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I am female Hip Hop/ Rap artist with a style of my own. I've been compared to a few other Emcees male and female. I come from way back in the game so, my style can switch from old school to new school whether be gansta or Positive. I prefer Positive rhymes.


Through her unique stylings, Tasti encapsulates the roughness of Rage, the looks of a Iman and a style of her own that ranges from a "Westcoast flavor" to a "Dirty Down South touch" with the intoxicating lyricism of Missy Elliot. Performing at countless on- and off-campus events, showcases and parties, Tasti is quickly becoming a popular local entertainer, and acquiring her own following of screaming teens, adolescent fans and adult admirers. Tasti understands the power of music and wants everyone to be touched by her expression and love of Hip-Hop.


Compilations Released: Ocean Records “Indie Sessions Vol.1”, Judah & WHY? Entertainment, LLC “She Flipped it Vol.1”, Thump Records “Low Rider Vol.6”. NoN-Stop Production “West Coast Stand Up!” Single from the 2006 Nothing Artificial Album titled "Single Black Mama".

Set List

My set list would include from start to finish: A Hot track titled "Game in my Blood" to get the crowd hype. Next a to keep em hype song titled "They want Tasti" still got the crowd movin on with "About the Money" a Dirty south touch joint with a track from Pure Bread Productions. Slowing down to something Positive but Hot a joint titled "It Still Hurtz" to a borrowed track from tupac's song "Smile for me" and last but not least sharing the mic with my homegurl Rho on two hot ass jointz titled "Thelma & Louise" & "If U Wanna Bust!!" and I'm Out!