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San Diego, California, United States

San Diego, California, United States
Band Pop R&B


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""In The Mix" Breakdown"

Miz Mandy “In the Mix”

A “Work in Progress” Project & Campaign

“In the Mix” is a multimedia project and campaign of Miz Mandy to include the production of music videos, new audio songs, new photos-images for the repackaging and national release of the “Mandatory” CD, release of Miz Mandy “In the Mix” DVD, interactive website, live regional “In the Mix” tour, educational “Educate Me” Public Service Announcements, Public Relations and an “In the Mix” Party to celebrate this project, its participants, luxury brand sponsors, media partners, band and fans.

Pre-Production to Launch Date

The “In the Mix” Project is now in progress with Miz Mandy. Her “In the Mix” Team has started Pre-Production and Scheduling for Production and Events and will continue until completed with the initial Phase 1 Launch Date of October 2006 of all content, production, campaign elements and events.

The specific productions and content elements for this project are:
Six Music Videos will be produced using Six Directors selected from various colleges, art and creative institutions. This can include Directors from Community Colleges, private creative colleges and media arts institutions. Each Director will be involved in the pre-production creative process, the production, shooting and editing of the music video, its viewing at the Director’s educational institution- as part of an “Educate Me” Public Service Campaign of this project along with a Miz Mandy “In the Mix” Concert at the educational institution’s venue of choice.

Each music video will contain luxury brands, sponsors and co-marketing media partners- magazine and television. This can include Print, TV, and others including Advertising, Marketing, PR and Promotional companies and entities. The basis for each of these sponsors and media partners to be supportive, involved and “In the Mix” with Miz Mandy is based upon the ongoing distribution of Miz Mandy’s CD, DVD, and “In the Mix” Party, “In the Mix” Regional Tour and educational PSAs. The production and distribution of these Six Music Videos of Miz Mandy is the foundation for the overall content, packaging, marketing, promotion, distribution and sales for the “In the Mix” Project.

Photos and images taken from all six music videos will be the “content” used to repackage/rebrand the existing Miz Mandy “Mandatory” CD to be an enhanced CD to contain bonus songs and bonus music video and clips; use for the images, covers of the Mix Mandy “In the Mix” DVD, “In the Mix” Magazine print spread with Luxury Brands and Sponsors in October issue and for online/website as well as content for storylines for PR, Marketing, Promotion, Sales & Distribution. The “making of” these music videos, storyline of the Directors and their Learning Institutions and the direct dialogue of Miz Mandy via interviews will be put into a series of TV Programs for Cable/TV distribution along with VNRs (video news releases) in both English/Spanish. This content will also be produced and edited for Mobile Phone distribution, ring tones and educational Public Service Announcements.

Directors are now being sought and selected based on each Director’s talents, ambitions and ability to deliver a hit music video as each will be distributed, marketed and viewed on all of the major national music channels and music news media outlets. Each Director will be provided on-screen credits, participate in the “Educate Me” in the classroom discussion of the project, the product and personal Q&A with Miz Mandy along with a select viewing of each music video. Each Director will participate in the live concert of Miz Mandy “In the Mix” on their campus.

Miz Mandy - "In the Mix "- Overview
* TV Performances – LA TV
* 6 Music Videos with luxury sponsors
* 6 – 12 PSA's - 30/60 English and Spanish
* Luxury TV - Documentary - "In the Mix" with sponsors/luxury brands
* Video VNR - national/international
* DVD Release - national with new "In The Mix" bonus track/s
* Music Video Release - all major music video channels
* CD Release- national
* Tour of 6 colleges - regional - Q4
* Luxury Magazine "8 Page Spread" - "In the Mix' with Miz Mandy CD - 1 song
* Website- interactive media
* Showcase Party - "In the Mix" with Miz Mandy (with all who assisted/sponsored)
* Attendance at MIDEM in Cannes, France - Q1 2007
- MizMandy

"LA TV - Interview, Concert, and Corporate Information"

Miz Mandy and her entourage of dancers and band members shot a half hour interview and four song concert for the Univision affiliated TV station and show "LA TV". "We went up last week to check out the stage and process... we watched the filming of Los Lobos and it was amazing!" states Miz Mandy, "Now it's our turn to rock!" The stage is 20' x 24' with 46 canned lights above the stage alone and about a hundred more shining from the audience. The color scheme is silver chainlink fence, with deep red brick wall, and thick dark blue curtain backing. There are 5 cameras ( 1 boom, 2 stationary, and 2 moving). Paula, the host, conducted the Miz Mandy interview from the middle of the live studio audience, who also got to ask questions about Miz Mandy. The concert itself included songs from the "Mandatory" album as well as the much anticipated album, "In The Mix", expected to be released on October 31st. LA TV reaches over 4.4 MILLION households!!! It will air on October 25th.

