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Mantrakid - After 10 EP (Neferiu, 2001)
Mantrakid - Neutralmonism (Neferiu, 2004)
Ricca Razor Sharp - 12 Steps to a Deffer You (Executive Producer, Neferiu, 2006)
Mantrakid - Remembering Kansas (Neferiu, 2007)
Mantrakid - Palmflowerblack (Neferiu, 2008)
Ricca Razor Sharp - Causeways & C-Trains (Co-Producer, Neferiu, 2008)
EquAzn & Ricca Razor Sharp - Opposites Attract (Executive Producer, Neferiu 2010)
Neferiu Records - Tendown (Executive Producer, Neferiu, 2010)
Mantrakid - MissyKid (Missy Elliott Remixes, Neferiu 2012)
Mantrakid - Dragon Lullabies (Unreleased, Neferiu 2012)

Radio Play:
Neferiu Records - Tendown (National College Charting)
Opposites Attract (National College Charting)
Causeways & C-Trains (National College Charting)
Palmflowerblack (National College Charting)
I'm My Own Opponent (x92.9 Calgary Playlist)
Remembering Kansas (CJSW Calgary Playlist)
Neutralmonism (CJSW Calgary Playlist)
I Heart Alberta Rap Compilation - (National College Charting)
Ricca Razor Sharp - 12 Steps to a Deffer You - (Canada-Wide College Radio)


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Mantrakid initially began producing electronic and hip hop music in 1997 and, for the last 5 years, has been heavily involved in the Calgary, Alberta Hip Hop and Electronic music scenes, producing Ricca Razor Sharp's debut album "12 Steps to a Deffer You", collaborating with Calgary’s Audible Intelligence crew and sharing the stage with acts like Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Dragon Fli Empire, Classified, and Beans (Anti Pop Consortium).

As the founding president of the 8 year-old indie record label "Neferiu Records", his experience has given him a first hand relationship with many musicians within the Calgary scene and he continues to expose and promote others as much as himself via events like the "Furrowed Brow Ambient Music Festival", the "I Heart Alberta Rap" hip hop festival & through steady stream of releases available through Neferiu Records, including the free digital download releases, which bring in, on average, 800+ downloads a month.

With a recent move from the urban bustle of Calgary to the natural beauty of Vancouver Island, Mantrakid hopes to reach out and become active in other markets - helping to build a scene outside of the city he grew up in.

His Achievements Include:
Produced Ricca Razor Sharp's single "New Shoes" for the 2004 Universal Urban "Home Grown 2" Vinyl Compilation
Selected as an x92.9fm (Calgary) xPosure Artist, with "I'm My Own Opponent receiving regular rotation.
Produced The EquAzn's - "Right Now" on the Canada #1 charting "2008 Canadian Rap Future Superstars" from Brockway Entertainment.

Mantrakid effectively marries his passion for both electronic music and hip hop on his latest album, "Palmflowerblack", and the end result is an hour long excursion of truly original forward -thinking music that pushes the boundaries of both genres.

With the album charting across Canada and breaking in on the hip hop charts at #1 at CJSW, CJSR, and CKXU, Mantrakid already has critics and fans talking about the level of production value and microphone mastery that went into his latest creation.

The album was officially released through Neferiu Records in Saptember, 2008 and is available on, digitally on iTunes, and through local retail channels.

For more information or to request an interview with Mantrakid, please contact Nate Schmold @ Neferiu Records: 1-888-281-4220 or via email