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Hey Fam! Az One Entertainment an Indy Label owned by Holy Hip Hop Artist Mizz Reality has been in ministry for 5 years now. Mizz Reality is a woman on fire for God! She evangelizes through Holy Hip Hop. She is unashamed of the gospel, and seeks to spread his word to the nations.


Some call it Christian Rap, Gospel rap, or Holy Hip Hop. As long as it ministers, it's MINISTRY! Keepin it real! Shanell Henry, a female holy hip hop artist from the Capitol City Lansing, Michigan known as "Mizz Reality" expressed a profound interest in the art of hip-hop at an early age. Back when JJ Fad was supersonic, MC Lyte was lyte as a rock, and Salt n Peppa was pushin it, "Mizz Reality" was making good use of a pen and pad, writing lyrics of her own.
"Mizz Reality" released a secular album in October of 2002, under AZ One Entertainment, an independent record label ran by both her and her husband. "Mizz Reality" received lots of positive feedback, as well as support from the album. However, "Mizz Reality" wasn't keeping it REAL! God had been calling her to serve Him. Using the album as an excuse, "Mizz Reality" was hardening her heart and rebelling against his calling. Shortly after the release of the album, her desire to perform and write had begun to fade. What she once put before God, she gave up and submitted to Him wholeheartedly; ready to begin her new life in Christ.
On fire for the Lord, the gift that "Mizz Reality" had put shelf began to stir up inside of her, but this time for the Lord. "Mizz Reality" now knows what her purpose was all along. God has given her lyrics that convict the loss and promote the kingdom.
She took first place in the semi-finals; Chicago region, in the 2004 Exalting Him national talent search hosted by TBN and Daywind Records, where over 2,000 entrants entered. She has also featured on Bobby Jones New Artist Showcase. Mizz Reality is a member of MGHHA and UGA. She has opened up for well-known gospel artists such as: Vickie Winans, Yolanda Adams, Canton Jones, Ambassador, 116 Clique, and Ki-Ki Sheard to name a few. Mizz Reality's love for youth has allowed her to minister at various youth rallies, along with motivational speaking at a number of public and Christian schools.
Living her purpose in God, Mizz Reality respectfully aspires to preserve the art of hip-hop for future generations, in a holy way. Her ultimate goal is to evangelize through music, giving God all the glory, honor and praise. Just keeping it real, enjoy life being a Christian, and staying crunk for Christ! Seeking Him first and His righteousness!



Written By: Shanell Henry Mizz Reality

Right before I came into the light I lived a life of conviction. Mentally yeah I was trippen had a few screws missen. Had it all tight on the outside but the slippen. Holdin on strong to the wrong, gettin weak in mu grip and I had no vision of my purpose for liven lost in the wilderness, started in Genesis. Adam's fall injected sin in us, his disobedience. Call the fall of man expedient. Passed down a generational curse, hurt from concieving it. So the path I chose why, started all from mankind, blind, feeling my way through darktime, hiding from the lightshine, running with nowhere to go hide, deep in sin that would cost me to die. Til I had enough of the hard knock life. Fed up when the hike got rough, gave in the the trail got tough, heavy burden carrying baggage full of mess and all kind of stuff, so i stopped dead in my tracks with the load on my back sweat of my brow, cryin out for help scarred up from the fall needed help yaw'll.

Hook: Blinders on my eyes, I was decieved mesmorized by. Cares of the world and the lust of my flesh, faithless, hopeless you guessed it, I was wrestlin principalities, and fighten with the enemy. Til I found out that the battle was not mine, then came a change in my life.


Scott Free
Soul Sista
Never Forsaken
Press Pt. 2

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