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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Established on Jan, 2014
Band R&B Electro




"Live Review: MKO"

Next up was MKO, and oh my! What a set of chops. Backed by a talented group of musicians, frontwoman Hannah Macklin's voice is certainly a force to be reckoned with. They produce a really cool funk vibe with their music. The bass was fat, the synths were captivating and the drums were insane. Mid set they broke from their funky vibe to play “Shadows”, which had a really different feel to it. It proves that this band is quite amazing. They closed with “Sexy You” another really rad tune that was the perfect way to close the set. - The AU Review

"Momember This: Interview: MKO"

WEST End’s bustling music culture has given birth to many great local acts, but right now, I want to direct your attention to MKO. Emerging at the end of 2011, MKO is Hannah Macklin (of Hannah Macklin and the Maxwells fame) and her three trusty sidekicks Peta, Steele. and Myka. Their debut EP, Awaken the Herd, saw a distinctly eclectic sound emerge from the band as vibrant vocals did the audio tango with splashes of colourful left-field beats, peculiar samples and danceable bass-lines.

2013 marks their return to the spotlight with follow up effort, Lily Lotus Orchid Sunflower, out March 15. Not sure if you’ve heard the first single, “Snarly”, but they have certainly upped the anti. Hannah and I had a live Valentine’s chat about the EP; safe to say, I’m swooning. - Moustache Magazine

"MKO - Lily Lotus Orchid Sunflower"

Lily Lotus Orchid Sunflower is the second EP from Brisbane’s electronic pop-soul band MKO. It features the single ‘Snarly,’ and three other tracks filled with bright, poppy soul samples, beats, and the energetic lyricism of Hannah Macklin.

Macklin’s vocal dexterity is flaunted on the EP. She delivers sharp, snappy, hip-hop vocal threads on ‘Settle’ and ‘Another Day Alone’, and then contrasts these with a smooth and mesmerisingly dreamy RnB aura towards the end of final track, ‘Bubble.’

I’ve played ‘Snarly’ constantly on my iPod. As well as earning the thumbs up from me, the track received love from higher authorities, with triple j’s Home and Hosed giving it a spin and it landing at #2 on the Unearthed pop charts. The track hints at influence from Erikah Badu, Hiatus Kaiyote and James Blake but MKO certainly have their own sound in the electro-soul niche. - The Ripe

"MKO - Lily Lotus Orchid Sunflower"

Last week, The Orange Press was lucky enough to gain an insightful look and listen Q&A into the inner workings and cool sounds of Brisbane electronic future-pop 4-piece MKO.

But even after this read, we decided we hadn’t yet covered this talented band quite nearly enough as it deserved. And so, with the band in the midst of a launch tour for their new EP Lily Lotus Orchid Sunflower here’s our take on all that it has in store.

The EP’s opener ‘Settle’ has immediate new-age edge as sparse offbeat vocals are laid across a low, tribal-infused male chorus. Sounding deceptively unhinged, the tune then moulds against sharp, crunched beats, organ and high synth and balances into musical solidness. With smart and tight layering of the high and low ends, and the on beats and off, your ears will be kept mighty keen throughout this track.

‘Settle’ is definitely a track worthy of MKO’s likeness to The Dirty Projectors with its lingering and unpredictable vocals lines and subtle hints from another world. What a punchy beginning.

‘Another Day Alone’s thick synths and cool changeable beats are what make this track come alive and the bands RnB influences shines through. With wicked production you’re transported past fleeting breaks and seamless rhythmic shifts.

What caught me most about this track was Hannah Macklin’s vocals. This girl has many a timbre that she puts well into use, mixing pure and soulful melodies with higher, harmony full and fast calls of “Hey”. What’s best is that they all intertwine, leaving you somewhat reminiscent of James Blake’s electro layering and in awe of her talent.

The James Blake similarities continue to full pelt on the next track ‘Snarly’. With a sexy laidback beat, quirky samples and vocal effects it’s full and blooming. It pulls you right in as the song builds a sustained synth and choral wall. The drums fill sporadically while the samples continue, banding the song together. And perched over it all is the melody; wistful and soaring smooth.

