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"Interview | Miz Jaxxxn: The Incredible Creation"

Miz Jaxxxn, a creative and mutli-talented artist from Baltimore,MD is on the rise. Having already completed her first self titled EP, “The Miz Jaxxxn EP” she’s continuously dedicating her time to growing in her music and her career. With a beautiful voice and an attitude we don’t experience much these days, Miz Jaxxxn is just what we’ve been missing.

I sat down with The Incredible Creation artist for an exclusive MrSoldOut.Com interview. Get to know Miz Jaxxxn and fall in love with her music.

Tell me about yourself.

My name is Ebony Jackson, which is where Miz Jaxxxn came from I just changed the spelling. I’m an artist, I’m a mother, I’m a Gemini and I’m crazy [laughs], I’ve done a lot. I started off dancing before I decided I wanted to sing. I’ve been dancing since I was a little girl. When I was in high school I was thee dancer. I then decided I wanted to sing until I was about 17 or so when I was singing in the shower [laughs

So you discovered your talent when you were singing in the shower?

Yes. I realized it then that I wanted to take it seriously. My first song I ever sung in a talent show was “Killing Me Softly” by Lauryn Hill when I was in the 5th grade. I was going to Winfield Elementary and that was my first song I ever song in front of everybody, eyes closed with my jelly heels on. [laughs]

What’s a day like in the life of Miz Jaxxxn?
A day is very hectic. I have my son, he’s 5 and his name is Jeremiah. He’s the love of my life, my best friend. We wake up early in the morning, get him ready for school. He demands breakfast to be ready before he is up and ready[laughs]. He gets his breakfast and I walk him over to daycare and daycare takes him to school for me, I hustle and bustle over to hair school and have a wonderful time there fussing with the hoes there and doing hair. I get home early enough to rehearse in peace because my son also has after care, so I rehearse at home before I pick him up and then we do our mommy son thing and then I have a little bit of time to myself with the computer to try to promote myself.

What category would you label your music in?

Nobody likes labels but if I had to label myself it would be R&B/pop.

What about your music sets you apart from other artists?

I think I am an angry female that no one has heard or seen for the past 12 years. Like when I say angryfemale I’m talking about that 70's Betty Davis angry female, you know? Those women that we haven’t been seeing. They like all the submissive Beyonce’, Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys singers where they’re angry but they cater more to singing about sad stuff. If they’re angry its once in a blue moon. Like “Ring The Alarm” by Beyonce was pretty angry but you don’t get a lot of that type of stuff. Most of my stuff is like that.

Well, to me your sound is soulful and gives off a Jill Scott vibe and your style is more old school like the TLC era, both which is rare in the industry and nearly extinct . Would you agree and how would you describe your sound and style?

I agree. When you say Jill Scott I am very flattered. Definitely old style because when I first started taking singing seriously I mimicked a lot of old people. I didn’t have any vocal coaching at all, I just mimicked everybody. Dinah Washington, Etta James, Billie Holiday, I just mimicked them until I could take what I learned from them and make it my own. If I had to describe my sound I would say its a mix between experimental eclectic hip-hop soul.Definitely heavily hip-hop influenced tho because I love rap music.

Often, artist sing about things that they’ve actually experienced, are the lyrics from “Why You H8ting” a situation you’ve actually encountered?

Yes it is! That’s that encounter where you break up with somebody and you still love them and y’all are still friends and you call them like “What you doing?” and their like “I aint doing nothing” you’re like ”oh you want some company?”, “No” You’re like ”Why You Hating? [laughs] you should let me come over there, you know what I want [laughs].” That’s everybody’s encounter.

Are you currently in a relationship?

I am currently single.

You’re also a songwriter, what influences you when writing?

Life’s struggles. You are not a good writer until you’ve struggled. You don’t have nothing to talk about unless your heart is broken, unless you’re broke, unless you’re seldomly happy.

Who are your musical influences?

I have a lot. My main ones would be the ladies I said before like Billy Holiday, Dinah Washington, and anybody who sang in the 70's and 80's. I’m really influenced by those women.

If you could put together a dream group what group would it resemble and who would it consist of?

I would do an introverted version of The Fugees. So maybe not 2 male rappers but 2 female rappers and a male singer.

And who would that be?
I don’t know. We don’t really have a lot of female rappers but with this I can say something experimental since its my dream. I would say Eve and Jean Grae and the guy that would be singing would be somebody like Carl Thomas or something like that. That would be so crazy.

