Germantown, Maryland, USA
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Philadelphia native and Maryland bred, MLiK, is undoubtedly one of the music industry's best kept secrets. An accomplished musician, composer, writer, and lyricist, MLiK was reared up in musical surroundings. When introduced to gospel rap in his pre-teens, he was completely against it. However, by being challenged and put to the test of writing a better song then the one he had heard, the world now has the gospel rapper known as MLiK (an acronym for My Lord is King). MLiK’s life has always been engulfed with music. His father was a member of the recording group The Soulseekers. The formal musical training for D.J. Moore, as he is known by his family and friends, began at the tender age of 4 with the piano. The fourth grade brought on the drums and violin. Amazingly, by the end of the ninth grade, he had taken lessons for 14 instruments. Still without a degree, this prodigy did however receive two years of training in the Music Business program at Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama.

MLiK founded and was signed to Rock-Da-Truth Records back in 2003. He has met, opened for and/or shared the stage with many notable artists. In 2003 he co-wrote and produced what would become the #1 requested gospel song on Power 99 in Philadelphia, PA, Step In The Name of The Lord. Not only his lyrics, but his production as well is making him that talent to watch out for. With guest appearances and production credits on various American projects, he has now branched oversees working with international recording artists in Africa and Australia.

In October of 09, MLiK released his much anticipated album "Real Talk: Life. Love. God.” He is also producing and writing for the different Rock-Da-Truth Records artists as well as other artist that he comes in contact with. The father of three (D’Vaughn, T’Ana and Theresa) not only wants and plans to be a light to the world through his music, but to build a foundation for his children to be able to not only follow their dreams, but to be able to see Christ in daddy, and Rock-Da-Truth!


P31 featuring Russ Shanks & Michael Trotter, Jr.
Real Talk Life.Love.God.