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Mizz Trouble

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Growing up in a multitude of environments, this talented and gifted
lady seems to charm even the most demanding. She was born and raised in
Dallas, Texas with the intention of becoming someone special. She has
definitely seen and done it all, keeping in mind what her late mother
father taught her..."to quit is to give up and we didn’t raise you to
surrender on life." And she has done just that. Unwilling to let
obstacles get in the way or allow others to hold her back, she has done
unthinkable. She founded K Rock Records, a recording label where she
be her own unique, raw and uncut self without the concern of others
to hold her back. She dedicates herself to the wonders of what lies
with bright ideas and good intentions. She had been involved with
labels prior to this that just weren’t the right places at the right
to be in her life. So, she created her own label. This way no one
would be
accountable for her success or failure except herself. At this point in
life, the possibilities are endless. This outstanding performer lights
the crowd with a rough and rowdy impression that stuns the crowd even
from a
distance. Off stage, she possesses a shy, sweet and laid back demeanor.
However, do not be fooled. She is very unique and stands apart from
all the
rest in her passion, power and drive. She keeps her mind focused and
dream of succeeding a constant guiding force in the forefront of her
The days of the past are indeed the past. Her positive outlook on life
her good intentions will definitely lead her to great things.


You niggas dont want none

Written By: Mizz Trouble

You niggas don’t wanta

You niggas don’t wanna
You really don’t want none,

If I tell you one more,
You best believe that ass is mine,
Fuck you hoes
I’m on the grind,
Better yet where’s my nine,

Bitch please,
You need to move out the way,
I’m on a paper chase hoe,
I aint here to stay,
See its niggas like you,
That come a dime a dozen,
What I’m trying to say nigga
You ain’t worth my loving,
Put yo shit in gear,
My nigga you outta hear,
Ain’t no need to drag,
Don’t make this shit complicated,
Just charge it to the game cause you done been violated,
See its niggas like you,
That make a braud see thangs,
on another perspective,
Look here I’m a damn detective,
Call me trouble mack on,
Because I’m so selective,
Now aint no need to nag,
And aint no need to dis,
You knew I was raw from the start,
So why the fuck are you pissed,
Now I aint trying to bash,
Im just keeping it real,
See this shit,
Gose both ways,
A nigga know how it feels,
See these hoes be hating,
And these niggas be faking
Bottom line,
Of it all,
Top dog,
Betta take it,
Keep your bitch in check,
And make them niggas respect,
Cause when you fucking with trouble,
It’s kinda hard,
I’m a double,
Get your wig split twice,
I’m trying to come off nice,
Holla back if you feel me,
You know I’m one of the realest
Now aint no body that bad
To bust a cap in my ass
You wanna see sparks fly
And rather loose your life,
Just keep on pushing dem buttons,
You wanna feel what I’m bumping
A clip of hollow lead
Red marks
And a body bag.