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MizKas is the perfect blend of Rap/Hip Hop/R&B and Urban music. Her talent is simply beyond her years and her voice can cut right through you. From the simplicity of "Call Me" to the hard truth of "City Streets" this is a must have for your music collection.


MizKas grew up on 26th St in Chicago, Illinois. She learned life's lessons at an early age. Her unique heart felt lyrics come from her life's experience and events.

When Mizkas isn't writing song lyrics, she's putting her thoughts and feelings into poetry. Known to wow a crowd of attentive fans from laughter to tears and everything in between.

MizKas' music will make you dance at the club and her lyrics will provoke your deepest thoughts. Her realistic views on love, life and tragedy will truely get your attention.

Young, beautiful and distinctive, MizKas is one of the few Latin females in her Genre. Her success is only now starting to scrape the surface of what is to come for this rising superstar.


MizKas "Urban Renewal" debut LP features the single "Call Me". One of three songs currently getting plenty of airplay. "Call Me" also is MizKas first music video which is currently being shot by Inertia Images, Inc.

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