Lily Lotus Orchid Sunflower ends with the weirdly wonderful ‘Bubble’, a fast-paced electronic mash of quick, snappy beats and bright moving synths. It sounds like neon pink. The abrupt change nearing the end brings the energetic track down to a slowed soulful outro, complimenting the colourful and erratic tune with a calm end. - The Orange Press

"Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape - on MKO"

MKO are putting Brisbane on the map of urban electronic soul in the same vein as Quadron, Little Dragon, AlunaGeorge and James Blake. - Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape

"MKO - Snarly"

What would you say if I told you I knew of an act that combined the experimentation and freeness of the Dirty Projectors, the sultry moodiness of James Blake’s songwriting and beats and the beautiful vocal stylings of Erykah Badu?

Now that I’ve got your full attention. Introducing MKO.

MKO is the identity of a project started by Hannah Macklin, nicknamed Macko, with enlisted help from Peta on synths/keys, Steele on bass/synths and Myka on drums.

Can I just pause for a second and say I absolutely love these names. I feel so ordinary with a name like Neil now!

I recently got a chance to catch up with Hannah and speak to her about the impending release of her second EP “Lily Lotus Orchid Sunflower,” and I have to say I am quite excited to watch this project bloom. Hailing from Australia, Hannah described her latest EP as, “packed full of phat (and a little bit wonky) beats, wicked synths/bass lines, 90s dance music samples and epic backing vocal chorales.”

I am for one sold based on that, but if you need anymore evidence check out the Soundcloud link above or the video below to MKO’s lead single, “Snarly.” Once you listen to that and you are craving more check out their Bandcamp where you can listen to the album.

Goosebumps. - Don't Need No Melody


Calvin Harris once said creating a good pop song was like ‘making a ham sandwich’. Or something like that. While you should never reference smut from DJs in writing, ever – there’s definitely a correlation between listening to a good pop song and comfort food. This song does that. Whatever arguable things make up the general alchemy of impressionable pop (pre-chorus build-up, throwbacks, lyrics about getting laid), ‘Snarly’ by Brisbane’s MKO has all of them (and a singer that looks a little bit like Robyn).

Not sure how long MKO have been kicking around for, but Hannah Macklin (Hannah Macklin and the Maxwells) is definitely fronting a fantastic sound from this Brisbane group. Too many great things happening here to quantify this is as just a great single. Music on my computer usually plays in the background, but I closed all my windows just to pay attention to this one.

Between some clever production and a bit of urban groove, the first half of ‘Snarly’ sits on the slow burner. The track shows a lot of restraint, considering the belt-out content of the chorus that follows. Macklin winds up the vocal zoetrope that happens around 2:42. It”s little bit Amber Coffman, a little Becca Kauffman on Ava Luna’s ‘Ice Level’, maybe our old pal James Blake on the soprano pitch rocket. She’s got a great tone to her voice too, but it’s never excessive to the point of detracting from the effortlessness guild here.

‘Snarly’ is available as a free download at MKO’s bandcamp. They’ve also teamed up with 7 local illustrators and animators for some great shorts called ‘Scribs’ released over 7 weeks – worth a watch here. - Who The Hell

"MKO - 'Daffodils'"

MKO aka Brisbane’s Hannah Macklin has just released the video to her beautiful indie/ future soul single ‘Daffodils’.

Dedicated to Hannah’s father who passed away earlier this year, ‘Daffodils’ is a moving combination of heartbreak, fragility but also hopefulness. It’s a flawless release from an incredibly talented individual.

If you’re a fan of Nai Palm, Harpoons or Erykah Badu MKO could be your new favourite local act. - Tone Deaf

"New Music Video: MKO "Daffodils" (2014)"

Filled with that patented disjointed melody that boasts a simultaneously effortless flow, MKO has unleashed her latest single, “Daffodils”. Dedicated to her father, the track is utterly moving; a beautiful sentiment, flawlessly conveyed. Her unique jazzy-soul blend gives the song an air of hopefulness and balance. - The AU Review

"MKO Continues To Fill a Unique Space in Brisbane’s Music Scene"

Georgia Condon | On 29, May 2014

MKO is creating music and more in a bold, individual way.

More than a musical moniker, MKO is a multi-medium creative project from Hannah Macklin integrating music with dance and rap. Set to release a new track called “Daffodils” (inspired by recent personal events) on the 26th of May, only good things can be expected considering MKO’s track record.

Largely described as “electro-soul”, MKO is a perfect platform for Hannah’s vocals- jazzy, unique and very strong- much like the music created, which combines classic jazz elements with glitches, synth and samples.

