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London, England, United Kingdom | SELF

London, England, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Artist Profile"

“… the song is writing me” Artist Profile: MjWoodbridge

“Grow, grow, grow old and one with me, my creativity, To the day I die, do I laugh or cry? How do I tell mother that I'm gonna be an artist?” These are the lyrics to the song ‘In The Name Of Art’ by MjWoodbridge, a singer-songwriter from Darlington reports Eve Gibson in the South Sydney Herald of August 2008.

When asked what the song all about, Mj (Michael) says: “It’s a song about following your heart and your passion and not giving in to the nine-to-five routine.”

Michael is known to local musicians as “the guy that sounds like Tracy Chapman”, but he doesn’t seem too worried about that. MjWoodbridge is one of those musicians really trying to put himself out there by either busking, playing open-mike nights, or gigging in pubs around the city.

It was fascinating talking with Michael as he described the way he writes his songs. “ I carry my pen and pad around with me everywhere, just writing down words, phrases or just random freestyle, rhyming about anything. Sometimes all it takes is just a single word to spark an idea that'll evolve into an entire song.

“On the other hand, some of my best songs are songs where I've had no idea what I'm writing about to start with. I'll discover that my interpretation just develops as I go ... I find I learn a lot about myself this way. The feelings, thoughts, opinions that I never thought were there, are born. Like I'm not writing the song, but the song is writing me ... and we grow together.”

There are many different elements in Michael’s life that inspire him with his lyrics, coming from a profound and hidden place. “I'm usually very quiet and quite guarded around others, even to those closest to me. Usually what goes into my songs are quite personal ... thoughts, ideas and experiences. Stories that I'd like to tell, though either usually just can't find the words to explain them in person or just don't have the confidence to – it gives my songs more depth.”

Michael grew up listening to hip-hop/urban music but has changed his influences since he’s been writing music. Michael’s infulences are now leaning toward the likes of Damien Rice and Lior, but he is still exploring. “The whole acoustic thing is new to me … I’m still looking for influences.”

MjWoodbridge is well worth opening your ears to with his dynamic vibrato and a unique richness that is portrayed through his emotive storytelling. He plays at the Sandringham Hotel in Newtown on September 3.


Photo: MjWoodbridge - South Sydney Herald August 2008

"Michael Woodbridge Wins!"

Michael woodbridge wins

Ulp! Last week when we reported that Serenik won The Piano Room's singer/songwriter comp series 3, we should have stated there were two winners on the night. The other was michael woodbridge, whose MySpace page includes some interesting tracks as "Ghost" and "No Limit". Our apologies. - Christie Eliezer's Music Business News 07/04/09


M.J.Woodbridge: White Label



In a city and a world, that is rich with diversity, MjWoodbridge not only stands out from the crowd, he bewilders audiences both musically and visually, "Through his powerful and fragile human space he creates on stage" he fuses individualism and diversity through music, bringing people together, inspiring and reinforcing others to accept each of our differences within ourselves and each other, "...that surely reminds an audience what it's like to be human."

If you've ever gone by the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" M.J.Woodbridge invites you to judge an unexpected experience.

"M.J Woodbridge has a voice you can feel with your whole body, a voice to lift the soul and burst the heart. After experiencing a flawless, impassioned live performance at The Rocks' Festival Of The Voice on Australia Day 2010 I have not stopped raving....this music demands to be shared on a mass scale, right now." Edwina Blush-Jazz Vocalist, Singer-songwriter.

"the very stuff of legend. The honesty, the inevitability, the artistry...."Phillip Wilcher-Australian Composer/musician

"Whatever you do, don't stop writing and recording new music. The seeds of something truly exceptional exist in these songs" TAXI

"Throughout the history of music and its many genres there occasionally? arrives an Artist who is poised to make a difference. You are such an Artist!"

"one of the finest songs penned and performed by one of the finest musicians of his genre living in Australia. What an absolute contagion!" Phillip Wilcher on Slow Burn

"touched by the powerful & fragile human space you create on stage. A voyage of feeling that I'm sure reminds an audience what it's like to be human."

"one of the most unique voices I have ever heard. So good that I couldn't even categorise you"

"There is an inevitability about you that defines and sets you aside as? a very real Artist."

"A voice that conveys feeling and emotion to the Nth degree"

"WOW....intense, amazing, impressive."

"it's amazing how many great songs this guy writes...& one of the few that can make me cry"

"A soulful performance...the power and the passion"

"fantastic in all ways imaginable."