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MMpiRe is an assembly of emcees from the DMV area that specialize in lyrical integrity and excellence, not only raising the bar for lyricism and timeless rap music, but setting it higher than ever. Their goal is redefine the art and image of rap music by creating music that will last for decades.


There's good, there's better, there's the best. Then there's MMpiRe.

MMpiRE is a collection of emcees whose talent, passion, and dedication to the art of rap music is unrivaled. Currently residing in the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia), MMpiRe is more than a Voltron-esque super group, but they are immensely talented indiviual artists as well. Consisting of rapper/producer/songwriter Stan "Grizz" Adams (Stanley Adams), and rappers/songwriters Tom Hew (Branson Porter), Phreshmen Rell (Jerrell Holland), and Nef Lauren (Antonio Parks), MMpiRe was formed as an entity within Monumental Music Records, a local underground label where the emcees were first introduced to one another. Almost immediately, the foursome discovered they shared many things, among them, their passion for true lyricism, music that pushed the envelope of capturing emotions and moments in life, and their raw desire to be the best. While their peers concentrated on making more mainstream records, MMpiRe officially formed and began collaborating on various tracks together on their respective mixtapes. In 2013, the group decided collectively to start their own label, MMpiRe Entertainment, LLC. The label's mission - to not just follow the path set for them by their predecessors or industry standards, but to forge a new path that will ultimately change the world's outlook on rap music.


Stan "Grizz" Adams:
"K4N: The Mixtape" (released 2011)
"The Keynote Address EP" (released 2012)
"One Man's Trash: The Mixtape Formerly Known As K4N2" (released 2013)
"Coup de Grace" (coming Fall 2013)

Tom Hew:
"Lost In Translation" (released 2012)
"Coup de Grace" (coming Fall 2013)

Phreshmen Rell:
"Coup de Grace" (coming Fall 2013)

Nef Lauren:
"Project 23" (released 2012)
"Coup de Grace" (coming Fall 2013)