elaborate on real subjects that may apply to anyone listening keeps her versatile. The sultry beats compliment her whimsical, melancholy love lyrics, as well as her fun and lively poems so perfectly that Floes is attracting a large following in the Seattle area.

Her mission is to refamiliarize communities with soul poetry and spoken word, which she says seems to have faded over the years. Yet, her urban background enables her to blend right in with many different cultures. Classified as Neo-Soul/Jazz/Funk, Floes’ style reflects a beatnik vibe with hip-hop undertones.

“Although there are many wonderful paradigms of poetry still gracing the shelves…the voice of performance poetry is struggling to be heard,” explains Floes on her website. “In the 21st century, the poets’ voices have been replaced with bass beats and gyrating hip-hop dancers.”

Floes does not work alone. At first, she teamed with Rcurtis and Soul Stayshun to create Rhythmatic Rhyme, a Thursday night variety show featuring live music, spoken word and open-mic. The collaboration was an immediate success and only fueled more shows.

Carmel Latte, described as “Seattle’s only soulful expression band”, is her latest venue for expression. The traveling poetry theatre, The Smokin’ Spoken Wurd, is “a weekly forum [to] serve as a platform for community members to express themselves via open mic sessions throughout the evening,” Floes says. “Your race, religion and level of education matter not! The only requirements are passion and effort.”
Her gift has inspired other projects, as well. Her poetry book, I’m Still Growing, hit cyberstores in 2005 and is available for checkout at any branch of the King County Library System. She has also created a literary workshop, Relax, Review, Renew, Release, to inspire, encourage and enable other artists to transform their writing into theatrical performances.

Miz Floes also serves as the board treasurer and "literary coordinator" for the
Sundiata African American Cultural Association’s Festival Sundiata, which showcases visual art, music, food and more every Presidents Day weekend at Seattle Center.
Check Miz & The Carmel Latte Band out on the Center House Stage!

- Colors NW Magazine


VIVID 2007



In 2005, Miz Floes founded the Carmel Latte Soulful Expression Band.
The Carmel Latte is truly a unique fusion band!
This band fuses jazz, blues, funk, and r&b with...
the sultry, seductive vocals and "Soulful Expression" of Miz Floes.
Utilizing the art of soulfully poetic delivery, fused with song...
Anytime is a good time for a Carmel Latte!


"Miz" Portionte Floes,
a native of Chicago, IL
is an internationally published author,
(I'm Still Growing Vol. 1 ISBN 1-4137-6416),
an internationally known Spoken Word Artist,
(THE SMOKIN SPOKEN WURD), and a dynamic Soul vocalist!
Currently Miz iz... causing eargazms throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Lindsey "Yes Indeed" Reid
has a drumming style that ranges from Reggae to Rock! Lindsey's skills are unmistakable; his performances...unforgettable. He keeps the beat sweet and unique during soulful expression sessions with the Carmel Latte Soulful Expression Band.

Lawrence "The Power" Hightower
has performed as a bassist for the last 20 years. Lawrence fell in love with the bass as a youngster. This love was so strong it led Lawrence to woodshop. He now designs, builds, and plays bass! He walks listeners through funky jazzerific grooves with the Carmel Latte Soulful Expression Band.

Curtis "Gimme Somethin I can Feel" Seals
is a native of upstate New York. Curtis had an interest in music very early in life. He developed an interest in the burgeoning punk-new wave scene in the mid 70s. It was the year 1984 that Curtis decided to make Seattle his home, and soon gained notoriety for his hit single release, 'The Scandelizer"! Curtis is currently stroking the souls of the young and old, during soulful expression sessions with...
the Carmel Latte Soulful Expression Band.

"Poppa" Frenchy Conde Lamont,
a self-taught percussionist is affectionately known as Poppa Frenchy. He takes the audience back to the origin of the drum as he makes his djembe hum!
His signature style is heard at the Carmel Latte soulful expression sessions.