In March of last year the absolutely killer ‘Lily Lotus Orchid Sunflower’ EP was released, featuring heavy ‘90s R&B vibes on “Bubble”, and the constantly amazing “Snarly”, a lyrically excellent song that begs for the repeat button. MKO’s Soundcloud page is well worth a listen, and includes short projects as well as fuller tracks.

As a live act, MKO is visually absorbing and brings great conviction to shows. With a range of possible configurations of band members, usually featuring bassist Steele Chabau and drummer Myka Wallace, MKO is undoubtedly one of Brisbane’s best live acts.

Currently embarking on an East coast tour including a support performance affiliated with Sydney’s acclaimed Vivid Sydney event, MKO’s next Brisbane performance will be on the 13th of June at the Motor Room, West End. With the impending single release (and hopefully more to come), it can only be hoped that Brisbane will be graced with more gigs from MKO. - Creative Drinks


Daffodils (single)

  • Released: 2014
  • Format: Digital release
  • Label: Independent
  • Producer: Peet Gardner, Myka Wallace & Hannah Macklin
Ink Tape (sampler)
  • Released: 2014
  • Format: CD
  • Label: Independent
  • Producer: Myka Wallace, Hannah Macklin
Lily Lotus Orchid Sunflower (EP)
  • Released: 2013
  • Format: Digital release
  • Label: Independent
  • Producer: Peet Gardner, Hannah Macklin, Myka Wallace
  • Singles: "Snarly", "Another Day Alone"
Awaken The Herd (EP)
  • Released: 2012
  • Format: CD
  • Label: Independent
  • Producer: Peet Gardner, Hannah Macklin
  • Singles: "Windows", "Wynter"



Spike Lee films. Shiny black dogs with silver snarls. Collage art. The sound of a ghost choir lingering in a haunted cathedral. Rainbow chameleons.

If you like these things, you'll like MKO

Borne from the innermost depths of a cavernous imagination is MKO, the brainchild of Brisbane based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and producer Hannah Macklin - a vehicle for her immense output of indie electronica, r’n’b and future soul.

“What would you say if I told you I knew of an act that combined the experimentation and freeness of the Dirty Projectors, the sultry moodiness of James Blake’s songwriting and beats and the beautiful vocal stylings of Erykah Badu?” - Don't Need No Melody (USA)

With a staggering breadth of brushstrokes achieved through a marriage of live instruments and electronic production, MKO has continued to turn heads since her debut in 2011 both live as a 2-4 piece act and through her recorded works with frequent collaborator Peet G (Laneous, Georgia Potter, The Optimen etc).

In March 2013, MKO released her second EP Lily Lotus Orchid Sunflower – touring the East Coast in support of it. The first single from LLOS ‘Snarly’ caught the attention of Australian electronic music guru Paul Mac and has received rave reviews by tastemakers across the world, it’s greatest gong with MKO winning Song of the Year in the Queensland Music Awards Electronic/Dance category. Snarly has also been featured on both YEN Magazine’s Winter Sampler and the Mercedez Benz Mixed Tape.

"What a blast of fresh air. Quirky arrangements dressed in inventive sounds, with lyrics that paint dreamscapes sung by the voice of an angel. More recordings like this please. In an ocean of blandness, my interest is piqued." - Paul Mac

2013 also saw MKO support neo-soul legend Cody ChestnuTT (USA), collaborate with celebrated Australia DJ – Sampology – in the studio and live (including Big Day Out) and more recently with internationally acclaimed beat boxer Tom Thum. No stranger to hard work though, MKO has continued to produce a staggering amount of material, releasing a weekly series of free bedroom production style tracks throughout March with band member and regular collaborator Myka Wallace and currently working towards a 3rd EP release – the first single of which is due for release to coincide with an East Coast tour which features an appearance at Vivid Music in Sydney amongst other shows.

"MKO are putting Brisbane on the map of urban electronic soul in the same vein as Quandron, Little Dragon, AlunaGeorge and James Blake." - Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape

"The beats. The basslines. The bubblegum vocals. Brisbane 4-piece MKO are on to something." - Triple J

“Whatever arguable things make up the general alchemy of impressionable pop ‘Snarly’ by Brisbane’s MKO has all of them… Too many great things happening here to quantify this is as just a great single.”

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