Mahalo Music Boston / Scott L.

Mahalo Music Boston / Scott L.


I write and record original instrumentals that have a strong surf-guitar vibe - The Ventures, Los StraightJackets, The RayBeats, but then there's a twist; enter ska, punk, Hawaiin slack key, and other influences. very listenable, perfect for soundtrack, commercial work, I love it!


I have many influences, including: the 60's Mod sound of The Kinks, The Who, The Small Faces; the ska and reggae sound of Jamaica, 70s-80s punk and new wave from NYC and UK, American hardcore punk of the 80s, and countless garage bands from my local bar. I love music and art, attended Berklee College of Music, and write all the time. It's my life.


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for a notebook of instrumentals from my home studio.