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The best kept secret in music


"M'Lumbo's Review"

"M'lumbo's innovations will add another dimension to your station's sound!"


"Boho Splendor! Forget Fake Jazz, this is Fuck-Jazz; highly accomplished and highly irreverent at once" PSYCHOTRONIC

"This crazy gem of a release skit-scats all over the musical spectrum in a hyperactive-inspired burst of creativity and rhythm." B-SIDE

"M'lumbo rolls all their eclectic styles into one zesty stew. Where do these guys come from? Or, should we ask, who brought them to Earth?" REFLEX

"Every so often, you find something new that delivers unexpected pleasure! Total zaniness that WILL transport you to M'lumbo's own Twilight Zone!"


"Wild, Wild Stuff! Suitable for anyone with an ear for pop culture and new ways to implement it. Infectiously Wonderful! Both familiar and alien at once! Designed to draw you in,bounce you around, and leave you hoping for more in the future. Who are these guys??" MIKE GUNDERLOY, FACTSHEET FIVE

"Could be a wonderfully surreal soundtrack to your next afternoon tea party. Delightfully perverse!" JAMES CALL, HYPNO

"Among the recorded pile of which I must endure, this is a refreshing listen. When so many strive to be labeled 'Alternative' it is nice to hear one that Is." ANGRY THOREAUAN

"M'lumbo makes world music for some other world other than Earth!" ? PMW, DIRTY LINEN

"If you want something truly different, here it is!" ? MICK SKIDMORE, RELIX

This is the music of nightmares. I don't mean that it's bad, but it is disturbing. The dense mix of sampled voices, beats, musical genres and the general sensation of them all coming at you at once is almost overwhelming. If you are thinking of using any recreational substance or chemical refresher while listening to this then think hard. How tough is your psychological constitution? Put down that fourth can of Carlsberg Special. Pick any track, "God", for instance. Here you'll find a fractured choir, circus/cartoon music, a disembodied preacher repeating, 'How do you speak to God ?' among the other voices that blend with backward running tapes. Then there are a few apocalyptic figures from the horns. Yes, these people play instruments too. In fact, at times, I get the impression that there is music trying to get out of this overstocked closet of noises. But by the time they've spliced one more layer onto the track the voices in your head are saying things you'd rather not hear. On "Fun With The Blues", you just know it's not going to be either. Once again, a voice suggests, 'Now let's have some fun with the blues', while all around a sonic terror develops. Other sampled voices are trapped in the maelstrom and they are not talking to each other. Saxophones, flutes and all manner of percussive devices cut in and out but by now (the last track) you'll have become afraid to leave the room and wonder if the CD will ever end....... -Paul Donnelly - http://www.freq.freeserve.co.uk/m.html - ...


M'Lumbo Plays For God
M'Lumbo Plays For Young Lovers
Relaxin with M'Lumbo
Live after Death
The Book Of Night ( Burning in a Garden of Ice)
Spinning Tourist in a City of Ghosts
The Nine Billion Names of God


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Story of M`Lumbo

M'lumbo was founded in the mid-80's by Robert "M'botto" Ray and "Zombie"Ron Boggs as an escape from commercial music (they were then in a "rock" band managed by Mick Jagger's manager that included future Helmet leader Page Hamilton).
To their surprise, early handmade cassettes began selling briskly at local record stores leading to radioplay on over 100 U.S. stations and many rave reviews.

They have been featured on over 100 public and college radio stations (including syndicated shows featuring their music),have done commercials, films and work for MTV and MTV 2 and drawn countless enraptured reviews, received an ocean of comparisons to Miles Davis, Sun Ra and the Orb and praise from such disparate avatars as
Simpsons' creator Matt Groening, Brian Eno, Carly Simon, dj's Olive and Spooky,Neil Young and Tom Waits, and have influenced some bands along the way (Sex Mob,Either/Orchestra).
From their origins as a'pomo to a fault, brilliantly silly seven-piece jazz/funk/afropop improvisarama' (Richard Gehr,Village Voice), they have metamorphisized into,first a smaller unit that 'delivers upon the wasted promise of ambient music'(Alternative Press) and finally into the current line-up of six extraordinary musicians, four innovative and fast-rising filmmakers and one live soundman whose 'audiovisual spectacle zeroes in on the fever dream elements of exotica' (Douglas Wolk,Village Voice).
M'Lumbo now

They have given countless orgiastic and enthralling performances at both the old and new Knitting Factory and other N.Y.C. venues with opening acts such as Neotropic, Sean Lennon, Badawi, Mantronix, virtual reality inventor Jaron Lanier, Jojo Meyer's Nerve, dj Muttamasik and Duncan Sheik with constant recommendations of their shows by Time Out New York and the Village Voice.
Their recently completed film ' System Noise ' (with wall-to-wall music and guest appearances by Gary Lucas, Badawi and Neotropic) has won 'best experimental feature' at the New York International film festival, toured as a Slamdance feature and secured European distribution. Following completion of this film in late 1999 M'lumbo began the recording of 'The Nine Billion Names Of God', an album of eight mind-boggling originals that combine accessibility with transportive transcendence that'will transport you to M'lumbo's private twilight zone'(Boston Herald) continuing and greatly extending

Some Marvellous adventures...

M'lumbo's'boho splendour! forget the Lounge Lizard's fake jazz,this is fuck-jazz; highly accomplished and highly irreverent at once'Psychotronic'skit-skatting through the musical spectrum in a hyperactive-inspired burst of creativity and rhythm'-B-Side' imagine a collision between Tackhead,Eno-era Talking Hea,Bill Laswell,70's Miles Davis...mere words cannot do justice to convey the musical construction that you are going to hear' (Dead Earnest)

M'lumbo offers up the latest chapter of their luminous journey through cinema, dreams, electronica, accoustica, humour, terror, sprituality, jazz, world, acid rock, drum'n'bass, classical and forms unknown,with each moment stamped , ineluctably and seamlessly by M'lumbo's wild post-everything originality.
M'Lumbo - The Nine Billion Names Of God Label: Multimood Format: CD