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MIZZP. is an uniquely spunky, outspoken, power house artist who is determined to succeed in entertainment.


Ananiki Markita Naiomi Peoples-Clark know by her stage name MIZZP. is an American Rapper. Born and raised in Crown Heights Brooklyn, New York. She was enrolled in a Science and math school as a child. A performer by nature with a passion to entertain she was dared by some friends to enter a College Emcee Battle. Winning that battle would be all the encouragement needed to inflame her ambition to pursue a career as a female emcee.

MIZZP. is one of the most talented and hard working names in the underground world. Her creativity and passion for art set this young talented artist apart not just in music. Crossing from the genres of African dance, theatre, pop music, video production , hip hop and urban fashion, while keeping her full focus on her milieu comparable to that of her primary inspiration Mc lyte. Naturally outspoken and determined as she is, her lyrics speak for themselves. MIZZP. has showcased her talent in various venues around New York. She dazzled audiences and caught the attention of a few producers and DJ’s. MIZZP. soon began working with french producer Edidi French Connection/BGM to produce her first single “Shake That Thang (Like a Black Girl)” released on Dec 10, 2010. Her music has provided an ongoing documentary of her life and times. From up tempo beats to early years of New York Rap and Hip Hop vibes.

While working on Her first Album In 2013 MIZZP. was the proud recipient of Open Closet Magazines (OCM) “INSPIRE” award in the music category. MIZZP. has released 5 singles "Shake that Thang(Like a Black Girl)", "Keep Your Love 4 Me", “SHAME ON YOU (BITCH)”, "IM IN DA CLUB (WIT YA GIRL)" & “Cold Water Runing” off of her up coming album "THIS IS IT (MAKE IT OR BREAK IT )!” and she has worked with several local and international artist around the world.
Like they say in Brooklyn “sky’s the limit” and we’re watching just how far she will take it.


"Shake That Thang (Like a Black Girl)"

"Keep Ya Love 4 Me"

"Twerk Werk"