Mo' Love

Mo' Love

 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CAN

A 12 piece Soul, RnB band cultivated from the sounds of Motown. A unique take on soul music that will give new life to the genre.


Mo' Love Is a tribute to all that is Soul, RnB and Motown. Mo' Love is a 12 piece band featuring Saskatoon's hottest and hippest on the brass, the strings, Ivories and sweet sweet vocals. 

Lead by Christian Kongawi on the drums (The Rebellion, The Pistolwhips, Alexis Normand, Sly Business, Makeshift Innocence, Smokekiller, Jen Lane), Mo' Love Is comprised of:

- Gent Laird on the Bass (Crestwood, Megan Lane, Andrea Menard, Alexis Normand)

- Graham Tilsley on guitar (Graham Tilsley group, Dead south, Megan Lane)

- Steve Maier on guitar (Crestwood, Sexually Attracted to Fire)

- Josh Palmer on guitar (The Rebellion, Sunset Kids, Smokekiller)

- Eric Wong on Tenor Sax 

- Nathan Degenhart on Bari Sax

- Adam Streisel on Trumpet (11th Octave)

- Sauvelm McClean on Keys (The Steadies, Johnny Don't, Sly Business)

- Elsa Gebremichael On Vocals ( We Were Lovers)

- Lindsay Anderson on Vocals (Jon & Ann)

- Anna Haverstock on Vocals (Anna Haverstock, Six Moons Later)

- Jake White On vocals

Mo' Love has had the chance to feature singers from far and wide every show, including: Colleen Catherine (Vancouver BC), Oliver Thomson (London, England), Denise Valle (Saskatoon, SK) and Christie-Anne Blondeau (Regina, SK)

Higher And Higher by Jackie Wilson:

Dance To The Music By Sly and The Family stone: