Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
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We Talk It! We Live It! We Spit It! Is our company motto but since late 2009 all way thru 2010 until now in 2011 "We Have Been Living On The Road" with countless shows up and down the east coast its no place to far that we wont go to perform for our fans an broaden our fanbase.


Money and Family (MAF) … A dichotomy in itself and the perfect representation of Philly’s own Miz MAF. Miz is taken from the name given to him by the streets and MAF, is a representation of what he stands for and what motivates him. A member of Street Spittas Entertainment, Miz MAF is making his mark on Philadelphia and beyond. Miz MAF’s music
simply put is “narration of life”. Miz puts his thoughts into rhymes which are inevitably dissected by the people, which is exactly what he wishes to happen. His music is timeless and has an engaging sense of reality, evident in the track “My 2 Loves” where he talks about the parallels of tragedy and appreciation for life. His music, strong and powerful represents the good and bad of life. Through his lyrics he verbalizes reality in a way that
could help raise a fatherless child or give comfort in times of strife. Miz is a representation of his fans, ending shows performing to the point of exhaustion just to give the fans the same love they give him.


Come Get Your Sample

The ComeBack
Drama Lounge – Various Artist

The ComeBack – EP - ITunes, AmazonMP3

Generation Kill – Various Artist
Hip-Hop Salvation: Various Artist – Hosted By DJ O.S
The Watchmen: Various Artist – Hosted By DJ O.S
Business Over Beef: Various Artist – Hosted By DJ NoPhrillz

Miz MAF: Quick Fix
Miz MAF: Possession With Intent Distribution Edition – Hosted By DJ NoPhrillz
Fuck You Pt. 5: Various Artist - Hosted By Miz MAF – Mixed By
Stereo Lockdown: Various Artist – Hosted By Street Spittas Ent
Money Talks (Single) ft. Street Spittas & Allegeheny Dough Boys – Itunes & AmazonMP3

Hommicide & Miz MAF - Living On The Road - Single - Spring Digital Release
Triggermen: Hosted By Miz MAF & Hommicide – Mixed By Fleet DJS


You Cant Stop Us: ft. Ron Murrdah, Hommicide, Miz MAF – Dir. By The Kid Sinsai

Its Da MAF: Miz MAF ft. Hommicide – Dir. By The Kid Sinsai
No More Ha Ha's: Miz MAF

Oh So Young: Miz MAF - Dir. By CEO Cue
Living On The Road: Miz MAF & Hommicide - Dir. By CEO Cue

Live Performances:

Opening Act For Keith Murray @ Remote Lounge NYC
Unity Day Performance Phila, PA.
Headline Performance for Faces in the Crowd @ Club Flow

Philly We Back Concert Series @ Tacony Billiards
DJ P-Cutta 2nd Annual Street Wars Holiday Hip Hop Show @ The Trocadero Theatre
Afton Hip Hop Show @ Fluid Night Club

Dear Mr. A&R Mixtape Release Party @ Tacony Billiards
Rep Your Set Concert @ Tacony Billiards
Valentine's Day Massacre @ Natrix Night Club
Freeway Rick Ross Celebrity Allstar Party @ Natrix Night Club
So You Think You Can Rap Hip Hop Show @ Tacony Billiards
PCP Concert Series @ The Arts Garage
Uptown Hip Hop Show @ Club Skyy
92Q Hooligan Express Show w/Squirrelwyde @ Club El Dorados Baltimore, MD
Hip Hop Live On The Beach @ HammerHeads Virginia Beach, VA
Philly We Back Concert Series Pt.2 @ Tacony Billiards
Philly New Era Movement Hip Hop Showcase @ The Arts Garage
Philly Meets New Jersey Show @ D's Place Gloucester, NJ
On My Way Concert Pt.1 @ The Blackhole Baltimore, MD
On My Way Concert Pt.2 w/ E.Ness @ The Blackhole Baltimore, MD
On My Way Concert Pt.3 w/ Lady Luck @ The Blackhole Baltimore, MD
Nico Da Beast Album Release Party @ The Arts Garage
Sound Barrier Memorial Day Celebration @ The Arts Garage
92Q Hooligan Express Show w/Squirrelwyde @ Club Reality Baltimore, MD
A.T.M Showcase @ Club Santos New York, NY
Be Seen Be Heard @ Club Kirocos Raleigh, NC
Spring Showdown @ The Arena
Philly's Finest Music & Comedy Showcase @ The Arts Garage
The Grind Show @ MillCreek Tavern

They Hate That They Love Us Pt.2 -3/26/11 @ The Blackhole Baltimore, MD
Philly Indy 500 Showcase 4/6/11 @ Fluid Night Club

Set List

Getting Money Takin Spots
Living On The Road