San Diego, California, USA

Miz Mandy’s single, “In The Mix,” remixed by DJ Scotty K., hits Breakout Billboard Charts twice in March reaching number two and number five.


Original Recording and Performance Sensation

With the body of a temptress and her captivating hazel eyes, Miz Mandy lures you in. Instantly, she seduces her way into your heart with her authentic way and enchanting voice. But, Miz Mandy is not only a talented, charismatic PERFORMING ARTIST; she is also a PRODUCER, STUDIO ENGINEER, and prolific SONGWRITER whose music and insightful lyrics speak to your mind, body and soul, reflecting all that is true. Her new album, “MANDATORY” embraces you with a sweet lingering touch that tantalizes… and draws you in to savor each moment as she spins her musical web.
Always the performer for her Illinois family and friends, Mandy has grown into her entertainer’s shoes. “I have always enjoyed any style of performance.” Mandy says, as manifested in over 10 professional theatre productions, 3 films, commercials and modeling for both runway and print. And, her love of DANCE is evident by her captivating moves and ability to CHOREOGRAPH over 150 songs for various groups and performances. “I’ve always enjoyed writing [too] but it wasn’t until 2003 that I began writing with the intent to create lyrics.” Her words, raw with emotion, pulsate through your body like the heartbeat of life, a journey into her thoughts, her substance, and existence. “It’s like bad therapy. As soon as I wrote my first song, I was addicted, and I haven’t stopped since.” Recently, Mandy has decided to share with the world the poetry of her soul and put her own intuitive words to music.
“I would wake up in the middle of the night with a melody idea, or be waiting in line somewhere and think of a killer beat. I had to get it down.” Strongly committed to learning all areas of the music industry, Mandy has spent countless hours educating her self and networking to find just the right team of professionals who would inspire her to find her own sound. New to the studio, she watched the hands of her skilled mentors and teachers, slowly becoming familiar with the essential tools needed to engineer and produce. “Trial and error… a lot of trial and error!” Mandy emphasized. At first an eager, hungry student; now, a tested and talented engineer in charge of her life’s desire - to produce and perform her own creative works of art. The result is a new sound, influenced by Mandy’s favorite artists like “Prince, Janis Joplin, and Billy Joel.” A hybrid of POP, SOUL R&B, and URBAN FUNKY DANCE seasoned with the international sounds of her travels, skillfully blended and best described as a fusion of Destiny’s Child, Black Eyed Peas, AND MADONNA.
Electrifying, her live show promises excitement that ignites the stage and delivers her music with the red-hot fervor of a seasoned professional. A tested performer locally, nationally and internationally, she has built her talent with the help of many who believed in her and supported her vision. She has performed in over 16 COUNTRIES where she played from small pubs in Sarajevo, to STADIUM CROWDS OF 65,000 IN CHINA. Mandy has performed for FORTUNE 500 CORPORATIONS, GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, AMBASSADORS, NATO, and to over 700 MILLION TELEVISION VIEWERS!
Bewitching and passionate, both men and women alike are captivated by her live performances. Her polished voice can be soft and sweet, or sultry and steamy while smoothly delivering her passionate songs. Or it can rip at your soul with a raw, edgy, powerful energy that penetrates your very core! “I just have to let it all go - be me, feel it, to the point where I get the goose bumps.” She has sparked a buzz wherever she goes, with natives, locals, and tourists alike who are all mesmerized by her charisma, the goodness of her intentions, the openness of her humanity, her graciousness, and the quality of her work witnessed in her sensational performances.
Miz Mandy’s drive, discipline and talent have recently led to the completion of her first full length album “Mandatory.” “It’s been a long two years, but worth every minute!” she says, “I’ve made it happen every step of the way, and can’t wait to share with everyone!” Featuring hits like “I’m Only Sleeping” – making a house a home, “Come Here Man” - of R&B flava, and “I Got Myself” - rocking you all the way to the charts, “Mandatory” is twelve fresh tunes fusing heart rocking beats and catchy pop melodies that will ignite your soul and leave you trying to catch your breath! Miz Mandy is proud to introduce her new album.
Enjoy the ride- its “Mandatory”!

Check out more about Miz Mandy at www.MizMandy.com


Shake Shake Shake

Written By: Amanda Kate BMI, Fransisco Gomez BMI, Patricio Pickslay BMI

PRE: Shake Shake Shake, Shake your booty baby

Shake Shake Shake, shake your body mama

Shake Shake Shake, Shake your booty baby

Shake Shake Shake

CHORUS: Shake that thing (American)

Shake that thing (Brazilian)

Shake that thing Oh Oh Oh!

VERSE 1: I am here, to recognize,

all my people around the world

Let the music take control

Shake your body until the dawn

VERSE 2: Were here to party, we both can groove

Take my hand Ill show you how to move

Nice long legs and hazel eyes

You dance your dance, my hips reply

BRIDGE: Shake Shake Shake
- Ill be ya mama

Shake Shake Shake - If ya be my papa

Shake Shake Shake - Shake your booty baby

Shake Shake Shake - Like a snake baby

Shake Shake Shake - Move your waist now

Shake Shake Shake - take a taste now

Shake Shake Shake - all around the world

Shake Shake Shake - Ill be your girl

In The Mix - Extended Spanish Mix

Written By: "In the Mix" (Amanda Kate, Patricio A. Pickslay, Douglas Foxworthy)

Ba da ba ba
Ba da ba ba
Ba da ba ba
Ba da ba ba - In the mix

Move with me on the dance floor,
Could be dangerous, inviting and sensuous
Step it up on this world tour
It's infectious

Come get in the mix with me
Baby can't you see
I'm your everything
As we mix on the floor
High class luxury, fast cars and diamond rings
Red carpet celebrity
Why don't you stay?

