It's distinctive , It's different , It's more than just a melody . It's meaning and feeling everyone feels , It's simply original . Weather It's about lalala or love , my songs reach from my heart to yours !


Born and raised in Southeast Florida with a spicy mix of Italian & Spanish/Jewish origin. Mizrachi's love for music began with the influence of her mother from the time she was born. Performing and becoming part of the Top Gun Cheer & Dance All Stars with exposure on ESPN, Cheerleader Magazine and the Miami Herald. Her Influences began with Blondie, Madonna, Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera. Her own unique style and charisma has evolved her into a young superstar in the makings.


Bubble Gum, Do U Want It. Featuring Sien El Lethal from Terror Squad

Set List

45-60 min set