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Showbiz: Mizz Nina’s waiting no more – New Straits Times

Mizz Nina of Teh Tarik Crew fame is all set to strike out on her own as a solo artiste, writes HIZREEN KAMAL
CATCHY R&B tune What You Waiting For has been getting quite a heavy play over the airwaves and a steady spot on local music charts, including Carta Negara (on XFM), The Freaky Fly 30 ( Fly FM), MET 10 (hitz.fm) and DiGi Top 20 (hitzTV) lately.

Even its music video, directed by Scott McCullough and shot in Los Angeles in the US, has more than 400,000 views on YouTube.

And if you think that this English number comes from the West, you are not alone.

The fact is, it is sung by Malaysian female hip-hop rapper Mizz Nina, who has been under the radar for close to five years now, even though it features American Pop and R&B singer/songwriter and producer Colby O’Donis. Fans of O’Donis would know that this Akon protégé was riding the charts with his hit What You Got (featuring Akon) and is a highly sought-after collaborator, featuring on Akon’s Beautiful and Lady Gaga’s Just Dance – which earned a nomination for Best Dance Recording at the 50th Grammy Awards.

Yes folks, Mizz Nina whose real name is Shazrina Azman, is back and What You Waiting For marks her first single from her debut solo album of the same title. With the new album, Mizz Nina goes full steam ahead to launch an impressive new career as a solo artiste and an all-round entertainer.

For the uninitiated, she used to be one fourth of Teh Tarik Crew, the popular local rap group which made quite an impression circa 2000. The other members were Altimet, Fiquetional and DJ Fuzz. However, after two successful albums, the group disbanded in 2005, with each working on their individual careers. Mizz Nina is excited to be back in the scene and is especially satisfied with her first single, What You Waiting For.

“I am amazed that this English song has cut across all radio stations. I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback. I feel truly blessed and happy that I am getting so much love and support,” she said, adding that the song is also getting top spins abroad from the radio station 102.3 KJLH in Los Angeles.

Mizz Nina, who also loves rock and house music, had always dreamt of coming out with her own stuff even when she was with, Teh Tarik Crew but due to its busy schedule she couldn’t find the time. Then one thing led to another. She tried her hand at TV hosting and later radio presenting. With everything happening so fast, her solo album had to be put on the back burner. Also at the same time, she learnt the art of mix DJing from DJ Fuzz at his Mixology DJ Academy. It opened up more opportunities as she had stints behind the deck, clocking up some international events.

“I have played at many events in Kuala Lumpur, and even did a Taiwan tour which covered two cities,” said Mizz Nina, who just turned 30 last Thursday.

Viewing the Teh Tarik Crew years as “an important journey of music and self discovery”, this managing director of The Singing Shop in Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya, is already a master of rapping and rhyming. She decided to hone her singing skills for about a year to prepare her return to the music scene as a solo artiste.

Under the tutelage of vocal teacher Mark M. Echivarre at The Singing Shop, she quickly learned the ropes.

Her album, which will be released on July 17, sees her working with different producers and songwriters from Malaysia, Singapore, the Netherlands and the US.

Recorded in both Malaysia and Los Angeles, the album which features 14 tracks (five are in Malay) has been more than a year in the making.

Mizz Nina co-wrote the bulk of the songs and self-penned one track on the album (Never Leave You Behind). Besides partnering with O’Donis, vocal collaborators featured on the album include MC Dandee from Bangkok’s Thaitanium Entertainment, Noh from local band Hujan, Mawar Berduri from Ahli Fiqir, Teeflii and Grammy nominee Planet Asia.

Production credits include Uno and AJ of Pop Shuvit, D’Navigator, Noh from Hujan, DJ Fuzz, Koko and Syaheed of Bedsty Music, Sakke from the Netherlands and Koolade from Croatia.

“The album’s concept is a little pop, R&B and hip-hop and it centres on the theme of love. Malay track Srikandi featuring Mawar Berduri, for example, talks about a woman’s strength, while Kurnia has Noh and I collaborating.” Continuing to stay true to her Teh Tarik Crew roots, Mizz Nina said her new album still projects that electro hip-hop feel.

“I wouldn’t say it’s completely different from TTC’s groove. But the sounds are more fresh and current, and I think people will like it,” she said.