LATV is a broadcast and Internet channel based in Los Angeles, California. We broadcast live from our studio in West LA and provide our audience with cutting-edge Latino music and entertainment, as well as original bilingual programming.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, look for KJLA on cable, on DIRECTV, on The Dish Network, or over the air on our owned & operated stations, KJLA Channel 57 and Channel 33.


Studio / Headquarters: LATV
2323 Corinth Avenue
West Los Angeles, CA 90064
(T) 310-943-LATV (5288)
(F) 310-943-5299

Web site: www.latv.com

Management: Daniel Crowe, president – dcrowe@latv.com

Richard De Anda, ad sales – sales@latv.com
Starrett Berry, affiliate sales – sberry@latv.com

Current Coverage: CABLE – 2,500,000+ homes across Kern, Los Angeles,
Orange, Riverside, San Bernadino and Ventura Counties
and throughout the San Fernando Valley
o Adelphia Communications
o Altrio
o AT&T Broadband
o Avenue Cable
o Charter Communications
o Entertainment Express
o Jones Intercable
o Liberty Cable
o Mediacom
o Time Warner
o USA Media Group
o Verizon / Americast
o Verizon Media Ventures

DBS – 700,000+ homes across Kern, Los Angeles, Orange,
Riverside, San Bernadino and Ventura Counties
o DISH Network

BROADCAST – 1,200,000+ homes throughout the greater
Los Angeles region
o KJLA Channel 57 (analog) and Channel 49 (digital)

# # #


Recognizing the un-served need for programming that reflects the interests of U.S. Latino youth,
a small but dedicated group of individuals came together more than four years ago to create a
unique and relevant viewing alternative for young Latinos. Initially, that vision took shape in a
two-hour entertainment program that aired twice a week from a small studio in the San
Fernando Valley and reached less than one million homes. The initiative grew rapidly, and the
vision is embodied in the LATV of today. Officially founded in January, 2001, LATV now
operates from its fully equipped and staffed studios in Los Angeles, producing such innovative
shows as Rok-A-Mole, Mex 2 the Max, The Hip Hop Show, Request@LATV, Instant Request,
L.A. Chatroom and LATV Live, which was recently recognized with an Imagen Award for Best
Variety or Musical Special.

About LATV

LATV is an entertainment, lifestyle and information network serving the growing population of
bilingual U.S. Latino youth and young adults aged 12-34. Dedicated to creating smart,
innovative and culturally relevant programming that appeals to a bicultural audience, LATV
produces and airs 20 hours of first-run original programming each week. LATV currently
reaches 4.4 million television households – including 3 million cable and satellite homes –
across Los Angeles, the largest Hispanic market in the U.S. Having recently expanded its
programming to 24-hours a day, seven days a week, LATV is now available to cable and
satellite providers nationwide. In the Los Angeles area, LATV can be viewed on cable,
DIRECTV, The Dish Network, or over the air on LATV’s owned and operated KJLA. For more
information on programming or how to carry LATV, visit the Website at www.latv.com.

The Hispanic TV of the Future

LATV consistently features live performances by top artists from different parts of the Latino
world and entertainment industry, appealing to people of widely varying interests. LATV fosters
new talent and introduces viewers to cutting-edge acts, helping launch some of the hottest up-
and-coming Latino artists. LATV’s on-air personalities are immigrants and U.S.-born Latinos
from New York and Los Angeles, and of Spanish, Mexican, Dominican, Cuban and Venezuelan

As the U.S. Latino population continues to explode — with projections that it will triple in size by
2050 and account for 24 percent of the total U.S. population — LATV will continue to expand its
programming, extend its reach and grow with its core audience. The LATV team is composed
of the best and brightest professionals who are focused on developing unique and innovative
programming that appeals to Latino youth and young adults and fills a previously unmet need in
the media.
# # #

