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Smooth. Sexy. Timeless. are just a few words describes his music. Chill. Gifted, but Humble describe him as a person. With a soothing voice capable of captivating the hearts of many M.L. is what the music industry is missing. A true R&B singer, who writes all of his songs, M.L. takes pride in making good, quality music that everyone can relate to. Growing up music was an essential part of his upbringing. Musically groomed by his musically inclined father, M.L., has a true compassion for music itself, regardless the genre. “I just like a good song; one with quality in the music & lyrics.”
In 2004 M.L. released “Breakdown & Cry,” a ballad that expressed the heart of a lonely man. With heartfelt lyrics & a smooth silky voice to belt out the sweet melodies, M.L. filled the hearts of many in his hometown of Gainesville, FL. Nevertheless, the hometown radio station thought otherwise & decided that the song did not belong on the radio; at least not in their rotation. That only provided another dose of motivation that was already there. A week later “Breakdown & Cry” got its debut on an internet radio show out of Tallahassee, FL. From there M.L. worked hard & diligently, coming out with a song titled “Addicted” in 2008. With a brand new sound & something to vibe to M.L. set his sights high, therefore continuing to write & perfect his craft. In 2011, “The Life of A Gentleman, Vol.1,” which is available at cdbaby.com/ml12, Amazon & Itunes, was the project that truly allowed to showcase his abilities. From smooth “drop the top” songs as “Fascination” & “Feelin’” to heart felt tracks as “Sweetest Luv” & “The Rain” the mixtape was a success, but lacking the proper promotion to get M.L. on the national scene. The lack thereof drove the R&B singer even harder. No matter his whereabouts music was a constant reminder of what he wanted to become & why his drive needed remain not matter what.
The year of 2013 looks to be bright. With the new single “Ride With Me,” a smooth song which is a true indication of what the game is missing, real R&B. It seems to be the song that might appease to the radio stations & to the majority. I have faith in M.L. & I know that he will do big things in the music industry. The vocals are on point, the writing is timeless & his Love for music & desire to be the best is one that can’t be taught.