BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

ML Music is on the line of Baby Face,India Arie,Alisha Keys. His music is full of positive message and Love.


Michael Lyles Music has the sound that the people has been missing over the years. His sound makes people think of different situation that they go through in life. Thats why he feel that his main influence is Baby Face because of the music that Baby Face used to bring to the public had an effect on many people in different ways. Thats what set him apart from other R&B acts cause he sings with meaning and feelins.


Michael Lyles First Ep Is Being Played On All Radio Stations In Chicago And Is Getting Outstanding Reviews.

Set List

1.She Loves Me Insane/3:40
2.The Only Woman/4:26
3.Like An Angel/4:20
4.Summer Time/3:43
5.My Tears/2:35