Popular Bilingual Youth Network Announces Upcoming Performances
Including One Hour Specials With Gloria Trevi, Kinky, and Los Abandoned,
As Well as Live One of a Kind Concerts From La 5ta Estacion, Alejandra
Guzman, Plastilina Mosh, Flakiss, Chelo, and Santino

This fall, ‘LATV En Concierto’ is bringing viewers standout live performances by
today’s most popular artists, including Latin and non-Latin artists alike. LATV viewers
will be treated to one hour specials in September from Gloria Trevi, Kinky, and Los
Abandoned, as well as special performances and interviews from La 5ta Estacion,
Alejandra Guzman, Plastilina Mosh, Santino, Chelo, and many more leading Latin pop,
rock, and urban acts.

Every week, LATV’s studio and television audiences witness exclusive concerts
in an intimate setting the way they are supposed to be: en vivo. The LATV studio
audience is treated to a level of interaction with the performing artist seldom seen on
other television networks, creating a true connection between artist and fan.

With its groundbreaking mix of English and Spanish language music and lifestyle
programming, LATV has solidified itself as the groundbreaking network among
bicultural Latinos in Los Angeles, America’s top Hispanic market. LATV was singled
out by the New York Times for its support of the Latin alternative genre in a cover story
about the musical movement. LATV’s content is predominantly in English, targeting
bilingual Latino youth. Each week, LATV (which has been airing since 2001) has a live
in-studio audience. Presently, LATV is the only network airing on basic cable in Los
Angeles that reaches the highly sought-after bicultural demographic. A favorite of
national advertisers, LATV’s sponsors include Verizon, Levi’s, McDonald’s, VW, Target
Stores, and many others.
- MizMandy

"Miz Mandy and Asis “Shake Shake Shake" their way to #6 on the Brazilian charts."

San Diego, CA. April 25, 2006 – San Diego residents and performing artists, Miz Mandy and Asis wrote and recorded their first dance duet "Shake Shake Shake" in February. “Asis was a dream to work with, we knew right away that we were compatible.” states Miz Mandy. The sexy duel was mastered and released on Asis' first album entitled, “Reborn”. A native of La Guna Santa Catarina, Asis has now returned to Brazil with a new sound that incorporates the best of American pop/trance and the enchanting sounds of Brazil.
With the help of music producer Patricio Pickslay and Studio West, who’ve worked with Janet Jackson and Kelly Clarkson, and "Let's Dance", Asis’ recent #1 hit in Brazil, this album will no doubt be a huge success. With regular rotations on such radio stations as Fand FM, Antena1, Joven Pen and Atlantica, ‘Lets Dance’ took the number one spot earlier this month and has remained in the top ten followed by ‘Shake, Shake, Shake’ which also has soared to the top of the charts rising to number six.
“Asis is a rare talent, not only a great singer, but an unbelievable dancer, songwriter, and performer, I have no doubt that Brazil won’t be the only country that has his name up in lights.” Says Manager Jeff Guilford. “SBT and RBS, some of the largest television station in Brazil, will be airing documentaries in the near future as well as many more radio interviews.”
Asis recently took center stage at Carnival 2006 performing his two hits for thousands of screaming fans. “My life has always been about music; I’ve been singing and dancing since I can remember and to [now] have the opportunity to be back in my country performing on stage is a dream come true.” Asis adds.
From performing at Carnival to entertaining the stars at a resent awards show in southern Brazil, Asis has proven he’s “up for the challenge and ready to show the world what he can do.”
Asis and Miz Mandy plan to separately tour Brazil and the United States to promote the new single “Shake Shake Shake” this summer. Miz Mandy adds, “We are very pleased with the success of the song. As soon as our schedules permit, we hope to tour together.” Miz Mandy’s next live performance will be Wednesday May 10th at The Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, California.

