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M.Lot is not just a Hip-hop artist. He breaks genre barriers by infusing acoustic and rock music into his hip-hop style. He focuses on clever and thought provoking lyrics and combines that with catchy and upbeat hooks.


Born in Winchester, MA, singer/songwriter Garrett Render (M.Lot) began his musical career at the young age of 13 years old. First being discovered by friend/mentor/artist Bobby Bishop, he was given the opportunity to record his first demo. The buzz of this new young artist began to spread not long after his very first recording. Since then he has performed live shows all over the country, been featured on several mixtapes, and has released two EPs (The Heart, and On My Way). He is currently working on his first full length project called “The Breakdown” and has released “Fearless” the single first off the album.



Written By: M.Lot

We are now the fearless
Amongst the crowds
Lets hope they hear this
Above the clouds
We are now the fearless
We are now the fearless ones

Take another step
As we carry on
To another breath
Hold tight
Never let it fade
To another day
No one ever paid this fight
No one ever said these words
Read these prayers, take this courage
And mapped the journey
Of the hurting of what we meant to learn
Stake another life
But its never gone
To another write this song
It’s signed with love
And kiss the puddle of tears
It took too long
And all the shouts
And cheers, and claps
And ears, they let us live
Without the fear
We found the key inside the heart that is


Almost moving on
To another day
To another light that shines
Feel my beating heart
Pounding through my chest
Climbing out to write these lines
Old enough to say well done
and Young enough to embrace mistakes
I know im not the only one here who feels this way
Almost always feels the need
To say farewell and watch it bleed
Tears of joy and anquish fight for a place across your cheek
And one kiss for the love sick
And the ones missed by you
It’s kinda tough to remember that they always miss you too

We chase lights
That don’t exist
Wipe the tears from
This lonely kiss
If all we have
Is all we get
Then we’ll be fearless
Till we forget


It's Only The Beginning EP 2005

The Heart EP 2007