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"Exclusive Music Premiere: “Ghost” – Wonderful Pop Music From MkX"

MkX releases a new single today, called “Ghost,” the follow-up to his hit song “The Look,” which garnered 100,000 streams on Spotify and over 180,000 views on YouTube. MkX will be the featured entertainment at the Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall’s fashion presentation at the beginning of November. Prior to his solo career, MkX toured with Ariana Grande, Christina Perri and the British pop/rock band Rixton.

Regarding his distinctive name, MkX says, “The ‘X’ in my name represents confidence and self-expression through art. I used to be very self-conscious of what people thought of me. It affected how I acted, wrote music, and lived my life. I decided to create a character that embodied everything I wanted to be as a person. From auditory/visual art and fashion to attitude and confidence, I developed a persona that represented the best version of myself.”

MkX amalgamates electronic, hip hop, future bass and trap elements into a unique sound he calls “feel-good music.”

“Ghost” starts off with pulsing keyboards and light whirling synth sound effects. The entry of the bass and drums establishes a potent rhythm reverberating with power. The muscular pop melody exudes strong flavors of R&B and hip hop, giving the tune a textured energy that’s provocatively dynamic and rife with a risky feel. Swirling, twirling synths add filaments of sonic colors juxtaposed against the thrumming assertion of the subterranean bassline. Hip hop-like vocal ejaculations and resonant background vocal harmonies complement MkX’s tight, passionate tenor.

The lyrics of “Ghost” foam with the energy of good love gone bad, as MkX attempts to understand the motivations of the femme fatale who broke his heart.

“Shoulda seen it comin’ like a slow motion / Gasoline and flames burnin’ emotion / You were in it just for the quick thrill (hey) / But my lovin’ ain’t got a free bill / Gave you shots like a bartender / Gave my sig like a lover letter / Say to rub it make it all better / Makin’ profit you’re a love seller / (You) owe me closure need a confirmation / An explanation / Why ya disappearin’ like a Ghost / Had me thinkin’ I was close / You stopped pullin’ in the rope / Can’t just grab and then let go / Why ya disappearin’ like a Ghost / What did I do / Was it somethin’ I did was it you / 12 hours later you found you someone new / But that s**t ain’t a good enough excuse, no, (no) / Did I say somethin’ do somethin’ (hey) / To make you move, break the mood something.”

“Ghost” is definitely not your run-of-the-mill pop song. The rhythmic element is enormously assertive, plunging into your viscera with the unavoidable force of the hands of the gods. It grabs you and moves you, as the surging music takes control of your body, mind and soul. To quote the Borg, “resistance is futile.” “Ghost” should skyrocket MkX to the top of the charts. It’s that good. - Huffington Post

"PREMIERE | MkX Drops Red-Hot Music Video, 'One Sided Love'"

MkX drops a new music video today, called "One Sided Love." Coming hot on the heels of his previous singles, "The Look" and "Ghost," the track was written and produced by MkX, and remixed with DJ Mike D.
"One Sided Love," a smoldering trap-pop tune about the emotional turbulence of unrequited love, taps into MkX's up close and personal familiarity with the ache of one-sided passion.

"I wanted to write a song that reflected what I was going through and that I know everyone who listens has gone through at one point or another," says MkX. "As a longtime pop super fan myself, I know how important it is as a listener to be able to connect with what the artist is saying. Lyrically, the song is like an inner-monologue of overanalyzing and being a bit paranoid."

Performing live since the age of nine, MkX toured with Ariana Grande, Christina Perri, and the British pop/rock band Rixton. By the time he stepped into the limelight as a solo artist, the energy around him was a swirling vortex. Both "The Look" and "Ghost" clipped the 500,000 mark on Spotify, rounded out by his featured performance at Las Vegas' Fashion Show Mall's live show.

Opening with gleaming synths, flowing into a resonant trap groove, "One Sided Love" throbs with potent, dark, sensual energy. MkX's voice starts off with husky, sighing tones ascending to gorgeous, nastily tight colors, imbuing the tune with stinging atomic muscle. Smooth, radiant vocal harmonies suffuse the music with lustrous textures, lush and intense.

The lyrics speak to the heartache prompted by love that's not returned.

"I try and try / Your truth disguised / Save me the pain / And forfeit the game / Slam the brakes / So my heart don't break / This is a one-sided love / Just say no / Cuz now I know / This is a one-sided love."

The video, directed by Matt Alonzo, is a stylish work of visual art, full of phantasmagoric colors, avant-garde tessellations, and polished dance moves. MkX projects a magnetic presence.

"One Sided Love" brims with pulses of sub-bass layered oomph and infectious surges of seductive hues. MkX's voice infuses the tune with electrifying frisson and sizzling heat. "One Sided Love" is off the chain. - Popdust

"MkX – ‘The Look’"

There is transcendence in MkX’s music. It shares mutuality with The Weeknd and August Alsina. DJ Khalid dances around the flames, but MkX has the fire. His lyrics reek of excessive confidence and bold expression, just as he claims that the X represent these qualities. While I read the lyrics of his song, ‘The Look,’ I figured that this singer has a poet in him. Perfectly strewed lines that are pregnant with meaning and depth, The Look is of MkX creations that represents him well.

As an artist, MkX aims to give expression to his audience. He got mine as I listened and calmly waited for the breaking point.


The Look begins with a very skeptical verse about moving:

“I don’t wanna jump the gun like I usually do
Only wanna make a move if you want me to
Sick of all the failed attempts to find the one
But ya got me thinkin’ that I’m what you want”

Sometimes, men are always torn between the reality found between these lines. To say or not to say, to tell or just walk away, some miss out of the fun because they lack the expression and because they do not understand the place of timing.