- MizMandy

""Mandatory" official Release Concert - Belly Up Monday March 6th"

Miz Mandy's official Release Concert for her hot new album "Mandatory" will be held at the Belly Up Tavern the evening of Monday March 6th, 2006. Doors open at 6pm with headlining "Miz Mandy" starting at 8:oopm. The show includes 6 musicians, 3 vocalists, 2 rappers and 4 featured dancers for a high energy show you don't want to miss! The internationally acclaimed Belly Up Tavern located in Solana Beach, has had a long history of bringing great live music to the San Diego area. The Belly Up has been voted "San Diego's Best Live Music Venue" numerous times as well as heralded as one of the hottest clubs on the west coast by Rolling Stone Magazine. Check back soon for complete details! Sorry, the Belly Up Tavern is a 21+ venue. Check out the website at www.BellyUp.com for more info.

Also, check out MizMandy on the San Diego KUSI Morning News program at 8:30am on Sunday March 5th.

- MizMandy

"KUSI Television Performance - Sunday March 5th"

Miz Mandy can be seen performing on the San Diego KUSI Morning News program Channel 9/51 on Sunday March 5th. She'll perform and be interviewed to promote the Official Release Concert on March 6th at the Belly Up. Tune in at 8:30am. “Mandatory� is available now at www.MizMandy.com.
- MizMandy

"Miz Mandy records duet with #1 Brazilian artist Asis"

Miz Mandy and Asis collaborated with music producer Patricio Pickslay on their new dance duet "Shake Shake Shake". The sexy duel will be mastered and released on Asis' first album entitled, “Reborn�. With the help of Pickslay and Studio West, who’ve worked with Janet Jackson and Kelly Clarkson, and "Let's Dance", Asis’ recent #1 hit in Brazil, this album will no doubt be a huge success. Asis has been in the United States developing his unique and captivating sound since the age of 15. A native of La Guna Santa Catarina, Asis has aspired to return to Brazil with a new sound that incorporates the best of American pop/trance and the enchanting sounds of Brazil. Asis and Miz Mandy will tour Brazil and the US to promote the new single “Shake Shake Shake� over the summer.
- MizMandy

"Miz Mandy Teams up with non-profit organization “The Expanding University" to Start new Self Mastery Programs"

Miz Mandy, a successful and sexy performer, represents powerful yet refined women everywhere. The release of her new album “Mandatory" is a narrow insight into all that she believes. “I want to create entertainment for all women to be inspired by, enjoy, and become. - Strong, smart, independent, confident." Her music is “now" and “cool"‚ yet draws from the age-old tradition of going above and beyond what is expected, every time. Again, inspiring young ladies to achieve more and become their best selves. “Our children want and need inspirational music that promotes them in a positive way." she states.
Therefore, Miz Mandy has teamed with The Expanding University. This non-profit organization showcases the arts and sciences in entertaining and educational venues by providing assistance and tools of technology for mentoring, learning, and teaching opportunities.

This falls right in line with Miz Mandy's goals of creating a Self Mastery Program, focusing on self-esteem, consciousness, progression, awareness and motivation in society, and the education of children. Her non profit will include a Self Mastery Website, offering resources, guidance, networking and support in variety of areas, seminars and camps focused on growth, some strictly for children to learn about becoming their best selves through the arts, and finally, the organization and enforcement of a mandated Life Studies Curriculum, eventually creating a national school program to teach children life skills, options, counseling through education, positive personality traits to success, and the like. “We've lost the sense of community that once was. And the health and vitality of our communities and children are suffering," Mandy claims. “Its time for someone to take responsibility for the future of the arts, education and community development."

- MizMandy

"Music and Entertainment Veteran Douglas Foxworthy signs Miz Mandy to exclusive Foxworthy Management contract."

"I have not met such a talent in the music industry in a long time. Mandy has what it takes to be a brand name top selling and performing recording artist on a global basis. When I listened to her CD and saw her perform with her band live, well, it was mandatory that we sign her right away to a long term contract." stated Douglas Foxworthy

Foxworthy Management will be unveiling the Miz Mandy "Mandatory" CD to the international markets at MIDEM in late January 2006 in Cannes, France. " When we get back, we are lining up a showcase at the Belly Up to kick off [the] Miz Mandy and the Mandatory Tour."
- MizMandy

"International Sensation Miz Mandy Announces Release of “Mandatory" Album"

San Diego, CA - Miz Mandy, international recording artist and performer, announced the release of her much-anticipated independent album, “Mandatory", today. "There has been some Major label interest," Miz Mandy offers shyly. "Now we just need to knock their socks off!" She is in negotiations with major corporations for sponsorships, tours and even one song becoming the new promotional song for an international advertising campaign. “It's been an incredible experience! I've been able to work with some very talented local and well-known artists and producers."