The record also sees her transformation in terms of image, from quite the tomboy during the Teh Tarik Crew years to a much more feminine Mizz Nina.

Touching on her collaboration with O’Donis, she said the New Yorker, who will be in Kuala Lumpur as a special guest at her album launch, is not exactly her first choice.

“I wanted to work with Jay Sean (Britain’s R&B artiste) but he was busy at the time and I wanted to get the collaboration done for my album quickly. So, I decided to go with O’Donis instead.

“We sent a demo to him, he liked it and agreed to do it. It was easy. Since it is my mission to go global with this album, I am hopeful that the collaboration with O’Donis will help me penetrate the international music scene.” Mizz Nina, whose music is inspired by Janet Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu to name a few, also wants to make an impression in her own backyard. That is why she has decided to release a Malay track for her second single.

During her so-called “hibernation”, she admitted that performing was what she missed the most.

“Getting back into the studios was a little awkward initially. I had to warm myself up to recording again, and train my body to dance again.

“But I don’t miss the glamour and limelight that come with being an artiste. It’s cool but I like to have my own space. What is more important is to be able continue working and putting my work out there for people to appreciate,” said Mizz Nina, who will also be launching her youth fashion line in conjunction with the release of her album. Taken after her own name, the Mizz Nina collection features casual and laid-back pieces that reflect the designer’s easy-going personality. Expect to see a funky collection of T-shirts, tank tops and jeans on the runway worn by, not professional models, but regular teens.

For future collaborations, she hopes to work with Datuk Sheila Majid. A big fan of the local R&B queen, Mizz Nina said: “I grew up listening to her music. She’s like the Sade of Malaysia. I can already imagine doing a number that sees a combination of jazz and rap.” Mizz Nina also could not hide her excitement at being chosen to open for American soul artiste Usher who will be performing a concert at Bukit Jalil National Stadium on Wednesday.

“I love Usher. I am his greatest fan. It’s like a dream come true. And I am working hard to ensure that my performance will be a solid one so that he will take notice.” This event also marks her first public performance after a long hiatus. Expect some slick dance moves and power routines by Mizz Nina and her dancers.

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Hip Hop Artist Mizz Nina in Sri Lanka – Daily Mirror

By Sherwani Synon

Singing from the age of 8 years, the Malaysian born hip hop artist Mizz Nina has achieved what most people only dream of. With the release of her debut solo album ‘What you waiting for’ and a collaboration track with Colby O’Donis with the same name, Mizz Nina is one of the hottest artiste in town.

Tracing her footsteps in singing, and excited Mizz Nina explained her introduction to music, “When I was young, my mother owned a singing and music school and she would always say, ‘Nina you have to go to classes’ and if I didn’t show up the other teachers would tell on me but after a while I started liking it and then it became a natural progression.”

Eventually after completing her university education in Australia, Nina got into the radio industry.

“I couldn’t concentrate in my music career while I was in the radio business and that’s when I decided I needed to leave radio and take the next step in order to further my career,” Nina said.

Apart from this another reason that drove Nina to take the next step was the sudden death of her brother in 2007.

“When my brother died in 2007, my perception about life changed and I pushed myself to do more and that’s when I started thinking about music seriously,” she said.

In July 2010, Mizz Nina released her debut solo album which has a mix of English and Malaysian songs. One of the biggest tracks in the album is a song which she collaborated with Colby O’Donis, called ‘What You Waiting For.’

Speaking about working with the 21 year old superstar, she explained that she and her team had approached him about doing a song for the album. Mizz Nina’s team had sent the song to Colby and his manager and they had agreed to collaborate on the song. While he recorded the song in Los Angeles, she recorded it in Kuala Lumpur.

“When I first met him I was quite star struck. He gave me his input about what he thought needed to be shot for the ‘What You Waiting For’ video and he was very nice and helpful,” she said smilingly.
Mizz Nina arrived in Sri Lanka on Sunday to promote her album in the country.

Talking about her Sri Lankan promo tour, she said, “This is the first time I have been to Sri Lanka and it’s a beautiful country and the weather is lovely.”

Her solo album has received positive responses around the world and according to her more people are interested in knowing what she’s up to.

With plans for a second solo album and wedding bells next year, Mizz Nina is definitely here to stay.