I see you there, with your devil stare
Could be serious (mix it up), dark and mysterious
Share the beat of your heart with me
Leave me breathless

Are you in the mix with me?
Baby can't you see
I'm your everything
As we mix on the floor
High class luxury, fast cars and diamond rings
Red carpet celebrity
Why don't you stay?

Quire que suba la temperature (I want to raise the temperature)
Con miedo con frio pero con dulzura (With icy fear but with sweetness)
Mezcla tu sangre pero con cultura (Mix your blood with culture)
Un solo aire es nuestra vida una locura (One single wind is our passion, our life)

Muevete conmigo, en la pista (Move, move with me)
Comparte los latidos del ritmo (Share the movement on the dance floor)
combiname con tus suspiros (Combine your breath with me)
Y tu forma de sentir (Your way of feeling)
Ven Ven Ven Ven que yo quiero (Come, come, what I want)
Gozar que yo quiero bailar (Enjoy me, I wanna dance with you)

Pomp Ceremony and Papparazzi
Film Fashion Luxury Hotzie Totzie
Silver Screen Hot Stuff Mobile Moxie
Document, TV, Mix with me

Signing autographs in limousines
Hot off the press to my penthouse suite
Hit rave reviews on the front page news
Magazine spreads and Interviews
Global music videos , Royalties and charting
Stirring up the mix Party after party (laughter)

Did you get your invitation?
To be part of this "Mandatory Intoxication"
Well....Are You... In the Mix?


Written By: "Yours" (Amanda Kate, Patricio A. Pickslay, Douglas Foxworthy)

I knew what love was
From the first time I looked in your eyes
The sweetness of your tender touch is my desire
Your beauty adorns my life
I was made to love you
Intense Perfect Romance
Passion of your words, Poetry of your breath
I adore you darling till death

All I wanna do is hold you
All I wanna do is drive you crazy
All I wanna do, baby, is Be Yours
Be Yours
All I wanna do, baby, is Be Yours

I'm humbled by your strength
Charm, style, slow rhythmic grace
Elevated by your smooth embrace
Enchanted by your distinguished face
The quite nature of falling leaves
Let's kiss everywhere we go
Snowy winter paths, fresh chill of Spring
To serve you my eternal vow

World In Your Hands

Written By: "The World In Your Hands" (Amanda Kate, Patricio A. Pickslay, Douglas Foxworthy)

I know it's easier said that done
But don't let them hurt you
You gotta let it go, Don't take it inside
You have so much to give
And who are they to say, they don't know themselves anyway
You are so beautiful, so perfect in my eyes
You've got the world

You've got to be strong
Stand up for who you are
As long as you are the best you can be
Make yourself proud, Scream it out loud
I'm not scared, if I've not dared I'll never get there
You've got all the time and all the fire
You could have all that you desire
You've got the world in your hands

Don't let them give you a hard time
It's all in their mind
And they don't know you anyway
I promise a new day
Nothing could replace, that smile on your face, the glow in your soul
You are so beautiful, so perfect in my eyes
You've got the world

You could dance in the clouds
Ride the fish in the seas
Tame the wild fires
In the jungle, swing from trees
Cause the doors are swung wide open
As numerous as the sands
Don't be scared little one
You've got the world in your hands


Released in January, Miz Mandy’s second album, “In The Mix,” further proves her distinction as a performing artist, producer, studio engineer, and prolific songwriter. Her music strikes an international chord with its underlying Latin beats, overlying Spanish guitars, and European dance sounds. The focus of the album, she said, was “to mix up the different cultures and the different sounds.”

Along with In the Mix, Miz Mandy’s first hot album “Mandatory”, is available at www.MizMandy.com

Set List

A 95 Minute Original set from the Mandatory CD...

1. I'm Only Sleeping (Gary Hyde, Gary Hyde Music/BMI)

2. Come Here Man (Amanda Kate G. BMI, Calvin Baugh HiC-LoC Music/Ascap, Mario Marrero Funk Squad Ent./BMI, Jason Marrero Funk Squad Ent./BMI)

3. I Got Myself (Amanda Kate G. BMI, Dan De La Isla Very Scary Man Music/Ascap)

4. You Need a Woman (Gary Hyde, Gary Hyde Music/BMI)

5. Loneliness (Amanda Kate G. BMI, Calvin Baugh HiC-LoC Music/Ascap, Dan De La Isla Very Scary Man Music/Ascap)

6. Confessions (Amanda Kate G. BMI, Patricio Pickslay BMI, Jamal Kenyatta Burruss Ascap)

7. Brothas (Amanda Kate G. BMI, Calvin Baugh HiC LoC Music/Ascap, Dan De La Isla Very Scary Man Music/Ascap)

8. Time To Shine (Amanda Kate G. BMI, Dan De La Isla Very Scary Man Music/Ascap)

9. Boom Boom (Amanda Kate G. BMI, Dan De La Isla Very Scary Man Music/Ascap)

10. Hustler (Amanda Kate G. BMI, Patricio Pickslay BMI)

11. Diamond In The Rough (Amanda Kate G. BMI, Patricio Picksla