Now practically a San Diego native, this American dream poster child has sang the National Anthem for several major local sports teams including the San Diego Padres, Gulls, Soccers and the Riptide. In the past, Mandy has toured the U.S.A. and internationally to over 16 countries, performing for stadium crowds of 65,000 in China, Fortune 500 corporations, Clear Channel Communications, Government Officials, Ambassadors, NATO, and to over 700 million television viewers! She has sparked a buzz wherever she goes, with natives, locals, and tourists alike who are all mesmerized by her charisma, the goodness of her intentions, the openness of her humanity, her graciousness, and the quality of her work witnessed in her sensational performances.

But, Miz Mandy is not only a talented, charismatic performing artist; she is also a producer, studio engineer, and prolific songwriter whose music and insightful lyrics speak to your mind, body and soul, reflecting all that is true. “When I decided that I wanted to this, I committed myself to all areas of the business. I interviewed people for their first hand knowledge, read tons of books on everything from how to write a song to music business management. And the rest was trial and error! A lot of trial and error!" says Mandy.

The album “Mandatory" is Miz Mandy's first full-length album and takes the listener on a journey into her world. There are love songs, pain song and inspirational songs. “Substance" is about unhappiness with popular music and the music industry as a whole. "I'm basically challenging writers and labels to produce deeper songs and start realizing that we want and expect more than what the are giving us. I think a lot of the popular songs are a bad influence for our children and just have a negative affect on society as a whole." Mandy says. “Brothas" is about everybody coming together and being more accountable and responsible for their behaviors‚ "appreciating differences but realizing our similarities."

“I got Myself" has a rock feel and promotes strength, independence, and confidence in women. “It's reminding them that they are so much more, that we should demand respect and stop wasting our time with our only objective in life being to hook a man.“Hustler" talks about people getting out there and doing what they wanted to do, motivating them to get of the couch and take some risks.

The hooks are poppy over up tempo dance beats but integrate all kinds of styles - soulful vocals, distorted guitars, nylon string flamenco style guitar solos, jazzy sax solos, house beats, dark and dirty rhythms and even some classic harmonies. It's versatile. It's interesting. Every song is just different enough. “Some albums you listen too, all of the songs are exactly the same - same key, same range, and same style. I guess I get bored and music should be as versatile as the audience." Her unsurpassed vocals, inspirational lyrics, cutting edge music and award-winning musicians promise a high-energy dance show band that you don't want to miss.

The musical show includes Miz Mandy and her Band consisting of: 7 award winning musicians, two background vocalists/dancers, two rappers, and a local children's choir. The show delivers with the high-energy fervor of seasoned professionals. Miz Mandy's band has quite an impressive collective resume resumes include professional Sound Engineering, Writing. Studio Engineering, Production, Recording, and Musical Performance for hundreds of projects and albums including but not limited to: members of Natasha's Ghost who played with No Doubt, played with Dave Wakeling from the English Beat & General Public, Fishbone, Common Sense, The B-Side Players and Blue Oyster Cult, writing the original musical score for Dr. Charles Nolte's "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" and several independent films including “Fast Cars and Babies", and working with members of the Gap Band and The Temptations.

The band members come from several other award winning groups donning the honors of Best dance band in the USA, Best cover Band in the USA, Worldfolk National Battle of the Bands in Las Vegas 2006, Guitar Center “Guitarmaggedon" Champion, High Times Featured Unsigned Band, been nominated for three San Diego Music Awards (Best New Artist 2003, Best Rock Album 2004 and Best Pop Album 2005).

“We are dedicated to quality and catering to the audiences need for fresh inspiration." With superior vocals and harmonies, a fresh energetic choreographed dance show, a visual connection through diversity, and precise musicianship, Miz Mandy promises to deliver a "top of the line official San Diego release extravaganza after the holiday break!"

- MizMandy


Released in January, Miz Mandy’s second album, “In The Mix,” further proves her distinction as a performing artist, producer, studio engineer, and prolific songwriter. Her music strikes an international chord with its underlying Latin beats, overlying Spanish guitars, and European dance sounds. The focus of the album, she said, was “to mix up the different cultures and the different sounds.”