I believe MkX is a different artist because of the way he writes his lyrics. There is an intricacy that is found hiding between the very everyday words and yet they paint just the needed emotions right into your ear. He is very good at creating imagery with his lyrics, and this makes him a more valid artist

I fell in between his lyrics and remembered “Dave Simon.” The looks he gave me and the way I blushed away. The look was a communication, as I presumed, asking me if he could come and ask me out on a date and my blush, as he figured was the reply that you are taking too much time to ask.

Every art should heal. During a panel discussion about writing, we reached a consensus that art that does not heal is lacking. This makes MkX’s The Look a much more valid song. He plants himself like a savior into his music and gives every bit of his strength to broken people, people looking for validation.

“You could be a long shot
You could think I’m hot hot
You could have a plot plot
To turn me on”

MkX is a typical person who has gone through the process of loving. The details in ‘The Look’ is apt and on point. See this pre-chorus –

“Maybe I’m just dead wrong
Maybe I’m just spot on
Baby I can’t wait long
So come in close”

The Look is a loud conversation about love, timing, waiting and desires. I remember the songs of a Nigerian artist, Brymo, I heard some time ago, his lyrics are just as valid as MkX’s. The duo takes their audience through the depth of the themes they explore.

The musical backup of MkX’s ‘The Look’ is strong. The keyboard rose sonorously and hit notes as it scampered around the 4mins bar of gold. Something more desirable about the song is the grand entrance that gave way to MkX’s voice. His voice fell into the right places, as he ran melodious scales in between to flex his vocal muscles.

This is a great one from MkX, and I hope his creativity will rise above The Look in the next release.

I am giving him a wink, and I hope he will understand ‘The Look.’ - Skope Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Transforming the outlandish concepts inside his brain into fully realized productions using a laptop and microphone, multi-talented vocalist, songwriter and producer MkX is quickly emerging as a fresh, innovative pop trendsetter.  Juxtaposing electronica, hip-hop, future bass and trap production with dynamic and infectious songwriting, the Boston based artist is building an intense buzz via the three singles he’s dropped since late summer 2017.

His sultry pop/r&b debut track “The Look” currently has over 500,000 streams on Spotify, and its equally infectious follow-up “Ghost” – released the weekend before Halloween – is quickly closing in on 350,000.  In November, he performed them as the featured artist at the Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall’s live fashion show.  His latest drop is the seductive, slow burning trap-pop anthem “One Sided Love” – a song he wrote about the emotional rollercoaster of being immersed in unrequited love.  He pleads, “Slam the brakes, so my heart don’t break…” Yet only hope is to “play hard to get to be your lover/thought I was close but I overshot…” 

“I wanted to write a song that reflected what I was going through and that I know everyone who listens has gone through at one point or another,” says MkX, who is currently studying electronic production and sound design at the famed Berklee College of Music.  “I’m really into creating records that have a unique level of detail and cleverness in the wordplay, but keep them a bit vague so that everyone can connect with them on a personal level.  As a longtime pop super fan myself, I know how important it is as a listener to be able to connect with what the artist is saying.  Lyrically, the song is like an inner-monologue of overanalyzing and being a bit paranoid.  It’s a balance between something that’s not the most fun thing people deal with in everyday life, and an anthem quality that makes it engaging, like hey, we’re all going through this so we can vibe on it together.” 

MkX’s music is the foundation and driving force of an overall branding vision that includes a unique and eye-catching fashion style he describes as “very city meets 80s futuristic meets 90s throwback.  I love incorporating my love for technology into my clothes and into the show.  I created all of the video backdrops that play behind me during the show.  Each song that I write has a visual concept and aesthetic that goes hand in hand with the track.  I digitally replicate this as a video backdrop to give audience a glimpse of what goes on in my brain during my creative experience.”

Before emerging as a solo artist, MkX was on tour opening for Ariana Grande after hitting the road in the past with Christina Perri.  A popular live performer since the age of 9, he laid the foundation for his current releases with over 300 shows nationwide, many as an opening act for Top 40 artists.  The venues he’s played include the Whisky A Go Go and The Roxy in West Hollywood, CMJ Music Festival, El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, Times Square and Lincoln Center in New York City, and House of Blues and Hard Rock cafes nationwide.  MkX has built a strong following in Las Vegas by performing at Mandalay Bay, and he was also on the production crew of Britney Spears’ Vegas residency, apprenticing under the musical director.      

Growing up, MkX was fascinated with Top 40 radio ever since he was around 2 or 3.  “I always had an ear and eye for what was ‘next’ and loved staying ahead of the trends in pop music.  I love paying homage to 2000s pop songwriting and production because it’s not only what I grew up listening to, but it also taught me a lot about the craft of production and songwriting.  One of the reasons I love writing pop music so much is that it's art with almost a science to it.  It's a very dynamic balance of catchiness and following a certain form, while making it unique and stand out from what's already been done.”

“The ‘X’ in my name represents self-expression through art,” the singer adds.  “I used to be very self-conscious of what people thought of me.  It affected how I acted, wrote music, and lived my life.  I decided to create a character that embodied everything I wanted to be as a person.  From auditory/visual art and fashion to attitude and confidence, I developed a persona that represented the best version of myself.  After a lot of work and self-discovery, I eventually became the person that I wanted to be.  I want people to use my music to bring out their inner confidence.  I want my music to change the way people carry themselves.  I want them to feel like a badass as they walk down the street with my song playing through their headphones.  I want to make people the best them they can be with my art.”

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