My music is new & innovative. I want to play everywhere, not just solo but with my other bands based in Sydney. I am currently recording a solo album & I have an EP of recordings from Vifejam. I love photos & experimenting. I want to play for people.


I am heavily influenced by Sonic Youth,Johnny Cash & June Carter, PJ Harvey, & my members are influenced by The Who, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jeff Buckley, ACDC, QOTSA, The Cat Empire & heaps more. I have Bi Polar A band based around three members with disabilities. Massive is 10...he has adhd. Josh is 16 & he suffers from anxiety attacks & I am 19 & I have Bi Polar. Very interesting band.


Long Dress

Written By: Marni Newman

Stay with me baby
Stay with me tonight
Be by my side because you make me feel so right
When you slide across my lounge floor 'Oh what a sight!'
Oh Baby please stay with me tonight
I've just come off my train
& I don't want no more pain
Come on back across my lounge floor
& make me sane; you & your long dress
How much I love thee, is only your guess, you slide across my bed oh how much love inside my head...
Let's cook some dinner I know you've made me a sinner come on baby....Please? Cook me a meal!

Stop me from getting thinner


Vifejam's EP Distortion [You Arsehole, Manic, Tears, Fame, Angela]
Songs have been played on Radio Scidro & FBI in Sydney.

Set List

I don't have a typical set list. I'm always changing the songs I want to play...but this is all part of growth & development in an artist. Angela, You Arsehole, Manic, Tears, Fame, Long Dress, ...My sets can go for hours but the longest set I have had would be an hour 40 mins. I do covers...Mainly of choice.