Along with In the Mix, Miz Mandy’s first hot album “Mandatory”, is available at www.MizMandy.com


Feeling a bit camera shy


Original Recording and Performance Sensation

With the body of a temptress and her captivating hazel eyes, Miz Mandy lures you in. Instantly, she seduces her way into your heart with her authentic way and enchanting voice. But, Miz Mandy is not only a talented, charismatic PERFORMING ARTIST; she is also a PRODUCER, STUDIO ENGINEER, and prolific SONGWRITER whose music and insightful lyrics speak to your mind, body and soul, reflecting all that is true. Her new album, “MANDATORY” embraces you with a sweet lingering touch that tantalizes… and draws you in to savor each moment as she spins her musical web.
Always the performer for her Illinois family and friends, Mandy has grown into her entertainer’s shoes. “I have always enjoyed any style of performance.” Mandy says, as manifested in over 10 professional theatre productions, 3 films, commercials and modeling for both runway and print. And, her love of DANCE is evident by her captivating moves and ability to CHOREOGRAPH over 150 songs for various groups and performances. “I’ve always enjoyed writing [too] but it wasn’t until 2003 that I began writing with the intent to create lyrics.” Her words, raw with emotion, pulsate through your body like the heartbeat of life, a journey into her thoughts, her substance, and existence. “It’s like bad therapy. As soon as I wrote my first song, I was addicted, and I haven’t stopped since.” Recently, Mandy has decided to share with the world the poetry of her soul and put her own intuitive words to music.
“I would wake up in the middle of the night with a melody idea, or be waiting in line somewhere and think of a killer beat. I had to get it down.” Strongly committed to learning all areas of the music industry, Mandy has spent countless hours educating her self and networking to find just the right team of professionals who would inspire her to find her own sound. New to the studio, she watched the hands of her skilled mentors and teachers, slowly becoming familiar with the essential tools needed to engineer and produce. “Trial and error… a lot of trial and error!” Mandy emphasized. At first an eager, hungry student; now, a tested and talented engineer in charge of her life’s desire - to produce and perform her own creative works of art. The result is a new sound, influenced by Mandy’s favorite artists like “Prince, Janis Joplin, and Billy Joel.” A hybrid of POP, SOUL R&B, and URBAN FUNKY DANCE seasoned with the international sounds of her travels, skillfully blended and best described as a fusion of Destiny’s Child, Black Eyed Peas, AND MADONNA.
Electrifying, her live show promises excitement that ignites the stage and delivers her music with the red-hot fervor of a seasoned professional. A tested performer locally, nationally and internationally, she has built her talent with the help of many who believed in her and supported her vision. She has performed in over 16 COUNTRIES where she played from small pubs in Sarajevo, to STADIUM CROWDS OF 65,000 IN CHINA. Mandy has performed for FORTUNE 500 CORPORATIONS, GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, AMBASSADORS, NATO, and to over 700 MILLION TELEVISION VIEWERS!
Bewitching and passionate, both men and women alike are captivated by her live performances. Her polished voice can be soft and sweet, or sultry and steamy while smoothly delivering her passionate songs. Or it can rip at your soul with a raw, edgy, powerful energy that penetrates your very core! “I just have to let it all go - be me, feel it, to the point where I get the goose bumps.” She has sparked a buzz wherever she goes, with natives, locals, and tourists alike who are all mesmerized by her charisma, the goodness of her intentions, the openness of her humanity, her graciousness, and the quality of her work witnessed in her sensational performances.
Miz Mandy’s drive, discipline and talent have recently led to the completion of her first full length album “Mandatory.” “It’s been a long two years, but worth every minute!” she says, “I’ve made it happen every step of the way, and can’t wait to share with everyone!” Featuring hits like “I’m Only Sleeping” – making a house a home, “Come Here Man” - of R&B flava, and “I Got Myself” - rocking you all the way to the charts, “Mandatory” is twelve fresh tunes fusing heart rocking beats and catchy pop melodies that will ignite your soul and leave you trying to catch your breath! Miz Mandy is proud to introduce her new album.
Enjoy the ride- its “Mandatory”!

Check out more about Miz Mandy at www.MizMandy.com