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MJ Project creates an exciting blend of groove, funk, electronica, complex rock and progressive jazz. The 4-piece band has been together since high school. After more than 10 years of practicing and tightening its sound, MJP has been viciously attacking the East coast scene!


MJ PROJECT - Philadelphia’s fastest growing groove!

MJ Project performs an instrumental, intelligent and funky mix of rock, progressive jazz, danceable grooves and spacy but melodic sounds. The Philadelphia-based band's mix of talent, telepathic tightness and fearless appreciation of improv adds up to a rock-solid groove and impeccable sound that works on many levels.

With more than 10 years of practicing and tightening their sound under their belts, the members of MJ Project — Ajinkya Joglekar (drums), Benjamin Karp (guitar), Ian McGuire (keyboards) and Paul Weinstein (bass) — have been drawing scores of eager fans at venues across Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York and more. The band has performed at many established venues, including Philadelphia’s Theatre of Living Arts, several sold-out shows at the World Cafe Live, and packed gigs at Chris’s Jazz Café and the North Star Bar. MJ Project has also appeared at Tritone, Doc Watson’s, Mill Creek Tavern and more, not to mention regional venues such as New York’s Knitting Factory, Piano’s, Mercury Lounge and Bowery Poetry Club, Pittsburgh’s Mr. Small’s Theatre and Club Cafe, Baltimore's 8x10 Club, and Nectar's in Burlington, Vermont, to name a few.

In the words of digphilly.com reporter John Davidson, "Basically, MJ Project is jazz for cool kids; catchy enough to appeal to the masses and smart enough to impress the music snobs. Catch them in Philly when you can, these kids are busy."

MJ Project has earned coveted spots sharing the stage with numerous well known artists, including The Benevento Russo Duo, Lake Trout, members of Lotus and Brothers Past (who have actually sat in with the group), The Brakes, Pnuma Trio, Future Rock, The Bridge, Grimace Federation, Orchard Lounge, Indobox, Codename, and many more. The group has performed at several festivals, including the 2009 Starscape Festival in Baltimore (main stage), 2008 All Good Music festival in West Virginia (a gig it earned by beating out more than 300 other bands in a SonicBids competition), the 2006 Dancing Wu Li Festival and more. The group also won a spot at WXPN's All About the Music Festival in 2006. Members of the MJ Project have been involved in projects featuring Kanye West, The Yellowjackets, Pnuma Trio, Biodiesel and more.

Although members of the MJ Project have been playing together since the seventh grade, the group spent most of its high school years practicing, listening to jam masters such as Phish and Medeski Martin and Wood, and performing in the Philadelphia area. As a result of their constant desire to find new influences and ability to play together without any pressure, the members of MJ Project grew together at their own comfortable but rapid pace before they started college. The group now communicates so well that its music often sounds far advanced for such young musicians.

MJ released its brand-new four-song EP, “Stoopid Dollars,” in 2009. Recorded at two renowned Philly-area music studios, the disc features four of the group’s finest newer compositions, including the infectious, vocoder-driven “Hit Song.”

With an ever-growing fan base (the group's email list boasts more than 1500 names — not to mention its thriving Facebook and Myspace pages), MJ’s commitment to its music and work ethic will continue to expand its following! The band is bringing its refined sound to a broader venue every day.


A New Space & Time (2005)
2006 Demo
MJ Project (2006)
Stoopid Dollars EP (2009)

Set List

"Typical" MJ Project setlist:

May 8, 2009
Sullivan Hall, New York City

Love Department
Gangsta & Delicious
Cherub Rock (Smashing Pumpkins cover)

Other originals include:
Porno Song
Apple v. Orange: The Eternal Struggle of Good v. Evil
Hot Dog, Dog
Dr. Slice
The FBI has a file on you and everyone with whom you are affiliated
Soul Tractor
Octopus 3
Lemonade Stand Tycoon
Gross Domestic Product
Nut Buster
Fox News Nothing
Love Department
Look at me, I'm a Bodybuilder
Stretch Pay
Hit Song

Regular covers include:
Dayride - Chick Corea & Return to Forever
Led Boots - Jeff Beck
I've Got a Feeling - The Beatles
What I Say - Miles Davis
Manic Depression - Jimi Hendrix
What Is Love - Haddaway
Evenflow - Pearl Jam
Frankenstein - Edgar Winter Group
Apostrophe - Frank Zappa
Looka-Ky-Py - The Meters
Don't Stop 'Til Yo