As a singer the world is your platform where everyone is listening. What message does your music send to the listeners?

My message is that everyone relates to someone else some way some how like that 6th degree of separation type thing. In some way we are all related in this world, you just have to be careful about what you say about people because we all experience the same type of things. They may not be the same degree of struggle or stress but are all here and we should respect each other. And I’m listening to whats going on in the world and I want to be able to make words that you can vibe and relate to just let people know that we’re here. [Hand motions and laughs]

Have you participated in any events, concerts or showcases?

I do a little bit of everything. I’m doing my own Jewelery which is called Rubbish What Not, its eco-friendly so I do a lot of vending opportunities with that. I also act. Recently I just did “Sick Stories, Gentle Grandaddy” in Philadelphia which is a wonderful play by Shanae Johnson who hails from Temple University. Right now I have this feature Coming up at the Symone Center on October 19th.

Have you participated in any events, concerts or showcases?

I do a little bit of everything. I’m doing my own Jewelery which is called Rubbish What Not, its eco-friendly so I do a lot of vending opportunities with that. I also act. Recently I just did “Sick Stories, Gentle Grandaddy” in Philadelphia which is a wonderful play by Shanae Johnson who hails from Temple University. Right now I have this feature Coming up at the Symone Center on October 19th.

Any projects or any ideas of a project?

The only project right now is to continue to make music. My business plan was to make whatever music I wanted to make and then put it out and you download whatever it is that you like because I’m so versatile and I like to make everything from country music, blues, pop, electronica and etc. So that’s my project right now, to just make it and put it together later.

How would you rate your feedback?

My feedback really humbles me. I get up there and do my thing because it gives me some type of therapeutic relief and then when I hear people say OMG you have great stage presence or you sound wonderful I’m like for real? I just do my thing and if you like it you like and if you hate it you hate it.

Do you get a lot of hate?

I don’t get any. Let me tell you about a time I was at Baltimore Community College and I was doing a set and when I was about to get off there was a line of people, so I asked my DJ, “How long have these people been standing here?” he was like they’re about to get autographs and I was like, “from me?”. I gave everybody a kiss and a hug and they were like you did so wonderful. So, no I haven’t really experienced any hate.

Who would you love to collaborate with?

I am absolutely in love with Franck Ocean. Every time I think about somebody I want to work with I think of him. Oh, and I am absolutely positively in love with Nipsey Hustle. I love him and he motivates me. I actually covered one of his songs.

So whats your ultimate goals for your career?

I definitely want to stake my claim in each of my talents and make Miz Jaxxxn A household name. If I’m selling hair like Brandy on the hair side, If I have my jewelery popping off like Melody Eshani probably designing through Reebok or Nike for the proceeds to go somewhere for charity or something like that, and then as for my music I would like for it to continue to grow as long as I’m growing. I definitely want to respect the game and get out on a good note.

Are you ready for whats to come?

I am! I’ve been praying and I’ve been trying to go after what I want after I pray for it so I’m Ready!

Definitley be on the look out for her!

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Reminisces of the 90’s R&B sound with a 21 first Century flow Miz Jaxxxn is a Baltimore songstress/songwriter that’s giving that soul fix you need.
“Why You Hating” is the first music video/single that’s produced by Ray @rayrockbaby Starks and directed by: Kain Carter @hotdamnirock. Complete with a melodic tune and stunning visuals I’ll guarantee that you will watch this video more than once. - Posted by merdjstaffwriter on August 27, 2012







Miz Jaxxxn is an entrepreneur singer/songwriter from Baltimore, MD with a raw, uncut expression influenced by musicians such as Betty Davis, Etta James, and Billie Holiday. Her musical range migrates between hip-hop, R&B, and experimental.

Ebony “Miz Jaxxxn” Jackson began her career as a teenaged hip-hop dancer with aspirations to become a writer. As time progressed, she gained the confidence to sing through singing her poems to friends and family. Miz Jaxxxn has always considered herself as an artist because she has various talents which include acting, songwriting, cosmetology, and jewelry designing.

In the future, she plans to expand on her various talents in order to build her own brand. “I live to create, share, and learn. I never claim to be the best but I strive to do my best and that is all that matters in the end.” Many fans of Miz Jaxxxn say that she has excellent stage presence and a humble personality.